The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 50 - How Shameless  

Chapter 50: How Shameless

As soon as Li Cuihua arrived at Lin Yuelan’s house and saw the dead tiger on the ground with the help of the villagers’ lanterns, her eyes immediately lit up.

She passed through the crowd and ran excitedly to the tigers. She told her sons, who were following behind her, “Ol One, Ol Two, quick. You have to carry this tiger home. If we leave this here, who knows how many mosquitoes it’ll attract!”

Lin Daniu, Lin Erniu, and Lin Siniu immediately ran over. Their expressions were very excited. As they ran, they rolled up their sleeves. When they saw the big tiger on the ground, they rejoiced in their hearts, “How much will this tiger be sold for? We’ll be rich!”

Compared to his brothers, Lin Sanniu was slower. He still had no idea why his mother asked them to carry the big tiger home. Wasn’t the tiger hunted down by his Lan ‘Er? His Lan ‘Er had nothing to do with their family anymore, so why would his mother ask them to carry her hunting spoil home?

Lin Daniu and the other two didn’t usually do housework, so they lacked the physical strength to lift a tiger that weighed 500 to 600 catties.

Li Cuihua looked at Lin Sanniu, who was still standing behind like a blockhead, and immediately cursed, “Ol Three, what are you still standing there for? Hurry up and come over. Help your brothers carry this big tiger home!”

The villagers were still a little surprised when they saw Lin Laosan’s family appear.

This was because every time the wild beast came down the mountain, Lin Laosan’s family would be the first to go into hiding. However, when it was time for the villagers to share the game, they’d be the first to appear. The villagers were unsatisfied, but they couldn’t argue with the unreasonable Li Cuihua. She’d sit on the ground and cry, “We also helped hunt the beast. It was just that the beast had died when we came over to help. How is that our fault?” She was that unreasonable.

Eventually, the villagers would be so annoyed that they’d give her family some meat. For Lin Laosan’s family, they were able to get delicious meat without doing anything. Of course, they were very happy.

However, this time they came very quickly.

They were really shameless!

The moment they came, they wanted to take possession of the big tiger that Lin Yuelan hunted down!

They didn’t even consider the girl who was standing there. They were no longer related to her, so what gave them the right to claim the big tiger?

Some of the villagers couldn’t stand seeing this.

Lin Sanniu didn’t quite get it, but he was filial. He immediately followed his mother’s order and went to help carry the big tiger home.

Lin Dawei was always on the hunting trip whenever wild beasts approached the village. This time, he was there too.

He saw how Lin Laosan’s family came over and naturally laid claim to the big tiger.

Lin Dawei glanced at Lin Yuelan. She didn’t stop Lin Laosan’s family, but she pursed her lips into a cold smile.

Lin Dawei frowned and moved to block Lin Daniu and the brothers. Lin Dawei questioned in dissatisfaction, “What are you doing?”

Lin Daniu answered matter-of-factly, “Can’t you see? Of course, we’re carrying this big tiger back home!”

Lin Dawei questioned sternly, “I can see that. But why would you carry this big tiger home when it was Lan ‘Er who worked so hard to hunt it down and drag it back from the mountain? Hmm?”

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