The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 39 - Masked Uncle, How Old Are You?

Chapter 39: Masked Uncle, How Old Are You?

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And then…

“Uncle, let’s run quickly!”

After Lin Yuelan shouted at Jiang Zhennan, she pulled Jiang Zhennan and left in a hurry.

Although Lin Yuelan was small and her steps weren’t large, Jiang Zhennan still had to jog to keep up with her running speed.

So, the image was like this.

Lin Yuelan held onto Jiang Zhennan’s hand and ran forward. Jiang Zhennan was dragged along as he jogged to keep up with Lin Yuelan as he held onto the cloth bag.

When they returned to the firepit…

Those who ate rabbit meat, mushrooms, and even grass saw Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan. Their mouths fell wide open. Their eyes were open, and their expressions were filled with shock and astonishment. Time seemed to have stopped and frozen them in place.

Lin Yuelan frowned slightly. She looked at the crowd that had frozen in place and a great steed that had appeared when she was gone. Then, she looked at Jiang Zhennan with a puzzled expression. She saw that his chin was curling upwards. Even though she couldn’t see his face, Lin Yuelan could guess that he was smiling.

Lin Yuelan looked at Jiang Zhennan in puzzlement and asked, “What’s wrong with them? Could it be that their acupuncture points have been sealed, and they can’t move?” But why would someone seal the points of a horse? If it was true, that person was a real expert!

Jiang Zhennan glanced at Lin Yuelan’s small hand that held his big hand. Then, he looked at the girl who was completely unguarded against him. The corners of Jiang Zhennan’s mouth curled up slightly. He was happy as he felt the warmth that traveled through their palms.

He lowered his voice and said to Lin Yuelan in a deep and magnetic voice, “It’s nothing! They are just too shocked. There wasn’t anyone who pressed their acupoints or anything like that.”

They were too shocked because their general actually put his guard down enough for someone to hold his hand.

At the age of 24, other than the wet nurse, who died when he was three years old, he had never touched anyone physically. This was the second time.

Actually, it was the third time. The second time was when he caught Lin Yuelan in his embrace!

Both times felt amazing.

It was like a volcano erupting with hot lava, burning his heart and making his entire world abnormally hot.

He felt that he was no longer alone!

At least in his life, there was someone who would smile at him, throw a tantrum at him, and call him uncle.

At least there was someone who had once held his hand and ran through the mountains and forests with him. At least he had once experienced the burning sensation of company.

Lin Yuelan nodded slightly. Since their acupuncture points weren’t pressed, then it meant that this crowd had seen something shocking.

However, other than the roar of the tiger, they didn’t encounter anything too surprising.

Lin Yuelan held Jiang Zhennan’s hand and walked to Guo Bing, who was holding the mushroom skewer in his hand. Then, she poked and scratched him a few times.

Guo Bing appeared to have been frozen. He didn’t move at all.

Guo Bing held the mushroom in one hand and another skewer in another. He was enjoying himself, but at this time, his eyes and mouth were wide open.

The others were in the same state as Guo Bing. However, they were holding rabbit meat. Their mouths were all wide open, and the food had fallen to the ground.

But their expressions were the same as Guo Bing’s. Their eyes were wide as they looked forward.

Lin Yuelan frowned slightly. Then she turned back to look at Jiang Zhennan, but she didn’t ask any more questions.

She walked toward the brownish-red steed that looked awe-inspiring.

This steed looked like it was eating grass. The grass appeared to be freshly cut. It was very fresh and tender.

The steed’s mouth was wide open as it ate the grass. It glanced at its master, Jiang Zhennan, through its big black eyes with some confusion.

Lin Yuelan instantly had a good impression of the steed. The steed appeared to have great intelligence and could understand the human connection.

Lin Yuelan subconsciously let go of Jiang Zhennan’s hand and gently walked to the front of the horse. She wanted to touch its shiny coat.

“It’s called Liefeng, my good companion.” Jiang Zhennan followed Lin Yuelan step by step. Since Lin Yuelan liked his house that much, he introduced her to Liefeng.

“He was saved from the slaughterhouse when I was ten years old. I named him Liefeng. From then on, we lived together until now!”

Lin Yuelan asked doubtfully, “Masked uncle, how old are you this year?”

The corner of Jiang Zhennan’s mouth twitched.

‘Do I really look that old? Why does this girl like to go around asking people about their age? Do I give off the impression that I’m very old? Do I appear too aged in her mind?’

If Lin Yuelan could hear his thoughts, she would laugh. She couldn’t even see his face, so how would she know if he appeared too old or not?

Although Jiang Zhennan had his doubts, he answered Lin Yuelan honestly. “I’m 24 years old!”

“24 years old.” Lin Yuelan nodded. “That’s indeed very old!”

However, Lin Xinlan was even older. She was a 32 years old woman before the transmigration. Her mental age was older than Jiang Zhennan.

When Lin Yuelan called him old, Jiang Zhennan felt as if an arrow had been shot through his chest. He could not help but feel aggrieved. He wondered, ‘Will she still see me as a friend and call me uncle if she sees me as someone so much older than her?’

However, he did not feel aggrieved for long. Under the mask, his pupils suddenly contracted violently. His entire person was tense and nervous.

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