The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 3 - Being Called a Jinx

Chapter 3: Being Called a Jinx

Translator: Lonelytree 

“Hey, you jinx, get up! Don’t lie on the ground and play dead!” A teenager with a hoarse voice shouted.

“Er Gou Zi, the jinx hasn’t woken up after you kicked her so hard. Is she really dead?” A delicate girl’s voice said.

“How is that possible?” The loud teenager suddenly panicked.

Although Lin Yuelan was a jinx, she wouldn’t jinx herself, right?

Could he have killed her with just a light kick?

Although Lin Xinlan was a well-known jinx, if he had killed her, his reputation would be ruined. As a murderer, how could he get a wife in the future?

The youth called Er Gou Zi was immediately shocked and panicked. He carefully lowered his body and reached out his hand to check Lin Xinlan’s breath.

“Ah! It hurts! Let go! Let go!” Before his hand could reach under Lin Xinlan’s nose, a giant force suddenly restrained him.

Lin Xinlan’s entire body was in pain. In her blurry mind, she heard the noise from the outside world. The voices all sounded like children.

‘Where am I?

‘Am I dead?

‘Is this hell?

‘Why are there so many children?’

When the two doctors injected another dose into her body, there was a moment when Lin Xinlan regained her power. She immediately seized the opportunity and chose to self-destruct without hesitation!

She’d rather die than be tortured by those people!

When she self-destructed, the pair of bastards were outside the research institute. She wondered if they had died from the explosion. If they did, she would meet them in hell. She’d grab their souls and beat them up. Even in death, she would never forgive them.

Lin Xinlan wanted to open her eyes to look at hell. She also wanted to find the pair of bastards. Even if they were ghosts, she would still haunt them.

However, before she could open her eyes, she felt a threatening object approach. She reacted reflexively to grab it. She wanted to eliminate the threat, but her body was weak and soft. She had no choice but to twist the object she had grabbed around at a 180-degree angle. This was a reflex Lin Xinlan had developed during her five years of survival in the post-apocalyptic world. This resulted in how Er Gou Zi being detained by Lin Xinlan.

“It hurts, it hurts…” the young man’s voice kept ringing in Lin Xinlan’s ears. “Lin Yuelan, you jinx. Let me go now! It hurts…”

All the children were stunned.

They all covered their mouths and widened their eyes as they watched this scene in astonishment.

They saw a eight-year-old girl wearing coarse old clothes with patches on them apprehending their village’s best fighter, Er Gou Zi. There were bruises on the girl’s face and bloodstains on the corner of her mouth. The girl’s eyes were half-closed.

Oh My God!

How did the jinx suddenly gain so much strength and swiftness?

She managed to stop Er Gou Zi with her eyes closed!

Could the jinx have died and returned as a ghost?

“The jinx is dead. She turned into a ghost to grab Er Gou Zi!” Someone shouted and the crowd of children immediately scattered.

When Lin Xinlan opened her eyes, she saw the figures of youngsters stumbling and falling as they ran away, as well as a pale-faced teenager who was struggling with her hands.

“What’s going on?”

Even Lin Xinlan, who had lived through the apocalypse, was stunned.

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