The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 183 - Wine  

Chapter 183: Wine

They had hunted some prey yesterday, including a few pheasants.

Lin Yuelan planned to cook beggar’s chicken. Before the apocalypse came, she liked to read romance transmigration novels. The female leads would cook beggar’s chickens in those transmigration novels she read.

At first, she was very puzzled. Why would every author make their leads cook beggar’s chicken? The taste would always be amazing too.

Due to her interest, Lin Xinlan did some research online about beggar’s chicken. She learned how to cook it. It was then that she also found out that beggar’s chicken was invented around two hundred years ago, but the settings of those transmigration novels always took place more than a few thousand years back. Since then, she cast aside her doubts about the beggar’s chicken.

However, she didn’t expect that she’d follow in the footsteps of so many female protagonists of those transmigration novels.

She had never made beggar’s chicken before, but she did know its recipe. She would treat this first time as an experiment. She could improve it in the future.

Lin Yuelan asked Guo Bing to pick some big lotus leaves from the wild ponds.

As soon as Guo Bing heard that the lotus leaves were meant for cooking, he immediately departed happily.

Lin Yuelan carried a few pheasants and went to the river with Jiang Zhennan to clean them.

Of the three remaining children, one went to call doctor Zhang, while the other two went to collect the firewood to make a fire.

Jiang Zhennan looked at the eight pheasants and was a little speechless. They had only hunted ten pheasants, and eight would be used in the dinner that night. Lin Yuelan said that she wanted to leave a cock and a hen to start a coop.

When they were at the river, Jiang Zhennan grabbed a chicken, then took out a small knife and wanted to cut the neck of the pheasant.

“Wait, masked uncle. You don’t need to bleed the pheasant for this recipe,” Lin Yuelan immediately stopped him.

Jiang Zhennan was a little puzzled. “Miss Yue ‘er, what should I do then?”

Lin Yuelan explained, “You need to wring the pheasant’s neck, then make a small opening on the back, dig out the internal organs, and wash the inner cavity. ”

Jiang Zhennan followed Lin Yuelan’s instructions.

The two of them moved very nimbly, and in a short while, they had finished processing the eight pheasants.

On the other side, Guo Bing followed Lin Yuelan’s directions to look for the pond, but he was not very familiar with the place.

Therefore, he stopped a person on the road to ask, “miss, where is the pond with lotus flowers?”

Unfortunately, the person Guo Bing stopped was Ying Zi.

Ying Zi had heard that Lin Yuelan had brought a few burly men into the village. The men looked fierce and scary. Plus, their stay had been approved by the village chief, so not many villagers dared to go see them.

Who were they? Even the village chief vouched for them even though he had met them only once. He even told the villagers not to go disturb them.

The villagers had been observing the five from a distance. Other than the man in the silver mask, the villagers realized that the men were not that fierce-looking. The initial rumors were not true. In fact, they looked dignified and decent. One of them was very handsome, with sword-like eyebrows and fine skin. He had the appearance of an elegant young master.

These days, Ying Zi had been trying to find a chance to get in touch with this elegant young master.

That day, she saw the young man leave Lin Yuelan’s place and then head to the fields. Her eyes brightened as she came up with an idea. She tidied up her clothes and moved towards the field, pretending to be looking for something.

When Ying Zi heard the voice, she looked up and was stunned. ‘This young master is so handsome!

‘He has good facial features and snow-white skin. He is even fairer than the young ladies she had seen in town.

‘This man is more handsome than young master Liu who came last time. Plus, he is manlier than Young Master Liu!’

Ying Zi looked at Guo Bing in a daze, not moving an inch.

Guo Bing’s eyes flashed with distaste. ‘Another love-crazy woman.’

However, his almond-shaped eyes immediately lit up, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a charming arc. He asked in the most alluring voice, “Miss, are you from the Lin family Village? Can you tell me how to get to the pond with the lotus flowers?”

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