The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 18 - The Unlucky Lin Siniu  

Chapter 18: The Unlucky Lin Siniu

The villagers stared at Lin Yuelan in disbelief when they heard Lin Siniu’s shrill scream. They were shocked that the girl who was just as tall as their waist had broken a man’s leg with a kick.

When Lin Siniu approached, Lin Yuelan jumped up swiftly and gave Lin Siniu a slap with the back of her hand. Then, with lightning speed, she jumped and landed on Lin Siniu’s calf.

The first smack was from the slap, and the second crack was from the broken bone; the first scream was from Lin Siniu and the second scream was the collective gasp of the villagers.

This whole series of actions happened so fast that people didn’t even have the time to react.

When they came to their senses, they saw Lin Siniu lying on the ground in pain. His face was pale, and his forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He held his broken leg and wailed.

Lin Yuelan, on the other hand, stood there straight and calm. She did not even glance at Lin Siniu like she was not the one who hit him. Her eyes, which were dull in the past, were now sharply looking at the hoes, shovels, and poles the villagers were holding.

Some subconsciously dropped the tools in their hands.

“Lin Yuelan, you jinx, how dare you treat me like this” Lin Siniu grabbed his leg and cursed angrily. “Why don’t you die? Once you are dead, the village will be peaceful.”

Lin Yuelan’s mouth curled up as she said with a cold smile. “Will the village be peaceful after I die? Have I done anything to disrupt the village peace since I was born? Did I murder anyone or set the village on fire? Did I abduct children or women from their homes?”

Lin Yuelan was twelve years old, but she had the appearance of a eight-year-old child. When she questioned Lin Siniu, the villagers were a little shocked and horrified. Their scalps could not help but tighten. They felt afraid looking at Lin Yuelan.

Lin Siniu was in too much pain to feel fear. He only knew that Lin Yuelan had slapped him and even broken his leg. He hated Lin Yuelan to death for making him feel so much pain.

Lin Siniu shouted at Lin Yuelan confidently, “You were born as a jinx. You don’t have to do anything. As long as you’re still alive, the village will suffer because of you. Besides, you might not have done anything bad now, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t do something terrible in the future.”

Lin Yuelan sneered, “What a joke! Lin Siniu, I can’t believe Lin Yuelan once called you her fourth uncle. You have really inherited the cold-blooded nature of your mother, Li Cuihua. You should be thankful to your ancestors that someone who is as heartless as you manage to find a woman to marry you.”

Lin Siniu hated Lin Yuelan because Lin Siniu only got married after the Lin family cut off blood ties with Lin Yuelan. By then, he was already 42.

However, his wife was actually someone’s finance. She was caught cheating by her fiance’s family. In order to protect both parties’ reputations, the girl’s family paid some money and told the public that the marriage was off because the bride and groom’s astral charts didn’t match.

Of course, Lin Siniu only heard about these rumors after the woman was already his wife.

Lin Laosan’s family heard the news too, but it was already too late. If they divorced the woman, it was impossible to find Lin Siniu a new wife. Therefore, the whole family acted dumb and allowed the rumors to circulate around them. Lin Siniu was humiliated. He often saw the villagers pointing at him behind his back. Some people even mocked him for being cuckolded.

Lin Siniu was angry, but what could he do? With his stature, the other villagers could easily push him over. Therefore, he placed all the blame on Lin Yuelan, who had no ability to fight back.

Once Lin Yuelan said those things, some of the villagers, including Lin Dawei, couldn’t help but twitch their lips. They were thankful that they didn’t get such a scandalous woman as their wife. It would be a shame to the whole family.

Lin Yuelan’s words touched Lin Siniu’s sore spots. He covered his leg and pointed at Lin Yuelan with his free hand. He cursed furiously, “This is all your fault. If it weren’t for you, my children would be running all over the place already. It’s your fault that I have to marry…” Lin Siniu didn’t finish the sentence because no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t admit openly that he had been cuckolded.

Lin Yuelan said, “Heh, you’re funny! The old Taoist Master said that I’m a jinx who’d harm my husband. Based on our previous relationship, you were my fourth uncle and not my husband. So how was your marriage my fault?

“Plus, I’ve cut off blood ties with Lin Laosan’s family. You’re not even my fourth uncle anymore.”

Since the old master said Lin Yuelan was a jinx who’d harm her husband, she would bear that with pride. She just wouldn’t get married in the future!

Lin Yuelan’s words attracted a burst of laughter from the villagers.

Her words were interesting, but many women felt embarrassed for her. She was only a child, but she was talking about her husband already. She was really too shameless.

Lin Yuelan said her jinx would only work on her husband, so unless Lin Siniu admitted that he was her husband, he couldn’t blame everything on her.

Would he admit that?

Lin Siniu’s face was flushed red. He looked around before pointing at Lin Yuelan and roared angrily, “You wretched girl. So, you’ve been lusting after your own uncle! How shameless can you be? The heavens will strike you!”

“Someone sure is conceited,” Lin Yuelan retorted. Her sharp gaze swept past Lin Siniu, who was shorter than 1.5 meters, “Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror first? I’d rather take a fancy to a pig than a weak and short walking winter melon.”

Lin Siniu was insulted once again. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He wanted to jump up and teach Lin Yuelan a lesson again, but tragedy struck.

He had forgotten about his broken leg!

Lin Yuelan ignored Lin Siniu, who was crying in pain. Instead, she directly swept a glance at the surrounding villagers. Then, she stared sharply at Lin Dawei and asked, “Uncle Dawei, what are you doing with the hoes and spades?”

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