The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 1737 - Chapter 1737: Wake Up

Chapter 1737: Wake Up

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When everyone saw Zhou Wenya pulling the skin off her face, their expression was really interesting. They looked shocked and afraid.

After Zhou Wenya removed the mask from the back of her neck, she held it in her hand and threw it on the ground.

Then, she revealed another clean and beautiful face.

Everyone present, as long as they had seen her before, would be able to recognize that this was Zhou Wenya. She was once the most beautiful and talented lady of the Zhou family, Zhou Wenya!

Everyone was shocked that this person was really Zhou Wenya, who should have been beheaded three years ago!

“Zhou Wenya?” The Crown Prince was shocked and called out,” Are you really

Zhou Wenya?”

Zhou Wenya’s eyes were sharp and seductive. She smiled and said,” Yes, Your Highness! Why? Are you surprised?” As she spoke, her gaze swept across the expressions of the first person present. Seeing the wonderful expressions on their faces, she seemed to be very happy.

The others didn’t know, but Lin Yuelan knew that this seemingly casual action of hers was actually a seduction technique.

Charm techniques mainly relied on eyes and voice, and ordinary men were very easy to fall for.

Then, Zhou Wenya looked at Emperor Yuwen Longyan and giggled.” Your Majesty, are you also surprised?” Her eyes were casting flirtatious glances at the Emperor.

Yuwen Longyan’s eyes flashed, and then he replied,” I am indeed very surprised! ”

Upon hearing the Emperor’s reply, Zhou Wenya’s entire body seemed to become increasingly soft. She was like a boneless reptile as she continuously squirmed in the throne room. Her face was half-covered by her silk scarf, revealing half of her fair and beautiful face. She continuously threw flirtatious glances at the Emperor.

She said in a slightly low and charming voice,” Your Majesty, you don’t have to be surprised, do you?”

Yuwen Longyan’s eyes were dazed for a moment, then he nodded and said,”

Yes, there’s indeed no need to be surprised!”

Lin Yuelan looked at Zhou Wenya’s actions, expression, and gaze. She cursed inwardly. This person was about to unleash her ultimate move.

She used all her skills to use her bewitching techniques. If she did not guess wrongly…

Zhou Wenya giggled and said,” Your Majesty, I didn’t commit a crime, Can 1…”

Lin Yuelan lashed her whip at Zhou Wenya’s face.

” Ah!” Zhou Wenya exclaimed and quickly dodged.

However, she still couldn’t avoid the vine in Lin Yuelan’s hand, leaving a long bloody mark on her face.

She was obviously disfigured.

As for the other men present, especially the ones who were targeted by Zhou Wenya’s seduction technique and were about to be bewitched, they were instantly woken up by Zhou Wenya’s scream.

“Ah, what happened?” The Crown Prince looked around in confusion.

Then, he saw Zhou Wenya covering her face and wailing in pain. In that instant, he was even more confused.

What was going on?

Previously, they were clearly shocked by the shocking fact that Xiao Jingyu was Zhou Wenya.

But what happened next?

Why did they have no impression of it?

Oh, it wasn’t that they didn’t have any impression of it. They remembered that Zhou Wenya had asked,” Do you look surprised?” Then, when she asked the Emperor, she was interrupted by Lin Yuelan.

Yuwen Longyan looked at Zhou Wenya, whose face was injured, and asked seriously,” Girl, what happened?”

Lin Yuelan pursed her lips and said,” What else could it be? She was just using her seduction technique to try to control people. However, I interrupted her.”

Everyone was speechless. Why did you make it sound so casual?

However, they were so scared that they were sweating all over.

They also felt that they were like souls wandering previously and did not know what was going on. If someone were to harm them at this time, it was obvious that… they would die.

Thinking about the consequences, it was too terrifying.

Yuwen Longyan snapped back to his senses and shouted sternly,” Zhou

Wenya, how dare you!’

At this moment, Zhou Wenya was already immersed in the pain of being disfigured. She pointed at Lin Yuelan and yelled,” You jinx! How dare you ruin my appearance? I’ll fight it out with you!’

As she said that, she was about to rush up to Lin Yuelan and fight her to the death!

Zhou Wenya originally had two faces. One was Xiao Jingyu!s face, and the other was her own face. However, no matter which face it was, she was a peerless beauty..

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