The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 12 - Blood Sever  

Chapter 12: Blood Sever

Li Cuihua was frightened and didn’t dare to say anything else out of superstition.

In the end, the Lin family compromised.

Under the witness of all the villagers, Lin Yuelan severed her blood ties with the Lin Family. Considering Lin Yuelan might still survive, the village chief asked for Lin Yuelan to be given a shabby little hut near her ancestral home, one Fen of paddy fields, and two Fens of farming fields. That way, at least she had a roof over her head, and she wouldn’t starve to death.

Originally, Lin Laosan’s family, especially Li Cuihua, wanted to reject it, but they were scolded again by Li Zhengli. “Do you really want to earn the God’s ire? If you leave the girl out there with nothing, how is that different from killing her? Do you want another jinx in the family?”

Thus, the ceremony commenced.

First, Lin Yuelan’s name was crossed off the Lin family tree. This meant that Lin Yuelan no longer existed in this family. They were no longer Lin Yuelan’s grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and so on…

Then, it was time to return the blood.

After Lin Yuelan poured out two bowls of blood, it meant that she had severed her bloodline relationship with Lin Laosan and Lin Sanniu.

Should Lin Yuelan be lucky enough to survive, then good for her.

Lin Xinlan looked at the reflection of her sallow face in the water and sighed softly.

Lin Yiwei and Lin Mingqing had won a chance for Lin Yuelan to survive. Considering she was still standing there, Lin Yuelan had clearly survived the ceremony. From that day onward, she no longer had anything to do with Lin Laosan’s family.

Unfortunately, Lin Mingqing, who helped Lin Yuelan, ran into an accident two months after the ceremony. His ox-cart to school tipped over.

Lin Mingqing became paralyzed from the waist down. He had his title revoked due to his illness. This confirmed Lin Yuelan’s jinx status. Lin Mingqing encountered this tragedy because he helped Lin Yuelan.

After that, the villagers who originally pitied Lin Yuelan became nervous and anxious around her. Lin Yuelan was ostracized by the whole village. The villagers threw things at her, and some even used violence on her. They tried different methods to chase her out of the village or to kill her.

However, perhaps Lin Yiwei was right because Lin Yuelan managed to survive despite all odds.

Her life was tenacious because she hadn’t found a husband to curse yet.

Lin Yuelan eked out a living until she was killed by the youngsters in the village. Regarding the fate of her host, Lin Xinlan felt pity and resentment.

Why did those people have the right to pin the blame on the host when the host hadn’t even done anything?

Lin Xinlan touched her pounding heart and thought to herself, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll carry on living for you. I will repay kindness with kindness and hatred with revenge!’

For the host, she owed the village chief and his son the most because they had saved her life, but revenge was taken on Lin Mingqing.

Indeed, the accident wasn’t an accident. It was revenge taken by Lin Laosan’s family.

Lin Yiwei and his son knew. Lin Yuelan also knew. However, without evidence, they could only swallow this loss.

But, now that Lin Xinlan was here, she would expose the truth and serve the retribution!

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