The Venerable Swordsman

Chapter 716 - Sword Clan Again!

Chapter 716 Sword Clan Again!

The summit of Ya Mountain!

Ya Mountain sat in the hall. Shangguan Xian’er and Jiang Jiu stood in front of him quietly.

Shangguan Xian’er said, “The summit of Ya Mountain is located in the southernmost place. This mountain is as high as tens of kilometers. Standing on the summit, one will feel as if being in the starry sky. There used to be a super clan sect called Sword Clan in that place!”

The Sword Clan!

Ye Xuan was instantly stunned.

The Sword Clan?

Ye Xuan looked at Shangguan Xian’er. She was about to speak when Ye Xuan hastened to say, “The Sword Clan? Are you sure?”

Shangguan Xian’er nodded, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Xuan said sternly, “We have a Sword Clan in the Xuanhuang World too. I guess you must know that.”

Shangguan Xian’er nodded, “I know but maybe they are of the same name!”

Of the same name!

Ye Xuan shook his head.

He had seen several Sword Clans. And these Sword Clans must be related!

Celestial Killing Sword was acquired from one of the Sword Clans!

Ye Xuan said seriously, “Tell me about this Sword Clan!”

Shangguan Xian’er nodded, “This Sword Clan came into being a bit early. At that time, the Xuanyuan Family and the Witch Family hadn’t appeared yet. After the Sword Clan disappeared, the forces like the Xuanyuan Family and Witch Family came into being!”

Ye Xuan slightly frowned, “Did the Sword Clan appear before them?”

Shangguan Xian’er slightly nodded, “Yes. The Sword Clan was an ancient force. No one knew why they disappeared, but it was said that the divine sword of the Xuanyuan Family was gained in the Sword Clan.”

The Sword Clan!

Ye Xuan said seriously, “The Xuanyuan Family must be one of the forces against me! They chose the summit of Ya Mountain for their own reason!”

Shangguan Xian’er nodded, “There must be a reason but we can’t find anything at all! As to how many people there will be and who they are, we...”

Ye Xuan said smilingly, “It’s not your fault. We’ve just been here. Our foundation is weak. We’re not strong enough to compete with these veteran forces yet!”

Shangguan Xian’er nodded, “We’ll work hard!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “I’ll go to the Xuanhuang Realm! That woman should know more!”

Then, he looked at the two women, “The Northern Realm will be left in your care.”

Then, he directly disappeared.

On the spot, Shangguan Xian’er said gently, “Jiu, I’m a bit flurried!”

Jiang Jiu was silent.

She was also a bit flustered!

Could Ye Xuan get through this?


After leaving the Northern Realm, Ye Xuan directly came to the Xuanhuang Realm.

At the door of Xuanhuang Palace, Elder Yang stood in front of Ye Xuan, “King of Ye, Her Majesty can’t meet any visitors for now. Please understand!”

Ye Xuan took a glance at the hall, “When can she meet visitors?”

Elder Yang said, “In three days!”

Ye Xuan looked at Elder Yang, “In three days?”

Elder Yang nodded.

Ye Xuan said with a smile, “Is she avoiding me?”

Elder Yang didn’t speak.

Ye Xuan nodded, “I won’t insist. Goodbye.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

At the moment, a voice came from the hall, “Childe Ye.”

It was Master Xuanhuang’s voice!

Ye Xuan turned around. At the moment, Master Xuanhuang stepped out and walked toward Ye Xuan, saying with a smile, “Are you here for the fight on the summit of Ya Mountain?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Yes, please tell me what you’ve known about it!”

Master Xuanhuang was silent.

Ye Xuan asked with a smile, “You can’t tell me?”

Master Xuanhuang said gently, “They must be determined to have their way.”

They were determined to have their way!

Ye Xuan said sternly, “I want to know who will come!”

Master Xuanhuang looked at Ye Xuan, “The Xuanyuan Family, the Witch Family, the Heaven Gate and the Jianwu Sect! Those are all I’ve known so far!”

Those were all that he had known!

Ye Xuan said with a smile, “What about those you don’t know?”

Master Xuanhuang shook her head, “I’ve no idea.”

Ye Xuan asked further, “Are they coming for me or the woman in plain dress?”

Master Xuanhuang looked at Ye Xuan, “Does it make any difference? Since they dare to come for you, it means that they have a way to deal with the woman in plain dress!”

Ye Xuan stayed quiet.

Master Xuanhuang said gently, “Actually, you can escape.”

To escape!

Ye Xuan looked at Master Xuanhuang and asked with a smile, “How?”

Master Xuanhuang looked at Ye Xuan, “I believe you can escape and that they can’t find you easily. However, you have to give up all the people in the Northern Realm.”

To give up all the people in the Northern Realm!

Ye Xuan shook his head and laughed, “Is there any other solution?”

Master Xuanhuang said with a smile, “Only when one is alive can there be a lot of possibilities! You’re unprecedentedly talented. If you live for a few more decades, you will be invincible in the Xuanhuang World and even have a brighter future. Why do you have to fight desperately with them now?”

Ye Xuan spread his hands and said with a smile, “Actually, I want to escape too. However, if I escape, do you think they will let go of the Northern Realm?”

Master Xuanhuang chuckled, “They are merely some unimportant people. Why do you care about them so much?”

Ye Xuan stared at Master Xuanhuang, “They are my friends and my followers.”

Master Xuanhuang gazed at Ye Xuan for a while and in the end, she nodded, “Good luck. No, I wish the one behind you can be strong enough!”

After saying that, she turned around and left. Very quickly, she stopped, “Childe Ye, the summit of Ya Mountain is where the founder of the Xuanyuan Family attained Taoism. The divine sword of the Xuanyuan Family is placed there. They choose this place as the battlefield for some ulterior motive. You must be careful!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Thank you for the reminder! I owe you one!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Looking at Ye Xuan leaving from behind, Elder Yang said gently, “Your Majesty, what are the odds of his winning?”

Master Xuanhuang said, “If he goes on his own, he won’t even have a 10% chance of winning!”

Elder Yang asked, “What if he is assisted by the woman in plain dress?”

Master Xuanhuang said gently, “If that woman is at the Unknown Realm, maybe he still has a chance of surviving. If she hasn’t reached the Unknown Realm, she will die for sure too!”

Hearing that, Elder Yang put on a grim look, “Why?”

Master Xuanhuang looked gradually sterner, “The summit of Ya Mountain... That place is not simple!”

Elder Yang wanted to ask something but Master Xuanhuang had stepped into the hall.

Elder Yang stayed silent.


In the hall, Master Xuanhuang arrived in front of the portrait of a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man in the portrait was wearing a light cyan robe with his hands placed behind his back, staring into space.

The founder of the Xuanhuang Realm was Li Xuanyi!

This name used to represent an era!

In that era, this man suppressed various forces of the Xuanhuang World and established the Xuanhuang Realm on his own! That was the most glorious time in Xuanhuang Realm.

Now, the Xuanhuang Realm had almost been forgotten by the people!

The appellation of Master Xuanhuang... was actually quite ridiculous!

It was because this appellation was not acknowledged by the outsiders!

The reason why Xuanhuang Realm still existed was for the person in the portrait!

Although Li Xuanyi had disappeared for years, no force dared to belittle him.

It was because at that time, he was referred to as the person most likely to surpass the Unknown Realm!

If this kind of man left a wisp of soul in the Xuanhuang Realm...

Whoever wanted to destroy the Xuanhuang Realm must undertake the wrath!

While the Xuanhuang Realm was weak, they would give up those territories outside. Therefore, no forces dared to set against them!

Everyone dreaded Li Xuanyi!

Master Xuanhuang gazed at the portrait for a long time and suddenly grinned, “Founder, the Xuanhuang Realm won’t go into decline, absolutely not!”

After saying that, she walked to the portrait and spread her hand. A flying knife dropped into her palm.

The flying knife had a crack missing!

Master Xuanhuang looked at the flying knife in her hand and smiled, “People all say that the Divine Sword of the Xuanyuan Family is the sharpest. Actually, no one knows the sharpest artifact in the Xuanhuang World is you.”

Speaking of that, she seemed to have thought of something and dropped her smile, “You’ve encountered an opponent! The sharpness of the sword may not be inferior to you!”

Suddenly, the flying knife suddenly quivered and a shimmer of blade light flashed across the knife.

Master Xuanhuang said with a smile, “I’ll let you have a competition someday.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.


After returning to the Northern Realm, Ye Xuan locked himself in the room.

In the Prison World Tower, Ye Xuan sat on the ground cross-legged. Three swords of the God Realm were placed in front of him!

He was trying to reach the Tao Realm!

Ye Xuan picked up a sword of God Realm and stabbed it into his belly.


A rush of pure energy spread from his body. Very quickly, Ye Xuan started to tremble all over.


Rushes of strong energy started to shake from Ye Xuan’s body. The space around him rippled but it quickly became normal!

This time, Ye Xuan quickened absorbing the swords because he had little time to lose!

Now, he was in the Creation Realm. He must reach the Tao Realm!

Every time his realm was elevated, it would be a great improvement for him!

This time, he was going to the summit of Ya Mountain. It would be fine if the woman in plain dress showed up. Yet, if she didn’t, he would be on his own!

He couldn’t pin all his hopes on the woman in plain dress!

It was because he was not sure whether the woman in plain dress would show up!

As time went by, on the second day, he had swallowed the three divine swords!

If his body weren’t strong enough, he would get himself killed!

It was because the three divine swords were too powerful!

He absorbed them madly!

On the late night of the next day, Ye Xuan suddenly stood up. As soon as he stood up, a rush of strong energy suddenly shook from within his body. He opened his eyes and two sword lights spurted out of his eyes.

Currently, he suddenly spat a mouthful of blood!

Ye Xuan wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and cracked a bitter smile.

This time, he had reached the Tao Realm forcibly but he was too rash!

And that did quite serious damage to his internal organs!

Yet, it was fine. His physical body was of the God Realm. Hence, the damage was not too severe!

If his physical body were not strong enough, he would get himself killed by doing that!

Ye Xuan stopped thinking and left the Prison World Tower.

Now, it was late at night.

A moon hung in the night sky.

With a smile, Ye Xuan turned into a flash of sword light and flew towards the sky. Yet, very quickly, he stopped.

Three people were standing not far away from him.

An Lanxiu!

Mo Ye!

And Lian Wanli that held the broadsword!

Mo Ye looked at Ye Xuan and smiled, “You must take us with you!”

Ye Xuan said gently, “You may die!”

Mo Ye said, “We’re friends.”

Then, he walked to Ye Xuan and said gently, “I’ll go with you.”

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