The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince!

Chapter 733 - 733 He Missed Su Yingxue

733 He Missed Su Yingxue

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As expected, ChuYihan replied, “Tell them to leave.”

He wouldn’t even acknowledge anyone who didn’t have a good relationship with Su Yingxue.

However, just as Mo Qi walked out, Chu Yihan called him back. “You go personally to the Marquis’s Manor and inform Yingxue about this. Let her handle it.”

Mo Qi didn’t understand. “Why don’t I just chase them out on behalf of Your Highness? Why bother our future Princess Consort?”

Chu Yihan looked at him with an oppressive gaze, causing Mo Qi to feel a sharp pain all over his body.

He went obediently. When Su Yingxue came to the prince’s mansion with him, only then did he realize that Your Highness hadn’t seen Su Yingxue for a few days and missed her!

Mo Qi patted his head. He had been so busy recently that he had become silly!

He didn’t even realize Your Highness’s thoughts in time.

He deserved a beating!

On the other hand, Su Yingxue was a little confused on the way back. She had been busy taking care of her two main patients and focused on making medicine. She had no time to care about Su Xinlan and Ye Zhenzhen.

Why did they suddenly come to the Ninth Prince’s Mansion?

Su Xinlan and Ye Zhenzhen received preferential treatment in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion. The steward would chat with them politely from time to time, and Ye Zhenzhen’s vanity grew stronger and stronger!

If she could marry into the prince’s mansion and become the mistress of the residence, how glorious would that be?

All the women in the Great Cheng Dynasty would be envious of her!

Thinking of this, the smile on her face was already a little exaggerated.

“Aunt, Cousin, are you treating the prince’s mansion like your own backyard?”

Su Yingxue teased as soon as she entered the front hall.

Ye Zhenzhen and Su Xinlan were still immersed in their sweet dreams. Su Xinlan was shocked when she heard Su Yingxue’s voice. “You… Su Yingxue, why are you here?!”

“Cousin! How did you… You didn’t even tell me you were coming!” Ye Zhenzhen was scared out of her wits.

For some reason, Su Yingxue’s sudden appearance made her feel a little uneasy.

Su Yingxue smiled. “The two of you, this is the Ninth Prince’s Mansion, my fiance’s mansion. The two of you… You didn’t inform me in advance and came here quietly. I should be the one asking the two of you. What are you doing here?”

“We…” Su Xinlan felt especially embarrassed by her tone of being the mistress of the house.

“Of course, we’re here to get closer to our future brother-in-law. After all, we’re all relatives in the future, so we have to interact more. Or is it that sister doesn’t wish for our Marquis’s Manor to be close to Your Highness?”

Ye Zhenzhen was very good at finding excuses for herself.

Even if this excuse made people feel that she was shameless.

The smile on Su Yingxue’s face could no longer be maintained. “Ye Zhenzhen, which Marquis’s Manor are you talking about? Is it your Changxin Marquis’s Manor or our Marquis of Martial South’s Manor?”

“What’s the difference? We’re all from the Marquis’s Manor, and we share the same bloodline, so why should we be so clear about it?”

Su Xinlan rolled her eyes at her. She did not want to admit the fact that Changxin Marquis’s Manor was inferior to Marquis of Martial South’s Manor! “The difference is huge!”

Su Yingxue walked to the main seat in front of the hall and sat down. Using her identity as the host, she lectured them, “If it’s the Changxin Marquis’s Manor, then aunt and your daughter have come to the wrong house. Your Highness no need to be close to the Changxin Marquis’s Manor. If it’s the Marquis of Martial South’s Manor…”

“You are even less qualified to come to Your Highness’s place! When aunt got married, grandfather had already cut off the relationship between father and daughter with you. Now, it’s you who is shameless and brings your daughter to the Marquis’s Manor every day. You really can’t be considered a member of our marquis fu, so aunt, please have some self-respect!”

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