The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love

Chapter 573 (END) - : The Final Chapter

Chapter 573: The Final Chapter

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Yun Jiuge gave a soft sigh and recovered Yue Qing’er’s body.

As she was about to take her son and Osamu to leave the passageway, she heard her son’s panicky voice, “Little black horn, what’s wrong with you?”

Yun Jiuge quickly turned her head back and saw that Osamu had already fallen to the ground. The belly of his black ball, Gu Lu, was so bloated that its skin was stretched thin. The inside was full of blood-red liquid.

“Mother, quickly save little black horn.” Little Dragon was so anxious that he cried.

Yun Jiuge rushed forward to help check Osamu’s body and found that the energy in his body was very chaotic. Black Demon Qi and red blood demonic magic were all tangled together.

One of the difficulties was the power of the curse that came out of his legs. They were clinging on tightly to both of his legs like maggots feeding on a corpse.

“How’s Osamu?” Zi Shang crouched beside him and asked worriedly.

“After he absorbed the power of the Demonic Blood Flowers, it caused the curse to start devouring again. It must be removed immediately,” Yun Jiuge quickly replied.

“Let’s get out of here first.” Zi Shang picked up his son with one hand and was about to turn around to take Osamu but was sent flying backwards by a force.

The black ball, Gu Lu opened its arms and turned into a large ball to envelope Yun Jiuge and Osamu, not letting Zi Shang get close.

“Gu Lu, what are you doing?” Zi Shang asked.

“Grr grr, she can’t leave until she cures my master,” Gu Lu retorted angrily, staring back with his droopy eyes.

“You…” Zi Shang was in a bind. He was about to reason with Gu Lu when Wan Sha suddenly jumped down from above, anxiously saying, “Oh no, two Tianwai Demonic Gods suddenly appeared outside of Canglan Continent, loudly demanding for their son.”

Zi Shang frowned. He did not expect Osamu’s parents to come at this time.

He raised his hand to break the underground passageway to look out. He only saw a sea of darkness outside when it was supposed to be in the middle of the day.

He used his Spiritual Energy to look out through the sky and saw two enormous Demonic Gods standing on the left and right sides outside Canglan Continent’s Energy Barrier.

Both Demonic Gods had black hair and eyes. The Demonic God had a single horn on his forehead while the Demonic Goddess had a pair of ewe horns.

The figures of the two Demonic Gods were exceptionally large. Each one of them occupied half of the continent.

The celestial beings of Canglan Continent were terrified. Everyone ran successively to the Celestial Palace to look for Yun Jiuge to get them out of this predicament. Wan Sha’s stand-in left behind was about to collapse.

“You tiny ants, how dare you hide my son, Osamu! Quickly hand him over, or I’ll trample on your Canglan Continent till it’s flattened,” The Demonic Gods’ voices cut across the Energy Barrier and rang throughout the whole Canglan Continent.

“The one whom they’re referring to as Osamu — is it the boy who’s with you?” Wan Sha had previously thought that the boy in the wheelchair had a remarkable temperament. He could tell that he was not an ordinary person at first glance.

“Yes.” Zi Shang nodded.

“In that case, why don’t you quickly hand him over?” Wan Sha was vexed. Zi Shang did not handled things well. Why did he abduct someone else’s son?

“I’d like to hand him over, too, but I can’t do it now,” said Zi Shang as he helplessly pointed to the black Gu Lu at the side. That pair of droopy eyes were just staring at them!

Yun Jiuge wanted to wait until the end of the matter before she brought Osamu back to the Celestial Palace. Then she would use the Spiritual Energy Gathering Technique to help him.

She did not expect such a situation to happen. Now she could only brace herself to take out her Holy Essence to place on Osamu’s chest, then use the golden Holy Power to help him remove the power of the curse.

“Those two Demonic Gods are not to be trifled with. If this continues, our Canglan Continent cannot stop them,” Wan Sha said powerlessly.

“Then I’ll go explain the situation to him,” Zi Shang said.

“No, no, no, you mustn’t go. If something happens to Osamu, those two Demonic Gods will certainly rain their anger down on you,” Wan Sha hurriedly said. It did not matter if Zi Shang was hit but he must not implicate Yun Jiuge.

Zi Shang hesitated for a moment and then finally said, “Then I’ll go take a look at the situation first.”

If the people in Canglan Continent could not stop them, then he could only buy some time when he went out to explain.

The Demonic Gods’ voices outside the Energy Barrier was getting louder and louder. The sky was getting increasingly darker. The stillness felt oppressive, which made people shudder. Everyone in the entire Canglan Continent felt something very wrong. It was pandemonium everywhere.

“Father, little black horn’s father and mother look so fierce!” Little Dragon man hid in Zi Shang’s arms and said secretly.

“Because little black horn snuck out without telling his father and mother. His father and mother are terribly angry, so they came here to spank his little bottom. You must learn from this example in the future. Understand?” Zi Shang took advantage of the opportunity to teach his son a lesson.

“I won’t follow him. I’m a good boy,” Little Dragon held onto his father’s neck and whined.

“Good boy.” Zi Shang gave his son an affectionate peck.

Suddenly there was rumbling thunder outside. A gale suddenly erupted and the sky was so dark, as if it were about to collapse.

The two Demonic Gods had already endured to the limits. They extended their mountain-sized fists and smashed down hard outside the Canglan Continent’s Energy Barrier.

The whole Canglan Continent trembled. The earth cracked open and the sea water receded.

“This won’t do. I’m going to go up to look for them. Help me take care of Long’er,” said Zi Shang, placing Little Dragon into Wan Sha’s arms. He transformed into a huge black dragon and flew toward Canglan Continent.

As the Demonic God was about to hammer the second time, he heard a thunderous voice ringing out, “Stop.”

The Demonic God’s fist stopped, and he looked at the black dragon flying in front of him. He boomed with a low muffled voice, “Are you the master of the Canglan Continent?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s him,” the people of Canglan Continent answered simultaneously.

Zi Shang threw a disdainful glance at these cowards and then flew to the Demonic God to say, “You’re Osamu’s parents, aren’t you? My name is Zi Shang. Your son is indeed here with us.”

“What did you do to my son?” The Demonic Goddess’s sharp voice shrilled, which almost shattered Zi Shang’s eardrums.

“Your son’s fine. We’re just trying to help him get rid of the curse, that’s all,” Zi Shang said hurriedly.

“You’re lying. The curse on my son is the result of 10,000 years of resentment. It can’t be eradicated,” the Demonic God said angrily.

“Indeed, ordinary methods cannot eradicate it. But our Canglan Continent’s Goddess possesses the power to dispel it. It can be done.

She is now sacrificing herself to help your son remove the curse. If you interrupt her process, the consequences will be unimaginable,” Zi Shang said gravely.

“Can she really save my son?” the Demonic Goddess asked hurriedly.

“Of course, there’s no need for me to lie,” Zi Shang answered firmly.

“Take me to see them right away.” The two Demonic Gods reverted to the size of normal humans and then crossed Canglan Continent’s Energy Barrier to come before Zi Shang.

“Come with me!” Zi Shang brought the two Demonic Gods to the passageway inside the Empress Mountain in the primitive plane of existence.

At this time, the dispelling work had entered a critical phase. Although most of the curse’s power was forced out by Yun Jiuge’s Holy Essence, there were still two big pieces of the curse’s power stuck to his leg bone. They could not be pulled out no matter what.

Osamu groaned in agony. He felt as if every bone in his body was in pain.

Yun Jiuge was covered in sweat and gritted her teeth to persist. There would be trouble in future if she could not clear it in one shot.

Just when Yun Jiuge was soon unable to hold on, she suddenly heard two strange voices coming from outside, “Use these two Holy Essences to break the power of the curse.”

Yun Jiuge turned her head to look and saw two unfamiliar male and Demonic Goddess come in, holding two small golden Holy Essences in their hands.

Yun Jiuge guessed that these two Demonic Gods should be the parents of Osamu. So, she took over the two Holy Essences and pressed them onto Osamu’s leg bone.

The last two pieces of the curse immediately flew out of Osamu’s body, turning into a flying serpent with wings which tried to escape.

The Demonic God immediately grabbed the flying serpent and stuffed it into a Magical Bottomless Satchel.

The Demonic Goddess immediately rushed toward Osamu’s side and pulled him into her arms while she constantly called out, “Baby, quickly wake up.”

Osamu slowly opened his eyes and looked blankly at the faces of his mother and father.

He thought he was dreaming because he had not seen his father and mother for 1,000 years.

“My son, your curse has finally been completely banished. It’s absolutely wonderful,” the Demonic Goddess sobbed with joy.

Warm tears fell upon Osamu’s face. He could finally feel for real.

“Mother, don’t cry. I’m alright. You should be happy.” Osamu reached out to wipe away his mother’s tears.

“You’re right. We should be happy.” The Demonic Goddess quickly wiped away her tears and showed a happy expression.

The Demonic God looked at his healed son and was incredibly happy as well.

He touched his son’s head, feeling gratified. Then he turned around to look at Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge.

“You abducted my son. How are we going to settle scores?” the Demonic God said with a calm face.

“What do you mean by that?” Yun Jiuge frowned. She had saved their son. Why were they showing such an attitude?

“I mean, you abducted my son, so you must give compensation. I think you should use your Holy Essence and Canglan Continent to make amends and apologize to my son!” The Demonic God said with a confident voice.

Yun Jiuge angrily gritted her teeth and was about to reason with Osamu’s father when Little Dragon suddenly jumped out and said angrily, “You’re a bad guy. Don’t you dare bully my mother.”

“This little dragon is quite good. It’ll be good to take him back to boil as soup to nourish Osamu,” said the Demonic Goddess, sizing him up with satisfaction as she picked up Little Dragon at the back of his neck.

“Let go of my son.” Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge were about to rush up, but Osamu had already stood up to take Little Dragon from his mother’s hand.

“You’re not allowed to touch my things.” Osamu bared his lips to reveal his eerie white teeth.

“Son, you’ve just gotten rid of the curse and you dare to challenge your old man. Do you think you’ve the ability to?” The male Demonic God looked stern.

“Try me if you don’t believe me.” Osamu looked serious. Gu Lu turned into two huge demonic eyes which hovered in the air, projecting huge shadows which were no smaller than his father’s and mother’s demonic shadows.

“Good, that’s my boy.” The male Demonic God suddenly laughed out loud and patted his son on the shoulder while he smiled said, “This continent is yours. I’ll let my men report this continent to the Galactic Federation. No one can touch this continent in the future. All the living creatures here belong to you. Whoever dares to make a move, will be an enemy of our Ancient Black Demonic Clan.”

It was only then that Osamu retracted Gu Lu. He nodded and spoke with cold indifference, “Then hurry back to take care of it. It must be settled before going home.”

“Alright, alright. We’ll take care of it now.” The Demonic Goddess rubbed Osamu’s head lovingly and took her husband’s hand as they charged toward the Galactic Federation, for fear that it would make their son unhappy if things were not handled properly.

“I’m sorry. My father was too impulsive just now. I apologize to you on their behalf,” Osamu said embarrassedly to Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang.

“What does it mean when your father said the continent is yours?” Yun Jiuge said with a cold expression. Could it be that she had saved a thankless wretch?

“Your Canglan Continent is too low in rank. It must be recommended by someone in order to register with the Galactic Federation. Or else, sooner or later you’ll become someone else’s slave territory,” Osamu briefly explained. It meant that Canglan Continent now had the backing of the Ancient Black Demonic Clan and no other people would have designs on them in the future. Once their Canglan Continent developed, they could go to the evaluation conference held by the Galactic Federation to fight for the medium rank position.

“That’s fantastic.” Yun Jiuge breathed a sigh of relief. This was what she wanted.

“Let’s head back first!” Although the two Demonic Gods had left, there was still much to deal with.

“Okay.” Yun Jiuge collected Yue Qing’er’s body, and left the underground passageway together with Zi Shang, Little Dragon and Osamu to return to the Celestial Palace.

500 years later, the grown-up Little Dragon and Ziyun Mountain represented Canglan Continent and rocked the Galactic Federation’s evaluation conference with his power. He successfully obtained the medium rank position for Canglan Continent and began a new journey with Osamu in the outer world.

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