The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 4: Terrifying digital transformation

Chapter 4:Terrifying digital transformation

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Before entering this pub, Sheyan had already calculated this possibility. Feeling calm, his eyes slightly squinting, he coldly laughed but did not say anything.

Bloody Jack mistook that as fear, as he laughed out loud.

“Leave all the cash on you behind if you don’t dare!”

Bloody Jack then coughed loudly and spat into a nearby glass of alcohol. He then slid the glass across the betting table to Sheyan as he ignorantly laughed:

“Of course, you need to drink this glass of alcohol as reparation, then you can f**k off.”

The two huge thugs, with a cold smile on their faces, had their hands pressed down on Sheyan’s shoulders. They were afraid Sheyan would try to escape in the face of terror. However at this very moment, rolling his eyes Sheyan laughed, as the the words escaped through the cracks of between his teeth:

“Bastard, you’re dead!”

As the words escaped his mouth, he shrugged his shoulders violently as he elbowed fiercely to his back. This movement was extremely smooth yet abrupt, as Bloody Jack’s man were all prepared for Sheyan’s attempt to escape but never expected him to retaliate!

Sheyan was sitting on a small stool, while the two huge thugs were both inclining towards him on both sides. With a ferocious elbow to the back, it smashed through the stool’s back support and heavily landed onto the crotch of the two thugs.

Bloody Jack was an outlaw, looking at the violence unfolding in front of him, his heart was set ablaze with rage. He immediately reached out for the dagger still stuck vertically on the table. Sheyan was still sitting on the stool, with little space to dodge on his sides, he swung forward instead aiming at Bloody Jack’s wrist. Coincidentally, Bloody Jack struck out with his knife and instead he misjudged and grabbed onto the blade of the incoming knife instead.

Sheyan’s heart trembled, he was extremely confident in his grip however he recalled something right before swung out his his hand: In this world, contestant’s strength were increased by 50%. Because of this, he misjudged the speed of his hand making such a fatal mistake. Looking at this, Bloody Jack gave off an evil laugh, fiercely pulling out the knife from Sheyan’s hand as the blade slashed against his opponents fingers attempting to severe them.

Although the shimmering dagger blade was dyed with a gloomy red, Sheyan only felt a slight pain in his hands. Not thinking any further, he pounced forward grabbing onto Bloody Jack’s black hair and smashed it downwards.

“PAM!” the table became crooked as the alcohol glasses and betting chips flew upwards upon impact. Bloody Jack’s face was bloody as he looked up furiously, but was immediately blown away with a heavy punch. His heavy body flipped backwards twice as he smashed against the floor blowing away a few tables along the way.

To Bloody Jack, he felt as though a massively heavy object was repeatedly pounding against him. It happened so fast he could not even feel the pain yet as his world was shaken around him, he opened his mouth to speak but the mouth full of blood choked his words.

Although Sheyan’s strength was quite exceptional, his agility and escaping ability were not considered high. After his last punch, he could already feel a murderous wind from all sides along with angry curses, as Bloody Jack’s angry underlings began their assault.

“PAM” “PAM” the cracking sound of fists surged forward, as two beer bottles had already crashed down onto Sheyan’s head. Shreds of glass were flying about as another stool violent smacked down onto Sheyan’s back. Sheyan swiftly reacted as he spun around with a murderously terrifying look as he charged forward with a killing intent.

Two minutes later, no one on Blood Jack’s side was left standing, all sprawling across the ground in agony moaning and groaning in pain. Sheyan was already very experienced in dealing with this kind of people, furthermore his strength had recently been greatly enhanced to a high 12 points. He was easily stronger than a grown strong male by twofolds, inflicting heavy damage everywhere he struck. His blows were strong enough to even cause fractures and internal bleeding upon impact.

Fighting inside this pub was a common occurrence, as the passerbys casually dispersed to one side and carried on watching the show. However the conclusion shocked everyone to a stupor. This new guy actually managed to take down 6 huge hooligans in a short timespan and yet he did not look like he was that kind of a gangster material that could fight. Although there were clear visible wounds on his body, however looking at his state, it felt like he could challenge another 6 more guys and win!

Looking at the disorderly mess of his opponents on the floor, Sheyan contemptuously gave off a snort, tidied up his coat, he casually pick up a bottle of brandy and poured it on his injured hand. What was shocking is that his wound was not as deep as he imagined it to be, and even portrayed signs of the wound closing up.

“What… what is this?” Sheyan was a tad amazed, he had used his hand to ferociously grab onto the sharp knife blade, his wound should not have been light. He reached out to feel his head and felt only a faint tingling pain on the area where the beer bottles smashed on, and it did not even bleed. Suspiciously, he activated his nightmare imprint and gathered several information:

“Because of your perceptive sensing, you have acquired the recent battle statistics.”

“Replaying battle sequence.”

“Your elbow strike gave Bloody Jack’s henchman 48 points of total damage (Lower vital point sustained great injuries), stunning him rendering him unable to continue battle.”

“Your elbow strike gave Bloody Jack’s henchman 43 points of total damage (Lower vital point sustained great injuries), stunning him rendering him unable to continue battle.”

“Bloody Jack’s bottled glass did 31 points of damage, your innate ability: Endurance (Passive) activated, reducing damage by 25 points, total damage received only 6 points.”

“Bloody Jack’s henchman’s beer bottle did 27 points of damage, your innate ability: Endurance (passive) activated, reducing damage by 25 points, total damage received only 2 points.”

“Bloody Jack’s henchmen’s stool did 8 points of damage to your back, Innate activity: Endurance (passive) activated lowering damage by 25 points, total damage received only 1 point.”

Looking at all these statistics, Sheyan let off a cold laughter:

“Looks like my innate ability is that useful!”

With no reason to stay, winning enough cash for himself, he then walked out of the pub. Stopping at the Pub’s entrance, he spun round and walked towards the groaning Bloody Jack. Squatting down he slapped lightly on his face as he whispered:

“Didn’t you want to wager two fingers before?”

Bloody Jack immediately shrank backwards, his eyes exhibiting a terrified look. When he was about to speak, Sheyan had already retrieved the shiny dagger beside him as he sliced lightly. Alongside a mournful shrill, two severed fingers flew up, one landing onto a leg of the nearby thug and the other landing into a glass of alcohol dyeing it red. Coincidentally, it was the glass of alcohol that Bloody Jack had spat in previously.

“Okay, now we are even.” Sheyan whispered. He then swiped clean all the money on the betting table as he left without looking back.

Sheyan had a sudden thought: To a contestant, in the instance upon entering the nightmare realm, his body would experience a digital transformation, but it was clearly also a body strengthening process!

Citing a simple example, Liu Xiang’s* best result is 12.91 seconds, however he cannot possibly replicate that same result every time. However after a digital transformation, he could then produce the same results even in 10 matches.

*Liu Xiang is a Chinese 110 meter hurdler. Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. His 2004 Olympic gold medal was the first in a men’s track and field event for China.

This was the reason why Sheyan was able to easily deal with each opponent individually with equal intensity although his attributes were not overwhelmingly greater than them. This is because his every action, no matter if it was attacking/defending/dodging, it was all operating at his maximum capacity following his attribute points. Coupled with excellent battle tactics and experience, he was able to attain victory with relative ease!

After striding through several streets, Sheyan started looking for a public telephone. At the time, public phones were fixed by the roadside in America, and the phones were found inside phone booths.This protected the user from the rain as well as prevent anybody from eavesdropping. The phone booth also contained an umbrella, a phone book as well as a cooling ointment for the skin on hot days.

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