The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 3: Blood and Anger!

Chapter 3: Blood and Anger!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

In the dark of night where the cold rain falls and wind blows, the entire Si Qiao town is shaken. With Huashan Fei tyrannically ruling over the town, nobody dared to step into this matter – which concerns over 10 human lives, signifying how viciously mighty Huashan Fei is.

Sheyan crept around silently in the suffocating darkness of the night, as the icy raindrops drenched his coat. Still, he pressed on with a blazing ferocity trapped within his heart.

20 meters ahead lies the port where Fu Yuan was parked, the unloading dock was covered with a huge canopy sheet blocking out the rain and sun, where sailors would pile up goods within it. The guards keeping watch are used to not having people trying to break in or causing mischief. Underneath the canopy lies 2 enormous spotlights, brightening up the entire area. A group of Huashan Fei’s underlings encircled the 3 men curled up and lying on the ground, as they stamped on them enthusiastically and proceeded to dump oil onto them. Every so often one of them would give of a crazed shriek:

“F**k your mum! You dared to raise your knife against me, come fight back now!”

“I’m gonna slaughter your entire family!”

“Steal your property and trash your businesses!”



Sheyan crept closer in anticipation, at this moment Huashan Fei was signalling to his underlings to get out of the way, He spoke softly:

“Xide, who gave you that cut on the face?”

The four guys on the floor started struggling and groaning, but none of them said anything. With a simple hand gesture, two strong and aggressive men picked up one of the injured man as Huashan Fei ordered:

“Nobody wants to speak up? Fine! I won’t be able to explain to Bro Ming’s side (one of his underlings. In charge of taking care of Xide, reading on this chapter will understand better), then I will just offer the four of you as an apology!”

“Its me! I cut him!” The one who spoke out wearily was Dasi. Upon hearing this, Sheyan felt adrenaline surging up, repeatedly provoking to charge on impulse.

“Pui!” Huashan Fei spat at Dasi’s face.

“This old fart actually has such balls, I like it! Tell me, which hand did you use to injure Xide?”

Dasi looked down in silence. Huashan Fei was also not expecting an answer, as he puffed on his cigarette followed by using the burning end of it to press down on Dasi’s face. A burning stench filled the heavy air, suddenly Huashan Fei broke into a fit, as he stomped down onto Dasi:

“Press him down for me! Snip off his fingers one at a time and offer to Young Master Xide as a token of forgiveness! The rest of you, bring the boat here and set it ablaze!”

After listening to Huashan Fei’s crazed instructions, Sheyan suddenly felt a certain incompressible surging feeling forming within his chest followed by a salty taste flooding his throat. His entire body was heating up as his blood boiled with anger. Licking his dried and coarse lips, clutching his knife tightly, his leg muscles had already started tensing up. Huashan Fei stomped his foot in frustration, as he turned around and said:

“Have you ensured Young Master Xide is alright? Why is wrapping up that cut taking so long?”

Huashan Fei’s words were directed to an underling by his side. This underling was on familiar terms with Huashan Fei, as he spoke sharply:

“Bro-brother you are thinking too much! Such a small cut on the face won’t affect anything. The only concern is this cold and chilling to the bones weather. Xide that gigolo only needs to go back and nurse his cold that’s all.”

Initially, Sheyan could not hold it in anymore, as he prepared to charge forward. Upon hearing these few words, his thick black brows were frowning so hard it had formed a single brow as a new idea formulated in his mind. Disregarding his surroundings, He hastened his footsteps and charged toward where Huashan Fei lived.

Based on his natural intellect, Sheyan knew that even if he aggressively charged in, he won’t be able to rescue Uncle Dasi and instead would be sacrificing his life in vain. However, Huashan Fei’s underlings in this town of Si Qiao are only about 20 people. Those that could fight were all preparing to burn the boat, Fu Yuan. The people attending to Xide’s wound were only 3. If he managed to capture Xide as hostage, then he would stand a slight chance of rescuing Uncle Dasi . Whatever happened later, Sheyan could not be bothered anymore as there would be too many variables to consider. The only few words he held in his heart now were,“Face his enemies courageously one at a time to achieve victory.”

Given Huashan Fei’s status in the town, because the town constantly faced pressure from higher authorities, he actually lived in an ordinary looking hut. However, it still looked considerably newer and larger than the surrounding huts. Wanting to flex his position, he had constructed a layer of fence around his hut. Sheyan was like a ninja in the shadows, as his body has been soaked by the rain and mud covered his shoes, only his eyes remained with a steady and poisonous gaze. He looked like a famished wolf who had not eaten for days.

“Finally I’ve arrived.” Sheyan kept his gaze on the fenced up hut, as his heart brimmed with nervousness and palpitation. He reached into his pants pocket with his icy white and wrinkled hand, pulled out a sharp icy and emotionless knife. Tightly gripping the base of the knife which had been wrapped with a cloth. Sheyan breathing grew deeper as he wrapped a tattered cloth across his forehead, smeared mud over his emotionless face, as he cautiously made his way to Huashan Fei’s hut.

The fence was reinforced with hard steel, it had no doorbell and was a little loose at the top. Sheyan shook the fence fiercely as well as banging against the concrete at the side. As the clanging and banging sounds echoed up, a faint light emerged within the darkness of the hut followed by a frustrated shouting:

“What the f**k, who is causing such a ruckus?”

Sheyan’s felt his heart beating faster, but at this point he composed himself, shouting from his diaphragm:

“Disaster! Disaster!Brother Fei has sent me to report!”

This sentence was extremely effective, as someone immediately rushed out to the fence in front of Sheyan but did not open the fence door in suspicion. Sheyan recognized him to be Huashan Fei’s cousin nicknamed white-dust Ming because he followed the cruelness of Huashan Fei, wrecking families but mainly sold white powdered drugs for him. Sheyan himself had to pay this bugger a hefty sum just to be permitted to build his hut. That is why upon meeting, he felt an avenging hatred forming in his mind. Tilting his head down while using the cloth to cover half his face, Sheyan tightly grabbed the fence and exclaimed:

“Bro Ming ! So many constables have arrived! One of the damned bastards informed the governor!”

White-dust Ming suddenly appeared frightened, although there were great suspicious points in Sheyan’s speech, but without further thought, he spoke out in astonishment:

“What the?! Brother Fei normally already bought over the magistrate. Why would they come here?!”

In his mental state of panic, his hand unknowingly moved on it’s own and opened the fence gate, but upon opening it halfway he realized there was something not matching up. Immediately he questioned:

“Why hadn’t Bro Fei called us with the phone but instead sent you here to inform us?”

This question actually exposed the greatest flaw in Sheyan’s plan but Sheyan had already put it into consideration! Sheyan was naturally witty, immediately replying without stuttering:

“The few constables that urgently arrived were all unrecognizable, as such Bro Fei in his slight shock accidentally knocked over this phone into the mud. How could the phone operate in that state? He feared that you would misunderstand and thus passed the phone to me as evidence. You won’t believe me, see it for yourself!.”

After which, he raised his left hand, with a muddied black phone lookalike item atop his palm.

Actually, there were several questionable points about Sheyan’s statement and if one were to dive deeper one would expose him easily. However, white-dust Ming only focused on the phone and was contented with seeing the only evidence as well as the unwavering strength within Sheyan’s voice. He swung open the gate, peeping his head out to take a closer look at the item within Sheyan’s left hand.

Sheyan’s hand immediately changed into a fist, smashing ferociously straight onto Ming’s face.

A suddenly pain broke out within white-dust Ming’s nose, as blood, mucus and tears poured out from his eyes and nose. As he was about to scream for help, he felt a sharp icy feeling penetrating into his chest. That iciness started to surge upwards and eventually reached his vocal chords eliminating all trace of sounds. Under the excruciating pain and shock he raised his head directly meeting the gaze of a pair of blazing eyes. The pain started to infiltrate his consciousness, and soon took over his entire being.

Sheyan gently loosen up his grip of the knife as his victim slowly slumped onto the muddy cold waters, colouring the mud with a maroonish bright red. As the harsh rain continued pouring and sounds of wind and thunder filled the air, the surrounding air gave off a familiar peaceful feeling, as though nothing had taken place. Naturally the people within the hut were oblivious.

Sheyan took a few deep breaths, as his murderous intent retreated within him. However, a strange feeling swelled up within him, as though the past 20 years had been lived in vain but the past few minutes standing between life and death had given him a queer sadistic excitement..

The icy rain struck hard, but Sheyan was instead fired up. He took several deep breaths, swung open the gate and tiptoed in. He stopped at the door entrance, quietly pressing his body against the wall. As he secretly eavesdropped the conversations within:

“He dared to cut me? F**k his mother he actually dared to cut me!! I want his entire generation of family to die! Where is the doctor? Where is he?!”

“ The nearest city is 20 km away, in such a downpour even the fastest doctor can only arrive tomorrow morning.”

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