The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 2: Sudden Danger

Chapter 2:Sudden Danger

Translated by: Chua

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Sheyan stared into the mirror, fascinated by his new appearance and proceeded to dress himself in a new set clothes. In his mind, the most useful things from the message undoubtedly are the, “Pain limitations of 70” and “Increased strength of 50”, going by logical thinking, his personal battle prowess will have at least doubled.

Sheyan then chose a personal digital assistant character (Used to pass information i presume), Suddenly something floated out:

Contestant number 1018’s information. A fully grown adult male, calculating attributes.

Contestant number 1018 innate ability: Endurance (Passive). Any character’s attack on you will be lowered by 25 points, if the damage is beneath 25 points then overall damage will count as 1.

Pointer: Innate abilities can only be further practiced to greater heights after being awakened, that is why it is unleashed within the nightmare realm and space. Only when one successfully grasps the power of their innate ability can they use it in other environments or places.

Pointer: Innate ability grading: C class

Your number is only relevant to your own genetic class, it will not work with other classes.

Your basic attribute is similar to an average grown male’s value.

Strength: 8 points (5 point). Strength determines your close combat prowess. This affects your ability to carry heavy objects, which includes certain heavy but powerful weapons/equipments.

Agility: 6 Points (5 points). Agility determines your movement speed and attack speed, and your ability to dodge. It also affects your ability in far-range attacks/ defence.

Physique: 12 Points (5 points). Basic endurance: Physique determines your ability to resist an attack, it also determines your stamina in battle, and affects the speed of health regeneration as well as defence. Health regeneration: physique divided by 2 (This means Sheyan’s health regeneration is 6 points per minute). Your life force (Health points) is your physique x10.

Under extremely heavy injuries, speed of health regeneration will also slow down.

Base defence: Physique/2

Sheyan’s defence is now 6 points.

Defence is the primary attribute in resisting an opponent’s attack, defence can also protect against /shorten or lower battle abnormalities (Dizziness, slowness, stuns, frost and burns etc).

Lower injury rate formula: Decreasing damage percentage = (defence x 0.4)/ (Defence X 0.4 +10)

Actual power: 1 point of defence is equivalent to lowering 4% +/- of incoming damage. It also shortens any battle abnormalities on your body by 4 percent.

5 defence can lessen approximately 16 percent total damage and also shorten abnormalities by 16 percent.

10 defence can lessen approximately 28 percent of total damage and shorten abnormalities by 28 percent.

15 defence can lessen approximately 37 percent of total damage and shorten abnormalities by 37 percent.

50 defence can lessen approximately 66 percent of total damage and shorten abnormalities by 66 percent.

100 defence can lessen approximately 80 percent of total damage and shorten abnormalities by 80 percent.

100 defence can lessen 80 percent of damage. However from here on, the higher the defence the rate of reducing damage grows much slower.

“Perception sensing: 11 points (5 point). Perception is what you hear, feel and see. Perception sensing allows you to feel if there is danger up ahead and give a better understanding on the situation/area allowing for critical planning. A person with high perception sensing is able to sense danger quickly, the bigger the danger the earlier it will be sensed, allowing to make preparations in advance. This influences attack precisions, a long range combatant naturally uses his Perception sense to pressure his opponents.

Take note: If an opponent’s Perception sensing level is higher than yours, your Perception sense will be weaken and even counteract. If your opponent’s perception sense is overwhelmingly higher than yours, he can easily trick you or throw you off track easily.

(TN: Not sure what word to use so i just used perception sense for now. It is something like divine sense but not really divine in this case, sense is also too simple.)

Charm: 6 points (5 point). Charm refers to your appearance, speech, class, and the ability to comprehend, connect and gather information from others. Charm mainly determines how well you can bond and interact with others, which may increase the rate of mastering various mysterious skills or even lower the chance of people attacking you. Certain specialized enchantments or summoning skills may also require a certain charm level. As such, charm influences other attributes greatly, and a person with a high charm level has certain advantages in dire situations.

Intelligence: 5 points (5 points). Intelligence determines your mental power (MP) and also the rate of MP regeneration. Strictly speaking, determines the amount of times you can release a skill. Your current MP: Intelligence x 10.

Spirit: 4 Points (5 points). Spirit power is able to enhance your skills formidably, it also influences skill damaging frequency.

Once you have entered the NIghtmare space/world, your wounds will heal faster than a normal person by 400 times. Your concentration/ focus recovery is also 120x a normal person. Your current HP is 120 points, MP is 50 points. Once your HP is lower than 2 points, your moment and perception will be greatly impaired, and you will die once HP reaches 0 points. When MP is at 1 point, where this state will induce symptoms of headaches, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue. Once MP reaches 0, you will black out.

Your body attributes has already been digitalized. Once you face any danger in this nightmare realm, any fatal attacks directed to your brain/ heart will not result in you instantly dying, it will only increase greatly the damage you receive. However, if an enemy injures your perceptive organs like your eyes/nose/ears or other key areas, you will still be affected accordingly whether it is the loss of hearing/deafness/crippling etc.

Losing of perceptive organs will not be able to be treated with jus rest or ordinary elixirs. Under normal circumstances, one must return to the nightmare space for medical treatment, unless the person finds a special elixir/item or a character that possess healing abilities.

While absorbing all these information, Sheyan could clearly see a short red line appearing before his eyes, below it a blue line. This should be the so called Life Force (HP) as well as Mental Power (MP).

Understanding, Sheyan nodded his head, no wonder his intuition and ability to overcome the odds was exceptional since young. This should be because his perception level was way above the norm at 11 points, and also why he could last for so long even after a gunshot to the chest was because of his high physique level at 12 points.

“Innate ability?” Sheyan was amused at this mysterious attribute. He immediately tried using the nightmare imprint to access his memories. The sound of the typewriter typing immediately filled his ears.

“To be selected as a contestant in his nightmare realm, one had to possess immense character and potential far from the ordinary folk. Being able to be skillful or stronger in one aspect, that is one’s innate ability. Amongst the contestants selected, over 50 had the innate ability, and even some possessed a few innate abilities.

When Sheyan heard this, he frowned. Over 50 possessed innate abilities, this was definitely not good news, as he continued listening to the nightmare imprint:

According to your body evaluation, you currently possess two usable skills. One: Basic footwork lvl 1, two: Basic endurance: lvl 1. After returning you can go for another body evaluation.

Sheyan immediately identified these two skills to survey, meaning of basic footwork lvl 1: you have learned a few evading techniques, allowing you to be more nimble in battle. Meaning of basic endurance: You normally like exercising, that is why your endurance level is increased. This must be the results of Sheyan’s training in the real world.

“Brat, the money you gave will only last you till here, the next customer has already paid his room fees. Quick pack your stuffs and leave. Remember, I will be back 5 minutes later, you would not want to see me then.”

Sheyan’s expression darken, twitching his brows, swallowing up his unhappiness. At this moment, he could hear a soft voice in his ears saying: Current world commenced! He immediately stepped out of his room. At this moment, he suddenly felt a wave of heat bubbling up in his entire body, his footsteps has also become extremely light. He enquired his personal attributes, strength 12 points, agility 9 points, physique 18 points, perception 17 points (Rounding up), charm 9 points, spirit 6 points and intelligence 8 points. Surely his attributes all increased by 50 percent.

He raised his fist, feeling the strength flowing in his bones. In this moment, it was as though something awakened in his heart, an unexplainable ambition simultaneously sprung up.

“With this sort of strength, what are Huashan Fei or Black Devil? They are all trash! This realm is so mysterious, then Uncle Dasi’s crippled hands can be restored here!

Sheyan’s room was at the extreme end of the second floor of this bar, and the only stairs was at the other extreme end. To go down, he had to walk through the entire corridor. Looking at the fat dark skinned woman in front of him swaying her buttocks nonchalantly, Sheyan got a little annoyed. At this moment, that fat woman stopped at another room and loudly shouted:

“Rental time is up, if the customer wants to continue, please proceed below to pay up.”

After speaking she walked down. Sheyan remained unconcerned, as he prepared to make his way down. It was at the very moment when he reached the room that the fat lady just shouted at, that the room door abruptly swung open. A single male with a long and full beard stepped out.

This bar was an old building that urgently need construction, as the wood flooring croaked with each step, the stairs railing were extremely shaky and the place was extremely filthy. When this bearded man walked out, he coincidentally blocked Sheyan’s path leaving no room to slip past.

Sheyan halted, raising this thick brows and shut his eyes, he immediately could see a glimmer of radiance signifying danger. Under normal circumstances, walking sideways would have been fine, but after getting this perceptive sensing, it was extremely easy to predict anything. Within this peacefulness, danger lurks on every side. If he walked sideways to pass, he would expose himself to an unknown risk in front of him!

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