The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1448 - Massacre

Chapter 1448: Massacre

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As if in response to Sheyan’s words, a loud roar came from within the mountains, and a large, well hidden door slowly slid open.

Hundreds of soldiers in giant exoskeleton armour came out from the pitch black darkness behind the door. One of them, a black exoskeleton armour, stood out vividly, as it was as tall as a three storey building. On its shoulders were two weird looking electromagnetic coil towers, which made it look like it had three heads. The electromagnetic coil towers were hissing and zapping loudly, obviously running at full power. They were even distorting the space around them!

If it was in places like wormholes, black holes and other unstable spaces, it would be easy for the attached devices on the exoskeleton armour to cause a violent dimensional storm, but on the surface of a planet where the space was stable, it was only constantly tearing up the space to acquire a strange kind of energy. Those who extended their sensory threads near the exoskeleton armour would find their sensory threads being ruthlessly torn and distorted, so they were completely unable to inspect the interior of the exoskeleton armour at all. Similarly, attacks like the Psionic Storm that acted directly on the mind were also ineffective.

The giant exoskeleton armour was obviously built specifically to deal with contestants. As soon as it made its appearance, a wild laughter immediately came from its loudspeaker.

“A tiny little Lieutenant General has the audacity to act impudent in our Royal Defence Base? Seven Imperial Generals have died at my hands! I’m throwing those words back at you! I won’t hold back this time!”

Sheyan stared at the incomparably powerful giant exoskeleton armour with a cruel glint shining in his eyes. He walked forward without saying a word. The aiming device of the exoskeleton armour locked on to him mercilessly. Several pulse cannons and machine guns roared to life at the same time!!

Explosions and smoke, as well as a raging fire, obscured everyone’s vision. But on the radar of the exoskeleton armour and the large warship, the red dot which denoted Sheyan was still flashing vibrantly. Even the technician who was collecting data in the control tower at the side could not help but sigh.

“My god, this guy’s a monster! His maximum movement speed is as fast as 33 m/s, and even under that situation, he can still continuously change his direction. All the detectors can only detect his afterimages. We can’t lock on to him to carry out a precise strike at all, so we can only bombard the area. Oh, in just eight seconds, he already got close to our Black Devil!”

A treacherous looking technician next to him scoffed. “So what? Is this the first time you’ve seen the power of the Black Devil? If the guy thinks that he’s won just because he managed to close in on the Black Devil, he’s making a huge mistake! The all-angle, no-blind-spot strike of the Tesla electromagnetic coil is specifically prepared for these smart asses, say nothing of the million-volt electric shock on the surface of the Black Devil’s body!”

Immediately after the technician said that, Sheyan, who seemed to be running for his life, had reached the spot below the Black Devil. To be more precise, he was now under the Black Devil’s crotch, which was in theory a dead angle for the Black Devil.

Normally, someone in his position would immediately climb up the seams and joints of the exoskeleton armour from the back to reach the cockpit, so as to give the operator a fatal blow.

However, Sheyan did not do that! He stretched out his right hand. A cruel, grim light extended out of it, quickly turning into a sword. Sheyan thrust it with force into the right foot of the Black Devil!

The giant robotic armour was as tall as a three storey building, and its right foot was half as big as a car. A stab of the sword was logically speaking no more than a poke of a needle to it, but unbeknownst to the onlookers, on the dashboard of the exoskeleton armour, the energy index had dropped by more than 13 points in the blink of an eye!

When Sheyan pulled Evil Sword Apophis out, a bluish-white bolt of electricity at least two metres long gushed out of the opening, followed by a wisp of black smoke. The shattered parts and pieces inside also sprayed out like blood spraying out of a wound made by a blade that had no blood grooves!

The electric shield on the surface of the Black Devil did not hurt Sheyan in the slightest. G-Spot was, in essence, a liquid metal life-form. Just like a fish would never drown in water, G-Spot laughed in contempt at the seemingly powerful electric shock…

The foot of the Black Devil turned pale red, while the spot that was stabbed turned dark red. According to the data displayed on the monitor of the observers at the side, that single strike had decreased the exoskeleton armours’ movement capability by 34%. At least seven tactical combat actions could no longer be performed!

That was a combination of an Arbiter’s formidable strength plus the ‘True Luck’ ability. Even when the Executor’s sensory threads were obstructed, Sheyan could still rely on his strong intuition to instantly find the enemy’s fatal weakness.

Meanwhile, the ‘True Luck’ ability greatly increased his intuition’s success rate. The sword had stabbed into the intersection of four cables and destroyed three circuit boards. If it was not for the fact that the Black Devil was indeed made with highly advanced technology, it would have probably lost its mobility completely.

But the Black Devil immediately launched a counterattack. The rumbling noises inside it abruptly got louder, obviously the sign of a dramatic increase in activity. The Tesla electromagnetic coil tower on its left shoulder was pushed to full load operation to maintain the protective shield around its body. Meanwhile, a dazzling ray of light burst out of the Tesla electromagnetic coil on its right shoulder. The ray of light traced a strange arc in the air and struck Sheyan fiercely!

“He’s dead,” the treacherous-looking technician on the control tower remarked. “Even the energy shield of a small battle cruiser cannot withstand an instantaneous electrical power output of 5300 West, let alone a human.”

However, immediately following the words of the technician, they saw that the man who was hit by the terrifying ray of light did not even move an inch. With a backswing, he stabbed his sword once again into the Black Devil’s right foot. This time, he chose a rather weird spot – the heel of the exoskeleton armour – but the effect was immediate. After a string of explosions, the mechanical leg immediately became as stiff as a rock. The mechanical leg, which cost 1.9 billion Imperial coins to make and could perform 38 tactical combat actions with astonishing power, was reduced to an inanimate pillar that could do nothing but support the Black Devil upright!

The frenzied rumbling of the engine inside the exoskeleton armour made it sound like the reactor was going to explode at any second. Obviously, the next violent discharge of power was imminent! However, at this moment, Sheyan did something that was hard for the onlookers to understand. He sank his shoulder and slammed into the mechanical leg which had lost its function!

The mechanical leg must be twenty times his size! And it was made of metal!

He truly looked like an ant that was trying to topple a giant tree. Everyone expected him to end up bruised and battered from head to toe.

However, that did not happen.

The mechanical leg that had lost power buckled at the joint under the impact of the collision.

Then, with a loud crack, it broke completely.

At that moment, witnessing the scene, Sanzi was reminded of the time he ate an Oreo biscuit. Just like when the biscuit was snapped in two from the middle, the break was crisp, and there was some powder flying about.

The other Imperial soldiers watched on with their jaws agape. How could a slam by a single man contain so much power?!

Was he really human?! He was clearly a tank in human form!

After the mechanical leg broke, due to the domineering effect of gravity, the gigantic Black Devil naturally could not keep its balance anymore. It crashed down in an earth shaking collapse.

A ray of electricity was already shooting out of the Tesla electromagnetic coil, but due to the collapse, it struck the nearby control tower instead, resulting in a series of explosions.

The large mechanical arms of the Black Devil trashed about wildly, one of them barely missing Sheyan as it slammed down in front of him along the tip of his nose. The powerful calculating power of the Executor turned this kind of risky move into a controllable situation. Amid the huge cloud of dust that rose, Sheyan walked forward slowly. The twitching Black Devil was still trying hard to fight back, but its effort came to a stop when Sheyan reached the cockpit.

Sheyan stabbed his sword into the cockpit without the slightest hesitation. The electrical energy G-Spot absorbed previously burst forth from the sword, covering the Black Devil in a terrifying web of electricity. The Black Devil’s design meant that it would be fine even if it was electrocuted like this dozens of times, but the same could not be said for the operator inside. He was instantly turned into burnt charcoal!

Sheyan stared at the once arrogant burnt corpse and said flatly, “I told you, I’m not going to hold back.”

Of course, burnt charcoal could not answer, but the hundreds of soldiers in huge exoskeleton armour in the distance all pounced on him. Their jumping power had been greatly enhanced, so they looked like a swarm of locusts. Before Sheyan could make any moves, Aziz had already opened fire. The echoes of his gunshots were long and drawn out, like the hymns of a funeral bell. In just five seconds or so, more than ten “locusts” had crashed to the ground and exploded.

Meanwhile, Aldaris threw a Psionic Storm which engulfed Sheyan in it. The Psionic Storm attacked enemies and allies indiscriminately, but the damage was merely a drop in the bucket for Sheyan. However, it was a different story for the soldiers in exoskeleton armour. They were like moths flying into a fire. The moment the exoskeleton armour entered the Psionic Storm’s range of coverage, they instantly collapsed. This time, the operators inside did not just fall unconscious; all of them died with their eyes bursting and their brain fluid flowing out of their ears!

It was a bloody massacre!

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