The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1445 - Metal Heart

Chapter 1445: Metal Heart

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“What a monster….” sighed Sheyan.

From the Noah Realm’s outer appearance, one would think that it was only as big a mountain, encompassing a few hundred square kilometres at most, but the space inside the Noah Realm was actually heavily-folded by utilising highly-advanced spatial folding technology. A single core engine energy world was already astonishingly large. No wonder the Noah Realm had such tenacious vitality.

To be honest, Sheyan could hardly think of anything that was a match for Noah Realm E in a fight, let alone injure or kill it, except for another Noah Realm.

Sheyan was currently inside Sea Base Station #1374. Eve had obviously sensed that Sheyan had reached a secret key location, so as soon as he arrived there, she materialised herself again, in spite of the high energy cost. She appeared to be really excited. Security inside the base station was very tight and there were all kinds of unimaginable defensive mechanisms, but under Eve’s guidance, Sheyan easily navigated through them to reach the heart of the base station.

In this place, there was no rumbling machine noises, no fuel, no mechanical parts, no foul odour. The whole place was extremely quiet except for the soft sound made by the flowing liquefied life energy. The power driving the flow came from a multi-faceted giant heart with smooth surfaces, like a diamond!

It was a metal heart constructed from multiple mechanical parts!

The metal heart was over 50 metres tall!

When Eve saw the heart, she sighed with satisfaction. Her originally hazy figure quickly became clear, but her figure had now taken on the form of a simple data figure composed of lines. When she stretched out a hand, her fingers and palm quickly turned into lines that extended towards the metal heart and pressed against its surface. More lines gushed out of her like a bursting pipe, all of them flying towards the metal heart.

Time ebbs away. Each second felt like an eternity to Sheyan, because he knew that to the Realm, he was only a highly valuable pawn. She would surely not hesitate to abandon him if any danger arose.

Fortunately, the process did not last for long. All the lines soon turned back into Eve. She smiled at Sheyan and said very kindly, “You did well.”

Eve once again turned into a data figure. She extended her hand and disintegrated into line segments again, but this time, the line segments piled up on the ground in a strange heap. At first, it looked like a rough pencil sketch of a ball of wool, but the pile that was originally composed of immaterial line segments began to rapidly materialise!

At first, the materialised object looked like a pile of cow dung, but as soon as Sheyan laid eyes on it, his entire body turned cold with fear, like he was a three-year-old walking in pitch-black wilderness. His formidable defence and powerful innate ability were worthless against the fear that came from every cell in his body!

How could Sheyan not know what’s happening by now?! Eve, who had finished stealing the data, was obviously planning to create an explosion to give Noah Realm E a heavy blow from the inside! Don’t forget, both of them were still fighting outside!

No words could describe the power of the bomb she was modelling! But more importantly, what place was this? This was the temporary storage station of life energy. It housed a staggering amount of energy inside it!

What Eve was doing was akin to planting a super bomb in an oil depot. The resulting explosive power would not be as simple as the sum of the two, but rather a superposition of the two! If the destructive power of the stored energy was 4, and the destructive power of Eve’s materialised bomb was 5, then the resulting explosive power would not be 4 plus 5 or 4 times 5, but 4 to the power of 5!

“F*ck! The bitch sold me out!” Sheyan was stunned. Right now, he felt like there was nothing he could do but wait for death to claim him!!!


The bomb exploded!!!!

It was impossible to describe the feeling of Sheyan who was standing near the bomb. He felt as if his entire body was being torn apart by countless giant burning hands. His red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, sperms, lymphs, brain cells were all forced out of him. He felt as if his entire body was being broken down to cellular forms!

An eternity passed, but in truth, it was only an instant. Sheyan felt like he no longer existed. Each of his cell had been unravelled. The feeling was as if he had expanded like a cloud of smoke to the size of the Earth.

But the next moment, the few lines that were left of Eve went to Sheyan and circled around him a few times. Sheyan immediately felt his scattered cells gathering back together. Only then did he realise that he was still at the bottom of the sea near the base station, but at the place where the base station used to be, there was now a large ball of light that was rapidly expanding towards the surrounding area, consuming everything it touched!

The few lines encircling Sheyan glowed with a soft light. It was this gentle glow that protected his body and escorted him to a faraway place at a rapid pace. It was a weird feeling. The light around him and the light of the explosion were like the same poles of two magnets, repelling each other. Even if one of the magnets had a surface area of over 100 square metres wide, and the other was only as small as a fingernail, the repulsive force was resolute and constant, and also indescribably gentle. Although the explosion was frantic and violent, Sheyan was consistently kept a certain distance away from it.

The more violent the explosion, the stronger the repulsive force became! Sheyan felt like a lucky surfer gliding on a wave of fire; one misstep and he would surely be reduced to dust and smoke that would disperse with wind! The only good news was, it appeared that this pawn had not been abandoned yet; Noah Realm C still cared for his life.


At the same time, in outer space, Noah Realm E suddenly trembled a few times. The two Realms were initially entangled together in a struggle and were stuck in a stalemate. However, Noah Realm E started collapsing from the inside. It rapidly expanded, then burst open, spraying a thick mixture of flesh and steel to the surroundings!! The scale of the eruption was so large that no words could do it justice!

Noah Realm E screamed in despair. It constantly produced new tentacles to try and treat the wound, but of course Noah Realm C would not give it a chance to do so. Every time Noah Realm E produced a new tentacle, Noah Realm C would instantly rip it off!

When the injuries sustained by Noah Realm E reached a critical point, the immune system on the surface of its body, as well as the Creator’s screen, rapidly faded away. The theory behind it was simple. It was a result of the Realm drinking poison to quench its thirst all this while. When a person is short of food and is about to starve to death, the limited food supply will definitely be used for their own survival instead of being used to feed the hounds that protect them.

Noah Realm C had been waiting for this moment. She pounced on Noah Realm E. Five thick tentacles, each several kilometres long, pierced into Noah Realm E’s body. They rapidly grew and spread in and around Noah Realm E’s body like roots.

Noah Realm E was slowly and bloodily torn apart. None of those watching would ever forget the gory sight of flesh and machines being forcibly ripped apart, and the organs and fluid bursting out of the Realm.

A tiny spot of light flew out of Noah Realm E’s body.

It was not much bigger than a human heart.

It was hard to believe that the gigantic Noah Realm, which contained countless folded subdimensions inside it, would have a soul core that was this small!

The illusionary figure of Eve appeared right then, smiling. She opened her mouth and swallowed the tiny spot of light. The two Realms then started fusing together violently. An extremely thick layer of blood silk cocoon wrapped around them. The inside of the cocoon wriggled intensely!

All the contestants belonging to Noah Realm C were driven out. They watched the scene in confusion while they hung in outer space. They looked like a group of disorderly ants whose nest had just been raided. If not for the protection of the flesh armour, they would all have died in the starry space.

But to some, the Noah Realm would look like an aircraft carrier, and the humans hovering in space would look like her fighter jets!!

Several steel behemoths slowly emerged from the distant darkness. In terms of volume, these so-called Star-class battleships were not much smaller than a Noah Realm, but when they were compared against each other side by side, one looked like the dross and the other, the essence. It was the difference between a broken knife and a Terminator. The level of technology and destructive power of the two were light years apart.

The voice of Noah Realm C reverberated in the minds of all the contestants, including those from Noah Realm E! Eve had clearly completely taken over the authority of Noah Realm E!

“I need some time to evolve. It won’t take long. I will summon you after I finish the evolution. While you’re waiting, you can train in the ships provided by the Empire. You can also accept missions issued by the Empire. ”

“By the way, those who responded to my summon and participated in this battle will be permanently upgraded to a higher combat order by one level.”

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