The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1434 - Death

Chapter 1434: Death

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Sheyan cut a sorry figure at the moment. His left hand held his right shoulder as his body leaned forward slightly. Blood was oozing out of the gaps between the fingers of his left hand. Even his formidable Physique could not stop the wound from deteriorating. Such was the power of the Elven Holy Archery.

Legolas stared at Sheyan’s pale face in silence. He closed his eyes as he slowly raised his bow. In this fight against Sheyan, the Elf felt like nothing had gone his way, and like something that belonged to him had been taken away from him.

Legolas naturally did not know that Sheyan’s ‘True Luck’ ability had wiped away his own luck. However, it did not prevent him from launching the most violent strike at Sheyan!

From behind Legolas emerged an illusionary figure that was as large and burly as a giant. It had three eyes, all of which were glaring at Sheyan fiercely.

The Mouth of Sauron appeared to be a very knowledgeable person. When he saw the illusionary figure, he immediately exclaimed in surprise, “That’s an ancient Frost Giant that existed back in the First Age. Why has something like that suddenly appeared behind Legolas?”

Not only that, another illusionary figure emerged behind the ancient Frost Giant, this time a young Elven boy. He was just a child, yet his bearing was majestic. He pointed at Sheyan determinedly!

This was the most powerful shot among the seven Holy Arrows in the Holy Archery technique. The power it used reached into the future and the past. Not only must Legolas use all the power in his body to pull the bow, he also needed to aim with the power from his past life, and to strengthen the arrow with the power from his next life! This shot drew on the power of the present, the past and the future and compressed them together! Otherwise, even with Legolas’ strength, he would find it difficult to exert the power of the Black Arrow!

However, Sheyan still appeared very calm. Legolas was fully focused on the shot as his bow was slowly pulled apart. His presence was a little strange. He was obviously standing there, yet when the onlookers closed their eyes, they could not sense him at all. Aziz tried to aim at him, but he found that he could not lock on to the Elf. It felt as if Legolas had moved into another dimension.

This was the power of the divine artifact protecting its master. Even Aziz’s legendary gun had a similar ability, so it was not strange for the divine Black Arrow to have an ability like that too!

Following a soft pop, blood splashed about. One of Legolas’s fingers was severed by the bowstring. The pressure in his veins was concentrated around his fingers that pulled the bowstring, so blood gushed out like a fountain. After that, Legolas’s little finger, ring finger and middle finger were all severed by the strong tension in the string, but by relying on the last remaining index finger and the protective power on the finger, the Lothlorien Longbow was finally drawn to its full extent. The Black Arrow had also locked on to its target!

The ancient Frost Giant soul from Legolas’ previous life and the soul of the young Elf from his next life roared at the same time! Legolas fell backwards with his face to the sky, his long blond hair fluttering helplessly in the wind. His closed eyes showed that he had exhausted all his strength.

But it did not matter.

The deadly divine artifact, the dragon slaying arrow, was already flying towards Sheyan!

The arrow looked very slow and very ordinary, but being the target of the arrow, Sheyan knew otherwise, because he had entered a state of almost complete paralysis. He could not breathe, see, listen, speak nor shout!

But at that moment, something on Sheyan’s finger shone with a dazzling light. Several ghosts with different appearances emerged near him. Their expressions were solemn, and they carried the silent dignity of kings. They had their hands together, and it seemed like they were carrying something. Soon, a serpentine mirror appeared on Sheyan’s body. The surface of the mirror glowed, seemingly with the lustre of life.

This was the ‘Divine Mirror’ ability on the legendary equipment Sheyan just obtained, the Ring of Barahir!

The cooldown time of this ability was only 30 seconds, and it could reflect the damage back to the enemy, so it was an extremely practical ability. However, the ability was not free; it cost achievement points to use. Otherwise, the ring would have been a divine artifact.

But!!! The ‘Divine Mirror’ could not stop the Black Arrow’s penetration either! It quickly shattered into nothingness under the power of the arrow!

The arrow pierced straight into Sheyan’s chest. However, the moment the ‘Divine Mirror’ had shattered, a ray of black light had also flown straight into Legolas’ body.

The wound on Sheyan’s chest was only as big as a coin, but the wound on his back where the arrow had penetrated out of his body was the size of a bowl! The Black Arrow was not done yet. It kept going and drilled into a marble pillar behind Sheyan. The hole it made in the pillar was as big as a man.

That was not all. The power of the dragon slaying arrow reached a climax when it reached the royal palace. The entire top of half of the palace was shaved away, as if it had been shot by a laser beam with a diameter of over 10 metres, the edges unbelievably smooth. The power of this arrow was actually comparable to the power of the main cannon of the Battleship in Star Wars.

Sheyan stumbled unsteadily. Not only that, it felt like he was disappearing from this dimension. When he stopped moving, he stood rigidly in place, cracks appearing all over his body like a fracturing ceramic. His body shattered into countless tiny fragments, scattering all over the ground. The fragments looked like they were about to vanish into nothingness.

But suddenly, a long, helpless sigh came from nowhere. The sigh felt unreal, yet irresistible, like water flowing to the bottom, like smoke rising to the top, like the cycle of the seasons.

The sigh was nearly as majestic as the law of nature.

That was the lamentation of Death.

Even Death itself could not help but lament helplessly!

A large cloak flew over out of nowhere and stayed floating in the air. The countless fragments that Sheyan had shattered into gathered bit by bit in the hovering cloak until they finally formed the figure of Sheyan, who was half-kneeling and breathing hard on the ground, his hand holding his chest.

Time seemed to have frozen at that moment. After a long while, Sheyan, half kneeling on the ground, raised his head weakly and smirked.

“The divine artifact is truly powerful. You only need one more shot, and victory will be yours. But, Prince Legolas, can you still pull the bow?”

Legolas had fallen to the ground and had not gotten up after he launched the last shot. The reaction force from the last shot had given his right hand severe injuries. Not only that, Sheyan’s legendary Ring of Barahir was nothing to be scoffed at either. Although the ‘Divine Mirror’ it produced could not stop the Black Arrow, the counter damage had still taken effect. When the arrow penetrated through Sheyan’s chest, the reflected attack had also pierced into the defenceless Legolas.

When he heard Sheyan’s words, Legolas’ right hand moved slightly with utmost difficulty, as if the Elf was trying to push himself up, but despite his best effort, he failed to do so. In the end, he fell back down after propping himself up by half a foot!

Even a dragon, with its terrifying vitality, could not withstand the power of the Black Arrow. The ‘Divine Mirror’ had only reflected back half the damage, but there was no way the exhausted Legolas could endure it. Right now, he was already on his last breath, and that only thanks to the strong vitality of the Elves.

Gandalf had actually mastered some powerful healing techniques. A few hundred years ago, when he was still Gandalf the Grey, he had saved the great Dwarven king Thorin Oakenshield from the verge of death (The Hobbit plot) with healing magic. The Dwarven king was brimming with vigour almost immediately afterwards. Even Legolas’ arm that was crippled by Sheyan during their previous confrontation was healed by the wizard.

But this time, Legolas could no longer live, because his soul, like Sheyan’s soul before, had been shattered into millions of pieces! However, Sheyan had a powerful innate ability which enabled him to escape the clutches of Death, while Legolas could do naught but wait for Death to claim him.

A series of notifications flashed on Sheyan’s retina:

[ You have killed a plot protagonist, the Prince of the Woodland Realm, Legolas Greenleaf. ]

[ Your action will cause a series of far-reaching consequences on the entire Middle Earth. ]

[ The death of Legolas will cause some of the Elves to lose confidence in the future, which will speed up the Elves’ departure from Middle Earth. Legolas’ father is furious and greatly saddened by the news. In his anger, he has decided to step down from his position and free himself from the responsibilities of an Elven king in order to help his son complete his unfinished missions. The responsibilities, karma, and protagonist’s luck related to Legolas will be transferred over to Legolas’ father, Thranduil of Mirkwood. ]

[ Your action has gained the approval of Sauron, so you have been rewarded with 2000 additional contribution points and a silver storyline Sauron Badge. This badge can replace the common Sauron Badges and give you a 30% discount off your redemption item. ]

[ The morale of all soldiers and storyline characters in Minas Tirith has decreased by 2 points (20% decrease in attack power and defence). ]

[ Milestone ‘Nemesis of Legends’ achieved. You have participated in the fight to kill two of Gandalf, Aragon, Gimli, or Legolas. Your ruthlessness will intimidate all legendary creatures. The attack power of all hostile legendary creatures (including humanoid characters) on you will be reduced by 10%, while neutral (friendly) legendary creatures will respect your power, which will make it easier for you to win their friendship. ]


The people nearby suddenly exclaimed in surprise. Several ghosts that seemed like they were made from smoke had suddenly appeared around Legolas’ corpse and tried to carry it away. The Black Arrow, which had somehow returned to the quiver, and the Lothlorien Longbow floated up from the ground, seemingly about to fly away.

“Sure enough…they’re trying to sabotage me at this moment,” Sheyan sneered while swallowing back the blood that was forcing its way out of his throat. “Do you think I’d risk my life to do all this without making any preparations?”

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