The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1408 - Gúthwinë

Chapter 1408: Gúthwinë

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As soon as Aziz joined the party, he instantly showcased his other extraordinary abilities in addition to his attacking ones. For example, the people he laid eyes on would glow with a soft grey light.

Those he laid eyes on and the people around them would be unconscious of the soft grey light, but it was very conspicuous to the members of Party Ace. In fact, it would be harder not to notice it.

As one of the few entities who flew in the sky, Jax naturally attracted a lot of attention, including those from the Rohirrim cavalry. However, these “attention” were obviously not very kind. Arrows as densely packed as raindrops rained down on him!

Jax was one of those rare close combat contestants who specialised in Strength. The template of his build was a Berserker. Therefore, he was able to endure the arrows for a short while like Sheyan, farming for some ‘Hedgehog’ proficiency points while doing so. For him, damage was the source of his power, and pain the sun of his fighting spirit!

Since Jax had decided to make such a bold move, of course one as calculating as he would not just come for Éomer. He also wished to put on a show for the other contestants as the representative of the Blu-ray party, thereby establishing a strong image of their party in the contestants’ minds!

When the powerful Fellbeast flapped its giant wings, sounds of sonic booms could be heard as a result of the sudden spike in air pressure under the wings. At the same time, a great lifting force was also produced. The Fellbeast let out a shrill shriek and swooped down!

A blood-red ring on Jax’s hand glowed dazzlingly. The ring’s name was the ‘Ring of Dracula’! It was an heirloom of the Dracula family, a legendary ring!

A large amount of blood suddenly spilled out of the ring. The blood sparkled with an amazingly fresh red, bright and dazzling, like the bright colour of fresh leaves under the sun after being washed clean by the spring rain. The blood seemed like it had its own life!

The blood encoated Jax’s trident, which not only expanded its size, but also gave the trident numerous shocking red tentacles!!

At this time, a cross made of blood-red light shined on Jax’s body. Holding the large, mysterious trident, and borrowing the great momentum of the Fellbeast’s downward dive, Jax charged towards Éomer!

A charge like this would hurt not just Éomer. The others that were affected would surely not have a pleasant time either.

All the Rohirrim cavalry in the direction of Jax’s charge were provoked by his ferocious murderous spirit. They felt as if their exposed skin was pricked by needles, so strong was the murderous intent. Although the horses of even ordinary Rohirrim cavalry were well-trained, they still reared up in panic, ignoring their master’s control!

Éomer, who would be the one to bear the brunt of the attack, roared furiously and raised his heavy spear high with one hand. The tip of the spear heated up and glowed. Éomer urged his horse forward, charging in Jax’s direction to meet his offence head on! He waved his spear left and right, casually killing an elite Uruk-hai and a common Troll as he did so!

Backed by this fierce momentum, Éomer raised his spear and swung it down. The distorted ghastly illusions of the elite Uruk-hai and the common Troll he killed earlier appeared behind the spear! Based on the movement speed of both sides, there was no doubt that Éomer’s spear would collide head-on with Jax’s trident at the most powerful point of its downward swing!

However, just as both weapons were about to collide, the bloody substance on Jax’s trident suddenly unattached itself like it was a living being.

It felt as natural as a sheath leaving a sword, as withered leaves leaving a tree.

This separation was so abrupt and felt so natural that it gave others a mysterious feeling that not separating would have been more abnormal.

The trident that had separated from the blood coating had undergone a qualitative change. From its previous unbreakable appearance, it had now become delicate, exquisite, clear, but fragile, like ice crystals.

The lump of blood wriggled and twisted in the air, rapidly transforming into a snake-like creature. Its front end was split, so at first glance, it looked like a strange, huge, blood-red dandelion.

When Éomer’s spear collided with Jax’s crystal trident, the result caught everyone off guard. Jax’s weapon actually shattered. But those with sharper eyes had noticed that Jax’s trident did not shatter from the collision, but had burst by itself right before the moment of impact.

The result seemed to be the same, but the slight difference in the process meant that the two scenarios were as different as night and day. It was like the difference between beating others up and being beat up on.

The crystal fragments spun at a high speed and flew towards Éomer, striking him all over. Even the sound of the wind they produced was sharp. The first reaction of anyone who encountered this situation would surely be to raise their arms to protect their eyes.

The crystal fragments were like red hot iron pieces. They hissed after they penetrated into Éomer’s armour, producing a foul smell. Some even flared up in flames. Éomer had been hit by dozens of such fragments. An intense pain came from all over his body. His eyes crammed shut, and he could not help but let out a sharp cry.

It turned out that only the surface of Jax’s trident had burst apart, exposing a large dark gold staff inside that was overflowing with cold air. The staff fell heavily on Éomer’s shoulder. The armour there immediately deformed and broke with a sound akin to ice shattering.

However, Jax’s real killer move was not this, but the Blood Beast that had previously separated itself from the trident.

Its front end had split up into five thin, blood-red tentacles that waved about nimbly in the air, twisting, splitting and elongating. The five blood-red tentacles then combined into three and rapidly drilled deep into the nostrils and mouth of Éomer’s steed.

That’s right. Jax had no plan to solo a monster like Éomer. His first objective was to put on a show for the contestants, thus building up the prestige of the Blu-ray Party. His second objective was to anger Éomer. What better way to achieve that than to murder Éomer’s mount?

Not only would it significantly weaken Éomer’s combat power, it would also infuriate him, making him chase after Jax relentlessly!

When the Blood Beast burrowed into the horse’s body, the horse was immediately paralysed. No matter how its master whipped it, it merely stood frozen in place. Then, its eyes burst, and its belly bulged violently, like it had become a pregnant mare.

Jax was worried that Éomer’s beloved steed would not die a miserable enough death and would thus leave little impression on Éomer, so he had specifically consulted the opinion of his party’s think tank. Only in this way could he firmly hold onto Éomer’s aggro, wrestling it away from Aziz who had wounded Éomer’s sister and took one of his eyes. If the tragedy Jax caused was not bloody enough, he would have no hope of making Éomer change his primary target.

According to Jax’s script, Éomer’s beloved horse should neigh in pain and spill out its smashed gut, then finally die a miserable death right under its master. However, having progressed well up to this moment, the script was abruptly halted.


Due to the forceful interference of the Maritime Alliance, of course.

Both the Maritime Alliance and the Blu-ray party had decided to pull Éomer’s aggro by killing his mount.

The assassins sent by the Maritime Alliance had gotten anxious. If they were to let Jax finish his show, they would have failed their mission. Even if they were able to go back alive, they would surely be marginalised and finally be eliminated. Rak’shiri often said that making mistakes was much better than not doing something. Those he deemed negative fighters usually did not end up well.

Therefore, the mount was destined to become the main focus.

It was destined to suffer unimaginable cruelties.

The three assassins suddenly broke out with amazing explosiveness. Perhaps individually, they were not as strong as Ronnie, but the murderous intent they exuded when they joint hands against a single target was no less weaker than Ronnie’s. This sudden explosive burst was like warm, harmless sunlight focusing on a single point, intense enough to melt stones!

Sheyan and Reef completely stopped attacking to cover Aziz’s retreat towards the back according to their plan. The trio tried their best to keep a low profile. Even when they were attacked by other cavalrymen, they only parried the attacks quietly and did not fight back. Thanks to that, they managed to move twenty to thirty metres away in an instant.

Éomer did notice them, but he had his hands full and could not do anything about it. His mount was currently under attack by the three assassins who had suddenly burst out with great strength. Three sharp weapons stabbed into the horse’s body at the same time. The blood of magical beasts may flow in the war horse’s veins, but Jax’s Blood Beast had already left it on the verge of death, and its owner was too busy to provide aid, so when the energy contained in the weapons burst out, the horse was immediately split into hundreds of tiny, bloody pieces. Even its bones had been shattered. Blood and flesh filled the scene. The horse had died an incomparably tragic death!

Éomer instantly froze. He could feel the pain contained in the hot flesh pieces that had splattered onto his body. He could taste the blood that had splashed onto his tongue. He could still hear the grave neigh of his beloved horse before its demise. All he could see were the sinister, twisted faces of the enemies in front of him…. It had been a really long time since he had fallen into such a terrible predicament. He closed his eyes. Within the darkness, a faint voice echoed.

“Do you fear death, Éomer?”

When Éomer was just eleven, his father had died in a battle with the Orcs, and his mother had died of depression after that. He was later adopted and cared for by the King of Rohan, but it could not alter the fact that he had lost both his parents forever.

When he was fifteen, he had already faced death once. The desperation almost made him collapse. Sometimes, he would still recall in his nightmares the helplessness and confusion he felt back then. But he now had things he could rely on, things he could trust, and that was…his power!

“NO!” Éomer screamed hysterically as he swung his spear. The spear glowed brilliantly, smashing away everything around him be they friend or foe. No one remained standing within 3 metres of him. Éomer threw his spear into the air right towards Jax.

Jax was more than a little surprised. Éomer had put all his strength into this throw. Jax felt like the spear was still in Éomer’s hand a second ago, but in the next instant, it was already speeding towards his face, the wind stirred by the spear so strong that he could hardly breathe. Fortunately, the Fellbeast was able to dodge through sheer instinct, but the spear still managed to stab into its wing, completely smashing the wing apart. The Fellbeast shrieked in agony and started falling. Its green blood rained down on the people below. Those smeared by the blood groaned in pain, as if they had been splashed with sulfuric acid.

Right after throwing his spear, Éomer instantly broke into a charge. His charge did not seem very fast, but its momentum was great, like a 10,000 ton ship moving full speed ahead. His huge momentum pushed the people around him away before he even reached them. No one could stop him even if they tried.

I cannot run faster, but I can slow you down!

Éomer caught up to one of the assassins. There seemed to be a slight movement at his waist, and the next moment, the assassin’s head detached from his body!

Instant death!!

In Éomer’s hand was now a sword completely unlike any other seen on Middle Earth. The hilt of the sword was in the shape of a viper’s head, so the hand which held the sword seemed like it was being swallowed by the gaping mouth of a large snake. The blade of the sword was sharp and straight, but when the sword was swung, it would appear twisted, like a snake.

This was Éomer’s weapon, Gúthwinë!


The sword was a relic left from the First Age of Middle Earth, perhaps even earlier. Éomer found Gúthwinë when he was on the verge of death, and with it, he fought his way back to life. The ancient sword already had its own consciousness. It was made of very common materials, and the only reason the sword was able to become a legendary weapon was because its soul was very powerful.

Gúthwinë tasted blood the moment it left its sheath.

The blade quivered greedily, as if one innocent soul was far from enough to satisfy its desire. Éomer chased after the two remaining assassins without any hesitation!

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