The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor

Chapter 945 - Sleep, You Are Tired

Chapter 945 – Sleep, You Are Tired

The intent of sleep got heavier…

“Don’t worry Lady Huan, I do not hold any ill intentions. I will not hurt you, sleep, you are tired…”

With each word the middle-aged cultivator said, the stronger was the intent to sleep.

Huan Qing Yan wanted to escape into her dimension, but she was somehow unable to enter it as her eyelids became heavier and then, she fell asleep.

***Holy City.

Bai Li Zi Xi was currently hiding a smug, she did not expect that Bai Li Clan’s Lord Sage will come out and defend her when they only met once when she was young. She initially thought that she would be exposed and fall today.

But from the looks of it, she would be saved.

Wine Sage, Plant Sage, and Crazy Sage were at a standstill, for the sake of the overall morale, Plant Sage hinted Wine Sage to take a step back.

Sending a divine sense message to Wine Sage, “Let it be, you should know what that crazy guy’s character is like, he will ignore his image to protect his people. We can only let him return and think of what to do later.”

Wine Sage was livid, “This old man and Brat Ya have planned for a long time for today to happen, yet it is spoilt by that old crazy. Had I known it earlier, I would not have gotten him to come an activate the Holy Altar, to be so unreasonable…”

Crazy Sage approached Bai Li Zi Xi and supported the latter up.

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was bland, lacking emotions, but the act of his right hand unconsciously tapping his left had betrayed his unhappy mood.

Only the observers who were watching them did not know the truth and were still in discussion.

At that moment, someone used a spirit energy infused voice from within the crowd and shouted!

“Please wait, Crazy Sage!”

The voice was loud enough to cover all the other sounds of discussion that were ongoing and attracted the gazes of people from both above and below the platform.

From amongst the masses, a tall slender young man with hawkish eyes and the bearing of being a member of a Great Clan, calmly walked out.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng!

The people parted a path for him to walk.

This guy dared to stop a Half-Sage, his identity aside, his act was simply too daring. If the Half-Sage got angry and assumed they were of the same group as him, the angry Half-Sage might get hurt for no reason.

That was how Nan Gong Bei Cheng was able to walk unobstructed towards the platform.

He first gave a formal bow to the Wine Sage, “Bei Cheng came late, I wish Lord Wine Sage a prosperous life and to achieve greater heights in cultivation…”

“Not late, not late. This old man made the notification last minute.” Wine Sage looked at Nan Gong Bei Cheng with a sparkle in his eyes.

The Nan Gong Clan did not have a teleport formation, being able to arrive here for the event was not easy.

The Wine Sage had no intention to blame him, on the contrary, he genuinely liked people with bearing like Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

When Nan Gong Bei Cheng called out to the Crazy Sage, the latter had already released Bai Li Zi Xi and was waiting for the brat to speak.

Although Crazy Sage did not know who this young man was, he could still recognize the symbol of the Nan Gong Clan. Most importantly, he was able to see that this brat had awakened his clan’s bloodline as well as the halo emitted from his body. This was a sign that he was a God Chosen!

If he was a God Chosen, there was no reason for him to not heard of him as he was not entirely cut off from the outside when he entered closed-door cultivation. Members of his clan would use a unique technique to report the latest news happening within Spirit Treasure Continent.

Yet Crazy Sage has not heard of this brat before, this meant that the latter only became a God Chosen recently, a new rising star.

That was why he thinks that it was worth listening to what this brat has to say.

“Brat from the Nan Gong Clan, why did you ask this old man to stop?” Crazy Sage said unhappily.

After Nan Gong Bei Cheng greeted Wine Sage, he slowly turned to Crazy Sage and bowed as well.

“This junior is called Nan Gong Bei Cheng, it is my honor to be able to meet Crazy Sage. Bei Cheng had heard of the heroic deeds of Crazy Sage since I was young. Crazy Sage has a straightforward and daring character and was known to care for the younger generations, this made junior even more respectful…”

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