The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 354 - Pantheon (2)

Chapter 354 – Pantheon (2)

My senses seemed paralyzed.

There was too much death.

Summoned from the sky, summoned from the sea floor.

There were a lot of mortals dying like that.

Even though the summoning position was good, they died.

In the midst of being summoned as if poured out, they were pushed by each other and crushed to death.

There were those who were lucky enough to survive the riots.

Some were faithful to their original mission of invading Earth, but most of those who survived were looking for somewhere to hide, or fleeing without hesitation.


I heard that there are no gods that can reach ten thousand literally.

(T/N: Pantheon can also be translated as Ten Thousand Gods Temple.)

There are certainly thousands of gods belonging to it.

If such gods have sacrificed some of their many worlds.

And even if the population of those living in those worlds is only half of earth’s.

It is easy to mobilize trillions of lives.

Perhaps human beings were created to be used in this way.

Those spaces connected to Earth are sacred places for the gods of the Pantheon.

But those mortals that are pouring out now will not be the most faithful and capable believers of the Pantheon.

Useless surplus resources.

Having been termed such, they are poured out as if they were okay with death, or rather, as if they were told to die at this time.

[What will you do? This planet is not your holy land.]

It was as the God of Hope said.

Earth was not my holy land.

This is the case even now, when the Lee Ho-jae Faith emerged as the world’s largest religion.

A holy land is not easily created.

The world is assimilated with God.

Those who live in that world believe that the will of God is the law of the world, and their values ​​must be established.

When I absorbed the believers of the Holy Land of the God of Hope.

I was not impersonating the God of Hope for nothing.

Their situation was the same, but they are members of the world who believe that hope, the light of salvation, is the absolute good of the world apart from escaping their situation.

Earth’s humans didn’t do that.

[What are you going to do?]

It wasn’t the God of Hope.

It was Seregia’s question.

She always followed my choice.

But that doesn’t mean she always agreed with my choice.

Rather, she had more opposing opinions than agreeing ones.

[Let’s abandon Earth. If you go back to the 60th floor and solidify your defense, and defeat each god one by one, you will be able to even the odds.]

She was right.

[Abandon Earth. And come with me. I will make you a winner.]

Said the God of Hope.

It was wrong.

Winner is not something someone else makes.

Two suggestions.

Both the right and the wrong suggestions recommend giving up the planet.


After a long time, the voice of Earth was heard.

It wasn’t an offer.

It wasn’t a favor either.

It was close to a calm confession.


Stop apologizing.

You bother me.

I clicked my tongue.

Hochi was looking at me.

“Are you going?”

As soon as I heard that voice, I knew it.

Hochi was thinking of staying here.

“Yes, I have to go.”

[It is a wise judgment.]

The God of Hope whispered.

Somehow it felt as if there was a little ridicule in it.

“In the meantime, I need you to protect this place until I come back.”

Hochi quietly nodded his head.

[You are crazy.]

Said the God of Hope.

[You want to go to the gods of Pantheon? They live in their holy land with perfect defenses. Don’t talk nonsense. You may be a little victorious. Maybe you can kill some gods. But that will be your limit.]

The God of Hope explained in resentment.

It was surprising.

The God of Hope was sincerely mad at my decision.

What is the reason for his anger?

[In the meantime, this planet will become a sea of ​​fire. As you lose your power in the outside world, the defenses of your holy land will become weak. Even that holy land would be open to invasion. In the end there will be nothing left.”

Is this a warning or a curse?

[Don’t be reckless, go back to the four holy places you made on the 60th floor of the Tutorial. No god escapes his holy land and fights in another god’s holy land alone.]

I will.

Because in his own holy land, the deity is literally omnipotent.

[Have I done you wrong? The result is your absolute good.]

The God of Hope spoke full of energy.

It was just as he said.

The result was everything for me.

Obviously, it would be right to give up the planet.

I knew it too.

In this situation where I was confronted with the gods of the Pantheon, Earth and Earth’s believers were forced into an even more unfavorable condition.

It was right to give up if the burden would give me a chance to lose.

[Are you okay? I know that not only the results, but also the best choice for the result is important.]

I have little attachment to Earth.

It was the same for the people of Earth.

It is not that I have opened my eyes to the sense of responsibility as a new god.

There is a famous saying that with great power comes great responsibility, but I disagree.

Abandoning the notions of good and evil and morality, I became a god by making my divinity the highest value of my values.

A believer was just the main source of income that provided me with faith.

And in order to win, I have to know how to give up my precious resources.


But I couldn’t just abandon it.

I didn’t want to spill it as a stepping stone for victory or as a means.


I could understand why Earth repeats only apologies.

I was feeling the same way.

The outcome of victory was more important than anything else.

But what the results looked like was also important to me.

“I can handle it.”

I can handle it.

Great power makes it possible to take on great responsibilities.

[Is that so.]

Seregia replied quietly.

The God of Hope shut his mouth.

I felt a wriggling movement in the barrier where the God of Hope was locked up.

Are you thinking of escaping now?

“Old man, grandmother.”

[I was waiting.]

[Have I not told you, King. Someday that indecisiveness will be poison.]

Unlike the grandmother, who responded calmly to her call, the old man spoke out.

It was a firm and stern voice that seemed like a sentence.

As usual.

[But that’s our king.]

[I’m ready. Call it.]

I heard two answers.



“Send the kids down this way.”

There should be no accidents during the summoning process, but I sent Yong-yong to be sure.

Even if the divine spirit intervenes during the summoning, Yong-yong will perform the summon stably.

“When the summons are over, protect the planet.”


Yong-yong asked how, not whether to do it or not.

“Minimize human damage as much as possible.”

Yong-yong was silent for a moment.

I didn’t talk about the treatment of my enemies.

The only thing I asked Yong-yong to do was control the situation.

[Then it will be more damaging, Dad.]

I guess so.

Those mortals who are being summoned to Earth indefinitely will inflict more than a certain amount of damage on the earthlings.

If I wanted effective defense, it was much better to just destroy them.

Even right now, with effort, I can turn tens or millions of mortals into a handful of dust.

The Pantheon chose this method in the first place because they hope that my power will be exhausted in that way.

But I couldn’t see them as enemies.

There was a feeling of desperation.

Aueo Island.

It is still an unforgettable place name.

An island in heaven where people who wish for peace and harmony came and became one with each other while drinking the emotion sharing facilitator called Paramal.

The ending I encountered there was terrible.

The images of those who were mobilized in unwanted battles by someone’s control and were dying in despair, suffering and dying still remain clearly in my memory.

Those mortals pouring out onto the earth were hardly seen as enemies.

They weren’t the enemy.

There will be nothing I gain by killing them.

My divinity didn’t respond to opposing them.

They weren’t the targets of confrontation, they were just victims who were being sacrificed by others.

“Hochi, you too, help Yong-yong.”

I asked Hochi.

He is a younger brother who is lacking in many ways, but unless he faces divinity, there will be no limit to his ability.

There could be no shortage in protecting and evacuating the people.

“I should. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Hochi replied coolly.

“I won’t be able to withstand it for a long time.”

“I suppose so.”

Apart from the question of how good Hochi and Yong-yong are.

Their strength is limited.

No matter how transcendent it is, there will come a time when their power will be exhausted.

“I’ll come back before that.”

[Crazy guy.]

The God of Hope cursed.

Rather than being offended, it was fun.

A pillar of light was coming down from the sky.

It wasn’t just one.

A total of five hundred pillars of light.

It was exactly the same as the number of believers on the 61st floor.

The light that disturbed the eyes disappeared, and the appearances of the giants hiding in the pillars of light were revealed.

Lava and ice giants.

They were enemies who blocked the challengers on the 61st floor of the Hell difficulty Tutorial.

The challengers of the Hell difficulty, who have already passed the threshold of a superhuman, are powerful beings who can barely be dealt with using parties of at least 50 people, and even then they had to sacrifice themselves to weaken them.

They are desperate because they have died once a long time ago, and have become an accessory to the tutorials since then, endlessly dying and reviving.

They are the ones who choose to abandon the gods and trade with me in order to escape from that self-loathing.

Each one was cursing their fate, bound by the gods.

They were ready to do anything for liberation and freedom.

Their leader, the old man and grandmother, gave me the status of ‘king’.

They devoted themselves to further my growth.

They pushed and devoted themselves according to my reckless plan.

I also paid them for their choice.

The giants used their power as soon as they were summoned.

Likewise, huge wings of light sprouted from the backs of giants.

Talaria’s Wings.

The power that the God of Adventure gave me.

There were various powers, but the most powerful of them was to give all allies a powerful combat power amplification effect proportional to their ability.

Even if only one person owned it, it was a power that gave all of their colleagues immense power.

Hundreds of people use it at the same time, and when the effect is applied and stacks, it literally becomes a cheat of a power.

I interpreted Talaria’s wing and duplicated it in my own way.

And I shared it with all the giants.

In addition to the Talaria’s wings, I gave away numerous powers that I made.

And unlike Hochi, the giants used all of their powers to the limit of their potential.

As the giants stood side by side with the building, appearing one by one, the downtown of Seoul seen from the temple seemed more cluttered.

There was no fuss.

The earthlings who were hiding in the building to watch the situation, and those summoned by the gods of the Pantheon all stopped moving and watched the giants.

Keeping silent and barely breathing.

It was a force that could paralyze all reason and judgment of the mortals it encountered.

No, it won’t be just mortals.

[What is this…….]

The voice of the God of Hope seemed embarrassed.

The gods of the Pantheon who will be watching Earth will feel so too.

I was confident early on.

I’m going to get the Tutorial from the Hundred Gods.

In the process, I would endure any conflict with the gods.

And I will not hide myself.

It wasn’t arrogance.

I was sure.

That we will finally be able to win.

And that was the basis of confidence in that victory.

Those giants were my most powerful force and my colleagues.

They were my priests who would prove my will and spread the doctrine of divinity to the world.

[Please say a word.]

The old man said.

I tried to refute what he was saying, but I decided to just say a word.

Unlike for me, it will be a moment that really means a lot to them.

“I had promised that I would make you real. I will make you, the ones who are already dead and gone, appear in order to destroy the will of the gods that trapped you into that eternal world. I will make you into what you want.”

The start wasn’t much.

There was no other answer, so it was a promise.

For the giants, and for me.

But in the end, it came to this point.

“It’s time for us to prove that my words weren’t just nonsense.”

[This is a great speech, which is nothing like the usual king.]

[Do it as usual. The kids are getting confused.]

The old man and grandmother said.

“… It’s time to smash the heads of the gods.”

Only then did the giants begin to scream and burn their fighting spirit.

… Damn them.

It is obviously disadvantageous to attack and fight in the sanctuary of another god.

But it’s not without any advantages.

All the gods will try to be in their own sanctuary.

There is only one god living in each holy land.

You just need to break each of them one by one.

It was a time attack.

The question is whether or not a decision can be made before Earth is captured and the holy lands on the 60th and 61st floors are invaded.

There was a chance of winning.

I don’t know exactly how many gods of the Pantheon participated this time.

This was the united deity of over five hundred.

“We only need to destroy roughly 10 gods’ heads per person. Anyone who dies before destroying 10 will be damned by me.”

It was ridiculous, but the giants chuckled.

These guys like this.

“Come on, let’s break the heads of the gods.”

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