The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Master Shen is Feng Tianlan!

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Elder Chen heaved a sigh of relief once he heard Feng Tianlan’s consent. He took out a small parcel wrapped in beast skin from the Bronze Ring, and passed it to her, saying, “Please, take a look, Master.”

Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow at Elder Chen’s new way of addressing her. She took the parcel. The skin was sturdy and durable, stripped from a Stage 1 Demonic Beast. From the looks of it, the Shangs were still quite capable, after all. Feng Tianlan opened the parcel and found the hide of a Stage 2 Beast inside. Unrolling the hide revealed a map depicting a massive stretch of a mountain range.

“The Misty Forest?” Feng Tianlan said, raising her eyebrows.

The Misty Forest was a vast woodland roamed by the highest concentration of demonic beasts on the Guiyuan Continent. The forest was shared by South Winds Nation, Beiqi Nation, and many other small countries surrounding them. Precisely because the Misty Forest was shared between them, the South Winds Nation and the Beiqi Nation had managed to avoid war. They’d divided the Guiyuan Continent into two, ultimately forming the continent’s two greatest nations.

“That person simply knows that there is a crystal mine in the Lieken Mountains. However, he never found out that it was just a small crystal mine. The large crystal mine is in the Misty Forest. The location has been marked out in detail on the map. You might want to take a closer look, Master Shen,” explained Elder Chen.

The traitor who’d caused the massacre of the entire Shang family had, in fact, never gotten his hands on the small crystal mine. Otherwise, he would never have stopped there. The Ruyi Tradehouse and the Young Master would have been rooted out sooner or later.

Feng Tianlan took a closer look at the map. Surprisingly, the main crystal mine was located smack in the middle of the Misty Forest, which was also the most dangerous belt. However, it stated clearly that, not only was this mine a tremendous source of Spiritual Crystals, it also produced a staggering amount of thousand-year-old medicinal herbs.

Feng Tianlan thought: The location’s great. Even if it’s dangerous, I will enjoy this situation quite a lot.

“Is this the title deed for Shunping Town?”

Feng Tianlan arched her eyebrow as she scanned the title deed. The palm print of the Shang family’s Clan Head was on it. By turning the deed over to her, were they implying that the town was now her turf? Based on the map, Shunping Town was situated in a prime location. Not only was it easy to defend, but it also included a small bit of the Demonic Beasts Forest. There, ingredients and herbs required to refine pills were easily found.

“Galaxy Whip?” The last item was a book. Feng Tianlan skimmed through a few pages out of curiosity. The smooth, fluid whip technique was simple but cutting. The book was a high-level skills manual, and she was pleased with it. Since Yunzhu liked to use whips, this manual was perfect for her. She would use it well. High-level skills manuals were sought after even by Spiritual Masters. It should have been passed down from generation to generation within the Shang family.

“Young Master said that once Master Shen agrees to the plan, everything here, including their lives, is his. This is but a skills manual. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and stowed away both the map and the Galaxy Whip skills manual in the Storage Ring. She then assured Elder Shen, “Do pass along the message to Master Shang. I, Feng Tianlan, will not fail him. I will make the traitor pay with his blood within three years!”

That was the longest she’d calculated that she’d need!

Elder Chen’s eyes widened at Feng Tianlan’s words. First of all, he was shocked by her name; secondly, he was taken aback by the time limit Feng Tianlan had set. Within three years? That was unbelievable. Even in the Young Master’s wildest imagination, he had estimated ten years for his revenge.

“Young Master said that he will be satisfied so long as he gets his revenge before he dies. Therefore, there is no time limit. But Master Shen, why did you…” Why had he called himself ‘Feng Tianlan’?

Feng Tianlan knew exactly why Elder Chen was confused. She chuckled and took off her rabbit mask, revealing her real face with a scar running across it. “Now that you are one of us, there is no need to hide anything from you.”

To say that Elder Chen was shocked was an understatement. Elder Chen’s mouth was agape in great shock. “Shen…Miss Feng?”

He was not shocked by the gender change. So, the Master had become a Mistress. He was more shocked by the Alchemist who had refined those pills. The one who was rumored for over a decade to be Miss Good-for-nothing!

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