The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: I’m Back. You’ve Waited For So Long!

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Despite secretly chastising Si Mobai for his weird request, Feng Tianlan nevertheless switched the bottle from her right hand to her left and held it out to him. Si Mobai stared intently at her rough palm and frowned a little. He stretched out his left hand and grabbed her wrist. Feng Tianlan thought he was frivolous. How could he grab her hand directly when she only wanted to return his porcelain bottle? She tried to move but was pinned in place by overwhelming pressure. She glared at him and could not move.

Feng Tianlan felt something chilly slide along her left index finger then tighten at the base. It was like something had taken root on her hand. She looked down and saw a semi heart-shaped ring, like the one he was wearing on his right hand.


Feng Tianlan was stunned. Doesn’t he hate women? What’s the meaning of this? First, he grabbed her hand, then he gifted her a semi heart-shaped ring that formed a whole heart when put together?

“A token of marriage.”

“What?” blurted out an astonished Feng Tianlan.

Wasn’t her marriage token with the Emperor? Also, she was betrothed to Si Rong, the Third Prince. How could it be the Wargod? What’s more, this ring was different from the token of marriage she remembered.

“Si’s son and Feng’s daughter are destined to love for three lifetimes. I’m back. You’ve waited for so long!” Si Mobai caressed the ring with his slender fingers.


Feng Tianlan was speechless. His words were too bizarre to understand. In any case, he was still a stranger. The silver crystal was too mysterious and rare. It was something she dared not yearn for, let alone own. Feng Tianlan tried to slide the ring off, only to realize that it had merged with her index finger. There was no way to remove it. She remembered that when Si Mobai had first put it on, the ring had automatically shrunk to fit.

“Lord Wargod…”

“I’ll wait till you’re all grown-up.”

He cut her off before she could finish, and she was more bewildered than ever. When he turned to leave, the sleeve with a missing corner fluttered in the wind. Just like that, Si Mobai faded into the distance like an immortal slowly drifting away.


Feng Tianlan looked at the empty courtyard lit only by the dim moon. She looked down at the ring on her left finger and the porcelain bottle and thought about what Si Mobai had said. She was utterly baffled. Si Mobai’s bewildering behavior left Feng Tianlan full of doubt. However, he was long gone. Even if she wanted to clarify with him, she couldn’t. Also, didn’t he say that he was going to wait until she was all grown-up? She was already fifteen and had come of age. She was already a grown-up.

Coming of age…Feng Tianlan suddenly remembered that today was her birthday, and also the day of her coming of age ceremony!

Feng Tianlan sat by the bed, guarding Chuling. She raised her hand and looked at the ring on her left hand. She tried to understand what was going on in Si Mobai’s head, from when they’d met in the battle ring up until the moment he left. No matter how much she racked her brain, she could not make sense of his actions. She gave up and decided to ask him in the future when she had a chance.

With her legs crossed in meditation, she allowed her consciousness to sink into her Cinnabar field. She could see elements of all kinds running around chaotic and jumbled up, blocking veins and muddying her Cinnabar field, which was supposed to be jade-like. An unparalleled genius in cultivation reduced to a good-for-nothing, simply because she had no one to guide her. It was a great pity and a colossal waste of talent.

Feng Tianlan used her cultivation training from her previous life and dispelled all elements, except fire. Her body felt lighter at once, so she wasted no time leveling up her cultivation. Two hours later, she had shooed away all the fire element strands in her body into her Cinnabar field. Soon, the Cinnabar field, which was once black as stone, began to glow a fiery red, like a bright ruby filled with power.

She had been promoted to a First-stage Spiritualist from a Level 6 Gathering Spirit!

Before Feng Tianlan could open her eyes, from the depths of her Cinnabar field, she heard someone call out, “Master!”

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