The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Wargod, What Do You Want?

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Feng Xiuyu gave Feng Tianlan a hateful glare. She would never consider their conflict resolved. Since Feng Xiuyu had destroyed her face, she would see that Feng Tianlan paid back a hundred-fold!

With Feng Xiuyu in his arms, Si Rong left in the horse carriage.

“Big brother Rong, are we going to leave just like that?” Feng Xiuyu’s face was burning with pain, and she struggled to speak. This is all Feng Tianlan’s fault.

Si Rong glanced back at the Fragrance Restaurant, then lowered the curtain. When he saw the blisters on Feng Xiuyu’s face, he frowned in disgust and swore to get his hands on the Beautifying Pill. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to kiss her horrible face, even if she was a gifted prodigy.

“Big Brother Rong, do you despise me now?” When Feng Xiuyu saw the disgust in Si Rong’s eyes, her heart and voice turned cold. But Si Rong held her in his arms and said, “No, it’s just that my heart is aching. I will use everything in my power to get that Beautifying Pill for you.”

“Well, but Feng Tianlan…” Feng Xiuyu hated Feng Tianlan to her core.

“Don’t worry, she drank the Aphrodisiac Powder, and it will soon take effect. It’s to our advantage to leave now so as not to raise any suspicion.” Si Rong smiled sinisterly, believing that when they arrived at the palace, they would soon be hearing news of Feng Tianlan begging in public to be pleasured.

Feng Xiuyu snarled and hoped that Feng Tianlan would not die an early death. Feng Tianlan had destroyed her face, so how could Feng Xiuyu exorcise her hatred if Feng Tianlan enjoyed the sweet release of death? To appease her rage, she wanted Feng Tianlan to live in shame and agony and suffer a fate worse than death!

Although there were still onlookers who wanted to watch the drama after Si Rong and Feng Xiuyu left, the oppressive demon-like atmosphere that Si Mobai was giving off sucked what remained of the people’s courage to stay put. One after another quickly left until only four remained in the big hall. Even those who were watching outside fled like they’d seen a ghost.

Luo Yunzhu and Chuling wanted to leave but remembered that they had left Feng Tianlan to sit alone with Si Mobai, despite promising to be loyal. No matter what, they should be brave for her now.

“Thank you, Wargod, ” they said. “We appreciate your helping us out today.”

Feng Tianlan waited for a while but received no response from Si Mobai. She tried to stand up only to be pinned back to the seat by Si Mobai’s gaze. The invisible pressure made her legs give way. She sat back down.

Seeing that she was back in her chair, Si Mobai looked away and took a small sip of wine. Feng Tianlan was a little confused. Was her show of gratitude too insincere?


Feng Tianlan didn’t know how else to thank him. Should she say that she’d pay him a visit another day to thank him properly? Few women had ever been to his house, so that couldn’t be it. What on earth does he want from me?

“Erm…I’ll go first.”

After sitting for a while, even Feng Tianlan became uneasy from the awkwardness. She stood up, no matter how cold his eyes were. As she left with Luo Yunzhu and Chuling, she could feel his cold, knife-like glance following her back.

Once they were out of the Fragrance Restaurant, Luo Yunzhu tapped on her chest and took deep breaths, saying, “Tianlan, how did you manage to stand up to the Wargod’s terrifying aura? It was so scary. We’re almost a mile away now, yet I’m still too scared to breathe.”

“It was quite alright, actually,” Feng Tianlan replied. When she’d been sitting across from him, she had not felt that intense, overwhelming pressure. On the contrary, she was quite comfortable with him, if awkward.

“How can it be ‘alright’? It’s frightening. We’re talking about the god-like Wargod. Some call him a deity while others swear that he’s a demon. Anyway…” Luo Yunzhu trailed off, feeling as if someone had hacked her back into pieces.

She stopped curtly and said, “Tianlan, I’ll see you another day.”

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