The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: So Long as You’re Happy, Second Brother

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Honestly, Si Rong was freaked out by his Second Brother. He was too scary. Si Rong still remembered what had happened three years ago, when the title of Wargod had been conferred on his Second Brother. He’d gifted twenty beauties to the Wargod Manor only to receive twenty beautiful severed heads the next day. That incident had scarred him so much that he’d fallen gravely ill. Ever since, he’d ceased trying to court the favor of his eccentric and immovable Second Brother.

“I was just passing by.” Si Mobai arched his eyebrow slightly and glanced dismissively at Si Rong. “I’m unwelcome?”

“Of course not! You’re very welcome. Very much so.”

Si Rong would never believe his excuse of “passing by.” But since Si Mobai had invited him to the banquet, he must be trying to improve their relationship, so Si Rong was more than happy to welcome him. Si Rong glanced at Si Mobai and noticed that the hall was crowded.

“Second Brother, why don’t we move to a room upstairs? It’ll be quieter,” he suggested.

“No need,” Si Mobai replied. Then, he walked straight to a table near the window and sat down.

Si Rong looked to where Si Mobai had taken a seat, directly opposite him, so he could clearly see what was happening at that table. Si Rong had intentionally left the seat where his Second Brother was now sitting open for Loudmouth Qi, South Peace City’s greatest gossiper. He had invited Loudmouth Qi so that he could later publicize Feng Tianlan’s buffoonery. Through that nasty mouth of his, Loudmouth Qi would be sure to twist the story into something more disreputable than anyone could imagine. But now that Second Brother had come, Si Rong had to clear the two tables around him to give him space. Otherwise, after showing his face for a few seconds, Second Brother would surely leave.

“It’s nothing.”

“So long as you’re happy, Second Brother,” Si Rong answered, tugging at the corners of his mouth to make something that resembled a smile.

He turned around and arranged for the two nearby tables to seat men only. There could never be any women, not even a female being. The Wargod might be a young man of twenty, but he had essential troops on his hands. Si Rong needed to lure him to his side in the battle for the throne.

With Si Mobai holding fort, the chatter quieted considerably. No one dared to run their mouths loudly. Si Mobai sat alone at a table all by himself. The figure clad in white was as unmoving as an ice mountain, chilling to the core. His presence alone took the drama’s fever down a peg.

“Why has the Wargod come?” asked Feng Xiuyu, stealing a glance at Si Mobai. His beautiful profile sent her heart thumping, but that all-engulfing horrifying demon aura of his made her look away quickly. Such a strange aura!

“It’s good that he came,” Si Mobai said.

Second Brother never attended banquets voluntarily. His presence today meant that he had decided to take Si Mobai’s side. Feng Xiuyu, however, was a little worried.

“Could it be that the Wargod is here to back Feng Tianlan? After all, what happened this afternoon…” she began.

“You’re overthinking things. Second Brother definitely hates women. How could he possibly have come here in support of Feng Tianlan? They don’t even know each other. As for this afternoon, I reckon that he did it to preserve the Imperial Family’s dignity. No matter what, I’m still Feng Tianlan’s fiancée on paper. Killing one’s betrothed would utterly disgrace the Imperial Family.”

It was only after everything was over that Si Rong realized how stupid it had been to sneakily attack Feng Tianlan in the battle ring. He’d been courting his death, and it was a relief that Second Brother had stopped him. Framing the incident that way convinced Si Rong even more that the Wargod was on his side. If the Wargod supported him, only then would Si Rong consider doing as much for his Second Brother in return.

Feng Xiuyu tossed a quick side look at Si Mobai. He emitted a demon’s devilish aura. On the one hand, she was a little worried that he might be here to back up Feng Tianlan. On the other hand, she believed that the Third Prince had a point. The Wargod hates women and is rumored to be gay. Why would he come to help Feng Tianlan?

As they were talking, someone outside shouted, “Feng Tianlan’s here!”

“Didn’t say she was too busy to come? I thought I’d see Feng Tianlan grow some backbone.”

“She’s loved the Third Prince all these years. How could she stand him up? It was the Third Prince who invited her. As for the battle ring, that was nothing but a ploy. She’s playing hard to get!”

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