The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1285 - Is The State Preceptor Helping Me

Chapter 1285: Is The State Preceptor Helping Me

Feng Tianlan recalled the time when Mobai painted, her breathing became a little fast, she raised her head and looked at the State Preceptor. “How did you get this painting?”

This was exactly the same as Mobai’s painting, but the difference was that it came from a different painter.

“I painted it.” The State Preceptor looked at Feng Tianlan who was a little anxious, he rolled up the painting. “Miss Feng, since you’re interested, I’ll give it to you.”

“No need.” Feng Tianlan looked at the painting and frowned deeply. “This should have happened before, Mobai also painted it.” and it was almost exactly the same, except for the way the painting was done, it could be seen that it was done by two people.

“Oh?” The State Preceptor lifted his eyebrow with interest, but soon he didn’t feel anything, after all, Si Mobai was Wu Ya. His memories would return bit by bit, his spiritual force would be restored, and he would stand on top of the peak.

Feng Tianlan’s aura was a little unstable, but the State Preceptor didn’t seem surprised. “State Preceptor seems to know a lot.” But he didn’t wish to tell her, this kind of person deserved a good beating!

“Whatever I can say, I would naturally tell you, but for those that I say, even if Miss Feng insists on knowing, there’s nothing I can do.”

Feng Tianlan was still holding onto the map he gave her, and her fingers rubbed on it. “State Preceptor seems to have done a lot of things?”

“It’s my duty as the State Preceptor.” The State Preceptor acted dumb.

Feng Tianlan’s fingers tapped on the table, and she looked up at the State Preceptor coldly. “The Xuantian Alliance belongs to the State Preceptor, right?”

“Uh-huh?” State Preceptor narrowed his eyes slightly, but his heart, which had been calm all this time, had skipped a beat because of her words.

“It’s nothing.” Feng Tianlan looked at the State Preceptor’s reaction and didn’t intend to dwell on the topic any further, however, thinking about what the State Preceptor had done, it seemed like he was helping her, but it didn’t seem like it either.

Sometimes good and at times evil, and it seemed like he didn’t bother about anyone’s life and death.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at the State Preceptor for a long time, he was handsome and had the air of a celestial being, he was like a god, however, she could not understand his behavior.

The State Preceptor let her look at him and did not panic at all.

“I still don’t know the State Preceptor’s name.”

“Name?” The State Preceptor was stunned and he thought carefully, “I no longer remembered my own name.”

He had been in this world for too long. others called him the State Preceptor, he called himself ‘I, me or myself’, no one called him by his name, so he really didn’t remember his own name.

Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows, seeing that the State Preceptor didn’t look like he was lying, she felt a little strange, how could a person not remember his own name?

“In that case, I will not disturb you any longer.” Feng Tianlan stood up, as it was getting dark outside, and she had more or less learned something from the State Preceptor.

“Wu ya, Su Jingfeng, and even Yun Yi are all from the Wushang Continent, you can go there and look for them.” The state preceptor also stood up, he didn’t know what went wrong with his brain today, he sent Feng Tianlan to the door,” Miss Feng, if you have any difficulties that you cannot resolve, you can look for me at any time.”

Feng Tianlan thought that he was being polite and did not take it to heart, she casually agreed, “If that day comes, I will definitely look for the State Preceptor.”

After stepping out of the door, Feng Tianlan turned to look at the State Preceptor. “Is the State Preceptor helping me?”

Although he had helped Shen Yunya before, from what she saw, it seemed that he had helped her a lot more, and she had always been suspicious of him.

“Miss Feng, please do not have such thoughts, in the end, it’s Miss Feng who would be at a disadvantage.” He would not help someone all the time, it all depended on his mood.

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