The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 46 - Pill Sword Path

Chapter Forty Six Pill Sword Path

Watching as Li Daoji’s long sword cut the silver flying sword, a hint of viciousness flashed across the crimson robed man’s face. The fingers on his left hand moved, and the tail of the vibrating silver flying sword intensified in its shaking.

With multiple pops, the air being shaken by the vibrating sword exploded.

The silver flying sword seemed to almost break as it suddenly cut down at an incomprehensible speed to slice at Li Daoji’s neck.

Li Daoji made a muffled grunt. A rushed wave of power collided between his hand and the sword hilt.

The sword hilt in his hand shone with red light.

The black sword straightened in an instant.

In the next moment, this sword, almost as long as he was tall, curved strangely under the influence of the force.

The black sword gave off an enchanting flame, and curved into a black crescent.

A part of the curved blade accurately blocked the small silver sword that was cutting down. The two swords collided viciously, without the sound of metallic clanging, but like two floods which crashed, and caused air to explode in bursts.

The crimson robed man’s face turned colder. He shouted. His fingers spread as he managed to control the silver flying sword that had bounced back dozens of feet. At the same time, his back shook. The unusually thick and wide copper blade vibrated out of its scabbard and landed in front of him.

His right hand reached in front of him and grabbed towards the hilt of the sword. But before this, a blood red pill flew out of the sleeve of his right arm and landed in his mouth.


This bean sized red pill gave off a terrifying bang in his throat, turning into a flow of energy that flooded him.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Li Daoji’s long sword was still a crescent. The blade had not yet bounced back.

But the crimson robed man was already moving forward.

The ground in front of him silently caved downwards.

It was silent because sound didn’t even have the time to spread.

The copper sword was sent into the air by the wild wind in front of him as he moved. The thick blade slid along the palm of his right hand and went forward.

In the small space where the copper sword touched his right palm, large amounts of vital energy flooded from his palm into the blade.

The copper sword lit up.

A straight seal line seemed to be ignited by his palm. It stretched from the tip of the sword to the hilt.

The hand of the crimson-robed man finally gripped the sword hilt.

Boom. At this time, the explosion caused by his step finally reached the ears of the distant bystanders.

A wave of flame lit up on his wide sword.

This flame was blue like the fires of the pill cauldrons.

The crimson robed man’s face was bloody red above the blue flame like thick rouge coming out of his skin.

The air in front of him was forcibly pushed aside by the flaming sword in his hand and his body, creating two wild gusts of wind that went to both sides of him.

He reached Li Daoji in a step, the giant sword in his hand smashing down like a giant metal stick rather than a sword. The blue flame expanded again, and formed a blue cauldron!

Li Daoji’s narrow eyes turned into a line under the light of the blue flame.

He knew he could not retreat.

If he retreated, the giant sword coming at him would advance again, and the blue flames would grow stronger.

His left hand, which had been motionless by his side, also landed on his red sword hilt. The black blade gave off balls of white primal energies of the universe like an enormous white goat horn burrowing out of his blade.

Without any finesse, the longsword in his hand collided heavily with the incoming giant sword.

The crimson robed man gave a muffled grunt.

He fell back, and in this moment, the medicinal power that had dissipated into his body gave him powerful support. His body stayed back where it was, and the sword in hand continued to advance.

The wind rose on the battlefield again.

The carriage next to Li Daoji tilted to the side in the wild wind, one wheel in the air and the other giving off dissonant creaks.


Li Daoji’s body suddenly flew back dozens of feet as though he was hit by several chariots. He smashed onto a locust tree.

His face turned as pale as snow, but his lips were as red as blood.

Blood splashed out of his back. The bark on the tree he had hit exploded. The yellowed leaves immediately fell off the crown of the tree.

The dancing yellow leaves surrounded the swordsman with his bloodied back.

This poignant scene made people think of death.

The crimson robed man felt a thread of uncomfortable heat. He knew this was a side effect of the pill medicine.

When he saw a scene like this, he still felt great happiness. Yet in the next moment, his breathing paused.

He felt a presence of death come at him from above.

Where there were only dancing yellow leaves.


His pupils contracted. In this moment, he saw a small yellow sword behind the dancing yellow leaves.

This small sword was just the length of two yellow leaves. It spun with the yellow leaves as though it was weightless

The crimson robed man felt great terror. His left hand trembled. He used mental power to get the small silver sword floating at his side flew upwards to the falling yellow sword.

Clink clink clink …

Numerous sounds of collisions occurred above his head.

All the yellow leaves were torn apart by the sword energy but this crimson robe man’s face grew paler. He found he could not keep up with the speed of the yellow sword.

Li Daoji raised his head silently.

His back and the shattered trunk of the tree separated, creating threads of blood.

Before the threads broke in the air, he was already in front of the crimson robed man.

The long sword in his hand cut towards the crimson robed man, the black blade twisting in the air, trembling, and turning into dozens of various sized black circles in everyone’s view.

Dozens of black circles of light bloomed in front of the crimson robed man.

The crimson robed man’s face turned pale, the giant sword in his hand freezing.

There was no longer any meaning.

He could not feel when and where the true sword hidden in these dozens of circles would land. In this momentary distraction, his silver sword lost the tracks of the leaf-like little sword.

“Pew” …

A soft sound. Numerous wounds appeared on the crimson robed man at the same time, creating sprays of blood.

With a muffled bang, the giant sword in the crimson robed man’s hand fell hard to the ground.

He sat powerlessly on the ground.

That silver sword drew out a line of silver and ended up in a courtyard in Fish Market.

“How is this possible …”

The crimson robed man looked unusually desolate. His hair was soaked in blood, his face beaded with blood. he felt unusually cold due to the loss of blood and uncontrollably trembled.

He looked in shock and bewilderment at Li Daoji who was silently treating the wound on his back. His white lips moved slightly. “How can you defeat me?”

Li Daoji struggled to pull out the wooden splinters embedded in his back as he used a foot to pick up the remnant sword which had fallen under the locust tree.

He did not look at the crimson robed man. He ignored the blood coming out of his mouth and slowly turned to walk towards the carriage.


The red robed man shouted, his emotions out of control, “Your flying sword and swordsmanship are both above mine, why didn’t you dare to come out of White Goat Cave before this? Why do you not just kill me?”

Hearing the man’s shout, Li Daoji slowly turned around.

He said coldly in a voice only the two of them could hear, “I did not leave White Goat Cave, not because I fear you, but I have nothing to prove. I do not kill you because not many of us Han people are still alive. Yu Daoan, my former senior sect brother, you can be considered my only family in the world.”

Li Daoji’s figure disappeared into the carriage.

The carriage slowly left, the axel giving off strange sounds.

The crimson robed man sat dazedly, even forgetting to stop himself from bleeding.

When the battle ended, countless exclamations and inhales sounded in the silent alleys and streets.

“Who is he!”

“What swordsmanship is that!”

The battle between the man called Yu Daoan and Li Daoji was brief. In the eyes of ordinary people, this was not as exciting and dangerous as the battle between other realm five cultivators.

In the battles they saw with flying swords, those flying swords would be powerful and strange, falling like rain from the sky, flying close to the ground and creating waves of earth, hiding in the mist, and even silently flying out of the ground or passing through walls.

In those battles, the flying swords from both sides would collide multiple times in the air, creating sprays of sparks around the two cultivators.

However, the people around Fish Market were not ordinary people. So in their eyes, Li Daoji and Yu Daoan’s brief battle was even more dangerous and breathtaking.

Yu Daoan’s starting flying sword blow had a simple and decisive nature where you knew what would come but could not block. This attack would only come from cultivators who fought in armies before. In melee battle, they had to quickly and simply take care of opponents that were threats. Otherwise, if they were bogged down, they could be killed by the swordsmen around them that usually were not a threat.

In the next moment, Yu Daoan had swallowed a pill medicine to stimulate potential. This kind of pill sword path where pills and swords were used together in battle was a frequent tactic of cultivators of the now destroyed Han Dynasty.

As the Han Dynasty died, this kind of pills were rarer in the present, and the cultivators who could use the pill sword path with such familiarity were even rarer.

Rarity meant harder to defeat.

Yet an expert like this could not defeat the swordsman who had left on the carriage.

That swordsman seemed to be almost unknown in Changling.

At least, many of the knowledgeable people in Fish Market did not recognize Li Daoji.

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