The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Color Hypersensitivity

“What the f*ck! What kind of lousy doctor is this?!”

“I swear I’ll kill him if he dared to speak to me in that way.”

“Is this the medical standard of Sea City General Hospital?”

The voices in the crowd started to become louder and the raging fire was about to get out of control.

Little Zhao winked at Zheng Ren repeatedly to warn him about the imminent danger but went completely unnoticed.

“Why are you guys shouting? Are you doctors? If you’re so smart, then you might as well treat the patients yourself!” Little Zhao, who believed in loyalty, stood up for Zheng Ren in the end.

“Did you buy this shirt today or just planned on wearing it today?” asked Zheng Ren while ignoring the exasperated crowd.

“…” The girl was stupefied.

In what way was her shirt related to her boyfriend’s condition?

Even so, she nodded in response honestly. “Today is the first anniversary of our first meeting. I bought this shirt a few days ago but today is the first time I put it on. We initially planned to have lunch together but I didn’t expect…”

Tears started welling up in her eyes again.

“Don’t cry,” Zheng Ren raised his eyebrows and proclaimed. “Your boyfriend suffers from a rare condition called color hypersensitivity. This shirt was the cause of his allergic reaction.”


Not just the girl, but the crowd was flabbergasted as well.

Color hypersensitivity? What in the world was that?

“To put it simply, it’s fine if your boyfriend takes a short glance at this uncommon red color, but if he keeps staring at it, a stress response will occur in his body, hence the allergic reaction,” Zheng Ren’s confident voice soothed their minds.

His diagnosis was clear and the treatment was also simple.

“Take off your sweater and be careful later. We’ll transfer the patient to the observation unit after this. He has to fast for twelve hours to prevent any sort of irritating food from causing another allergic reaction,” Zheng Ren advised.

The girl nodded vigorously and took off her sweater without the slightest hesitation.

She wanted to fold her sweater and put it away, but was unable to do so as she only carried a small handbag with inadequate space.

Gritting her teeth, she threw the newly purchased sweater into the rubbish bin.

“Don’t!” Zheng Ren understood the mindset of the poor and stopped her immediately. “I’ll keep it for you. Keep all your valuables with you and you can take it from me when the patient is discharged. It’s a pity to throw new clothes away.”

Little Zhao and the crowd was dumbstruck. Was this the diagnosis?

A patient on the verge of death had been treated just like that?

“Chief Zheng, the patient’s heart rate has returned to normal and oxygen saturation is at 100 percent. Can I transfer him to the observation unit?” asked a nurse.

“Sure, go ahead. He’s fine now.”

The crowd started buzzing with excitement and the scene became chaotic again as the patient was wheeled out from the resuscitation room to the observation unit.

“Has he really recovered? Was his condition really serious just now?”

“Very serious. I saw him with my own eyes when the ambulance came. His face was purple, his hands seemed to be purple too, and he was frothing at the mouth. It was a scary sight!”

“Stop talking nonsense. Would his girlfriend cry her eyes out if his condition wasn’t serious?”

Little Zhao, who had regained his composure quickly, stared at his cell phone with dozens of comments flooding the live broadcast room. Obviously, this livestream had gained a good amount of popularity.

“Brothers, send me gifts for witnessing the awesome work of the divine doctor!” He had not forgotten to get his cut despite the hectic moment.

As the whole process had been completely unexpected, the viewers in his live broadcast room were extremely enthusiastic and started bombarding the online streamer with various stream rewards—free fishballs, airplanes, and even rockets.

[Broadcaster, what did he do just now? Can you explain it again because I didn’t see it.]

[Broadcaster, can you send me your coordinates? I’ll visit that hospital whenever I get sick. He is indeed a divine doctor.]

[I’ve sent you a rocket. Please send positive energy to the divine doctor!]

Little Zhao felt like a dog with two tails as he stared at the comments in the live broadcast room. How long had it been since his livestream had gotten this popular? There were so many rewards. Perhaps the emergency department was a better place for a livestream after all because it was livelier… No! It was due to Brother Zheng’s superb medical skills. None of the viewers would be willing to send him rewards if he put a dead patient on his livestream.

Zheng Ren pushed the crowd aside and brought the patient to the observation unit on a stretcher trolley.

He passed Old Chief Physician Old on the way. Chief Physician Pan, who had not expected him to return so soon, walked over with his head up and a quick pace, unsure what he was up to.

“He’ll be put under ECG monitoring for two hours. Everything should be fine once it stabilizes completely.” Zheng Ren then advised, “Don’t forget what I told you just now.”

“Okay.” The girl nodded in response.

“Doctor, thank you.” The boy wanted to take Zheng Ren’s hand and express his gratitude, but Zheng Ren was already at the doorstep. Left with no choice, he uttered his gratitude with difficulty.

“No worries,” replied Zheng Ren as he walked out of the observation unit, and smiled upon seeing Little Zhao chatting with an onlooker with his cell phone up. Then, he walked toward Old Chief Physician Pan’s office, knocked on the door and entered the room.

Old Chief Physician Pan was shocked upon noticing Zheng Ren. “Why did you come back so soon? Go home quickly and get a good rest.”

“I’m still young. I can bear it.” Zheng Ren smiled. “I can’t relax yet until I’ve seen the postoperative patients myself.”

Old Chief Physician Pan understood Zheng Ren’s mindset as that was exactly what every surgeon would feel. They would have trouble sleeping if they did not examine their patients after surgery.

If the patient had a serious surgical condition, insomnia would be inevitable.

“Let’s go for a ward round,” said Old Chief Physician Pan.

That was precisely what Zheng Ren was waiting for.

He was a chief resident in the emergency department. If he went to the first general surgery department for a ward round without Old Chief Physician Pan’s company, he would have definitely drowned in their saliva.

However, anyone who dared to criticize him while he was accompanied by Old Chief Physician Pan would feel the old man’s wrath. That was beyond question.

They both valued efficiency, so they left the emergency department and darted toward the first general surgery department.

Old Chief Physician Pan explained the staff allocation progress to Zheng Ren along the way.

The hospital management was very supportive especially after witnessing Zheng Ren’s outstanding surgical performance today.

However, one more week was required to allocate the nurses and equipment, and the hospital management had planned to place house officers under standardized training to fill up the vacancies in the emergency department.

Old Chief Physician Pan could not possibly trouble hospital management any further because It was known to all that there were not enough doctors in the hospital.

At least the plan was beginning to take shape which pleased Zheng Ren a lot.

Soon, they arrived at the first general surgery department, which was overcrowded with patients and had had beds added up to the end of the corridor. They could not even see where it ended at first glance.

Even Zheng Ren was a little surprised. Were all of these his postoperative patients?

Old Chief Physician Pan aggressively summoned the doctors in the first general surgery department and started the ward round.

There was no leader in the first general surgery department as Chief Surgeon Liu had been hospitalized in the CCU for treatment of his myocardial infarction. Thus, even if they wanted to disobey the culprit’s command, they simply lacked the courage to do so.

Every time the group arrived at a patient’s bed, the doctor in charge of that bed would quickly explain the patient’s condition.

There were too many patients and normally, Zheng Ren had to spend some time trying to recall the identity of each one and the reason for their surgery.

However, Zheng Ren was able to remember every single one of them—their identity and surgical condition—clearly as if they had been seared into his brain. There was no need for the doctors to introduce the patients at all. He was unsure this was due to the System

“The patient’s condition is stable with good recovery.”

The constant repetition of that phrase pleased every patient and their family members. The cacophony of smells in the corridor seemed to have become less pungent as everyone’s joy lightened up the atmosphere.

They walked to room number five. Then, a thin and withered figure appeared before Zheng Ren before they entered the room.

Thud! The figure collapsed.

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