The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: A Blessed Sorrow

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Peng Jia was the CEO of Xinglin Garden and his office was located on the thirty-eighth floor of a landmark building in Sorcery Capital.

He sat in a bright, spacious room, staring at the slowly flowing waters of Huangpu River, visibly dazed and confused.

He met a ghost today!

In order to establish a professional website, Xinglin Garden had a set of strict rules that included account registration with a medical practitioner’s license number and the prohibition of unregistered random visitors from browsing the site.

Extreme measures needed to be taken to ensure professionalism. That was Peng Jia’s character.

He had a goal and the executive ability to pull it off. After five years of hard work, Xinglin Garden had become the number one website in the country and its reputation was far greater than any other would-be runner-up.

No one would shake Xinglin Garden’s foundations for the next five years.

Everything had been going so well and he was riding high on the crest of his success until this morning, when Peng Jia received a report from a forum department manager stating that the server was restarted due to an overloaded server.

This simple issue was a problem?

Peng Jia responded perfunctorily instead of figuring out what sort of post could lead to a system breakdown, which was what he would have done several years ago. He had devoted all of his attention to the capital market and Xinglin Garden’s registration in said market was of utmost importance to him.

It was just a server reboot, not a big deal at all.

However, Peng Jia received a phone call right after the department manager had finished reporting.

The caller, the personal secretary of an elderly professor at Union Medical College Hospital, inquired about the reason for the live surgery broadcast room’s sudden breakdown.

There were only a handful of doctors who hired a personal secretary within the country.

Peng Jia dared not neglect this issue any more as this mogul was one of his benefactors. After repeated affirmations and apologies, he prepared himself to investigate the source and find out what sort of livestream had aroused the interest of that elderly man.

“Toot-toot-toot.” Another phone call came in before this one had even finished.

After seeing the caller ID, Peng Jia quickly apologized to the elderly man, promising to begin repairs as soon as possible and invest more resources into its maintenance.

He then hung up on the first caller and accepted another call from another elderly man.

The question was the same. It was about the live surgery broadcast room.

Startled and curious, Peng Jia began wondering what sort of live surgery broadcast could attract the attention of these moguls.

Fortunately, Peng Jia did not receive a third phone call. Otherwise, he would have considered this a supernatural event.

These elderly men had a high social status and were extremely difficult to meet or even call as their personal secretaries’ permission had to be acquired before he could even request an audience. He was the CEO of the top domestic website but merely a speck of dust underneath their fingernails. However, the fact that these men had called him for an inquiry today as if they had discussed this issue beforehand had been completely beyond his expectations.

It would have been fine if they were just making a simple inquiry, but the unpleasant tone in their voices had induced fear in Peng Jia.

He put his phone down and quickly asked about the situation while rushing to the server room to personally oversee the software debugging process.

A few speculations took form his mind on his way toward the server room. Moreover, his cell phone was ringing off the hook as every doctor with his number around the country also bombarded him with the same question.

Upon reaching the server room, he watched the recording of the surgery livestream in the backend server and understood everything instantly.

A demon had come to his own website to broadcast his surgery live.

That was great!

Peng Jia made a few calls immediately to purchase a new server and increase the maximum capacity in a live broadcast room to three thousand viewers.

Peng Jia always thought that servers cost a fortune, but this time, he did not even ask about the price but made only one request—the server had to be installed within one hour.

Anything was possible as long as the payment was satisfactory.

The manufacturer came through without hesitation and installed the new server within fifty-six minutes.

After debugging was completed and the website was operational, Peng Jia ordered every staff member to shut down posts on the website when necessary so that the live surgery broadcast room would remain operational at all times.

The live surgery broadcast room went back online after a breakdown of thirty hours and fifteen minutes.

That was a job well done. Peng Jia patted himself on the back for being decisive, as it was exactly the kind of ability required by the founder of this kind of medical website.

He picked up his cell phone elegantly and began to call back those two elderly men.

Whatever he had to do was not important. It was these men’s satisfaction after their wishes had been granted that mattered the most to him.

Hundreds of viewers swarmed into the live surgery broadcast room as soon as the server was rebooted, which made Peng Jia glad that he chose to take this matter seriously instead of performing a simple restoration just to save money.

He did not believe that a system breakdown would occur again with the new server installed.

As he reported the situation to one of the elderly men with a bright smile on his face, a helpless web engineer approached him and said, “President Peng…”

“Talk to me later,” replied Peng Jia impatiently, covering the mouthpiece on his phone.

“No…” The engineer added quickly. “The server is overloaded again.”

“…” Peng Jia fought the urge to curse.

He ended the phone call politely and went to the mainframe.

“Is it the live broadcast room again?”

The engineer replied with a husky voice, “The live broadcast room is still operational, but the system resources are critically low due to the sheer amount of account registrations.”

Peng Jia would normally be exhilarated if told that the number of account registrations had skyrocketed.

However, the website had just experienced a system breakdown. If another one occurred again in such a short period of time… a dark future awaited him.

“Why the hell are you not doing anything?! Quick, turn on the backup server!” Peng Jia howled in exasperation.

“It has been turned on.” The engineer was drenched in cold sweat as he stared at the mainframe display. “Ten seconds after the live broadcast room went online, 366 viewers entered the room. At the twentieth second, 983 entered the room. At the first minute, 1360 viewers entered the room.”

“I don’t need data! I need…” Peng Jia roared in response.

“Er… President Peng, all the newly registered accounts have entered the live broadcast room. What do you suggest we do about it?” The engineer’s voice had become croaky as he pointed at the data in the backend server.

The upgraded live surgery broadcast room had a maximum capacity of three thousand viewers.

Xinglin Garden was not a professional livestream website after all. Most users normally posted medical-related content and only a minority of people would broadcast surgery, so Peng Jia did not implement the most advanced servers available as it was simply a waste of resources.

Well, this was a problem today.

The number of viewers in Xinglin Garden had shot up this bright, sunny morning as if a popular female online streamer had brought her fans to his website. The server had been overwhelmed just now and was about to face its doom for the second time…

The addition of the backup server could only push maximum capacity to around four thousand viewers.

“Make an announcement and stop all registration processes temporarily.” Peng Jia made his decision instantly.

Finally, the live broadcast room’s capacity was capped at four thousand six hundred viewers after new members were rejected and all servers had been merged.

However, Peng Jia was unable to bear the slowly increasing numbers, so he quickly grabbed his phone and ordered a business server with a more advanced configuration.

Price was not the main concern here. He only wanted it to be quickly installed.

Peng Jia lacked the courage to even look at the data in the backend server again, feeling as though his heart would stop beating every time the viewer count in the live broadcast room increased.

He returned to his office and stared at Huangpu River with a dark expression.

This was a blessed sorrow, but none of it would matter if he could not solve this issue.

What the hell happened? Where did this demon come from?

Zheng Ren, who had no clue that someone outside his world was distressed because of him, visited the Shop happily and searched for the option to purchase intensive training time for surgery.

He was instantly stunned upon clicking the Shop’s purchase interface. What in the world was this?!

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