The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 1002 - With Rhythm

Chapter 1002: With Rhythm

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“There’s no need to call him Zheng Ren,” Deputy Director Yuan said. “Let’s go and take a look at the patient.”

Chief Cai and Chief Kong looked at each other and followed behind Deputy Director Yuan to Zou Jiahua’s ward.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened and Lin Yuansheng walked out.

“This is Mr. Zou’s private doctor, Lin Yuansheng, or Doctor Lin,” Chief Cai introduced. “This is our hospital’s Director Yuan.”

“Hello, Director.” Lin Yuansheng greeted him in his unfamiliar Mandarin.

Deputy Director Yuan nodded and asked, “Is Mr. Zou resting?”

“No, he’s working. Please come in.” Lin Yuansheng stood to the side and sent the three people in with a smile.

When he entered the ward, he saw Zou Jiahua sitting on the sofa with a man in a navy blue suit and a young woman standing beside him. He was wearing glasses, and there were a few documents in front of him that he was reading.

‘He’s really busy,’ Deputy Director Yuan thought.

He was already very busy when he was in charge of the clinical routine work of the 912, but this kind of busyness was different from Zou Jiahua’s.

It was his family’s business, and he cared even more about life and death and wealth.

After Chief Cai introduced him, Zou Jiahua stood up from his chair, took off his glasses, and walked over with a smile to shake hands with Deputy Director Yuan.

“Director Yuan, it’s all thanks to you this time,” Zou Jiahua said with a smile.

“Are you satisfied with this meeting? If there’s anything you need, just contact me directly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see Old Tian even if you go to Yang City.”

“You’re too polite. The 912’s technology level is very high. Isn’t it fine now?” Zou Jiahua said with a smile.

“Is it done?”

“Basically. We’ll have to observe for a few more days. Doctor Lin and Doctor Zheng both said that, according to their deduction, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Director Yuan, you guys have trained an amazing talent.” Zou Jiahua smiled and said, “Sit, sit.”

The few of them sat down. Zou Yu made tea for them. The room was filled with the fragrance of tea.

Chief Cai felt that the other party was really imposing. How could he still see the appearance of his own ward from here.

“Why isn’t Doctor Zheng here?” Zou Jiahua asked after he sat down.

“He’s in surgery, but he hasn’t come down yet,” Chief Kong replied.

Zou Jiahua smiled. As expected, this young man did not only treat him like this. When the hospital’s director came to visit the patient, even the attending physician did not accompany him. This kind of person… unless his skill level was very good… he would never be able to make a name for himself in his entire life.

“Thank you for your hard work, Doctor Zheng.” What Zou Jiahua thought in his heart was completely different from what he said. “Before I came, I never thought that I would actually be able to solve the problem.”

“Are you really alright?” Deputy Director Yuan asked. “I’ll get the chief of the Circulation Department to come and take a look.”

“There’s no need.” Zou Jiahua smiled reservedly and said, “I’ve looked at this matter for more than ten years and found countless methods, but none of them worked. Doctor Zheng performed a surgery on me, and only then did I have a stable sleep.”

Deputy Director Yuan saw that Zou Jiahua’s complexion was not bad, so he was relieved. After chatting for a while, Zou Jiahua still very tactfully rejected the suggestion of bringing out the electrocardiogram data from last night for the director of the the 912’s Circulation Department for consultation.

Seeing that he was fine, Deputy Director Yuan quickly took his leave.

“Director, look at him living here. All the information is not open to the public. His work is very difficult,” Chief Cai said with difficulty.

“Don’t worry about it. Just write it clearly in the medical record. If something really happens, isn’t it up to me?” Deputy Director Yuan was not thinking about this matter, but Zou Jiahua’s attitude.

He could feel Zou Jiahua’s relaxed attitude. This was not something that could be faked.

As for why he did not give the information and treated these things as his privacy, Deputy Director Yuan was even more lazy to care about it.

It would be best if he did not give it to him. If he could, he would not even get involved in this matter.

If even Mayo could not treat the illness, why would he join in the fun?

Only a young man like Zheng Ren would rush forward. Whether it was to gain fame or to save a patient, in short, only young people would do this.

“Chief Kong, as an old comrade, you have to master the rhythm,” Deputy Director Yuan said as he walked.

Chief Kong inexplicably took the blame again.

Although he knew about Zou Jiahua’s matter, Elder Wu from Shenzhen City called. Most importantly, Chief Kong did not expect Zheng Ren to perform the surgery overnight.

Now that he thought about it, he broke out in a cold sweat.

Chief Kong knew all these things.

“Yes, Boss Zheng is still young. His movements are too fast. I feel that I can’t keep up with his rhythm,” Chief Kong said in a low voice.

“Zheng Ren is a good lad. Chief Kong, you have a good eye. Polish him well. Don’t let a good seedling grow crooked.”

Chief Kong smiled bitterly in his heart when he heard Deputy Director Yuan say that. Polish him? What a joke. What he was worried about now was that Boss Zheng was too dazzling, and not that he had to polish a piece of unpolished jade according to his whims.

But speaking of which, his vision was good, that was for sure. Thinking of this, Chief Kong also smiled.

After sending off Deputy Director Yuan, Chief Kong walked toward the Intervention Department. As he walked, he pondered, and his heart was filled with a myriad of thoughts.

Zheng Ren’s steps were indeed a little big, but there were still hidden dangers. The most feared thing was that someone would use those old rules that had long been forgotten to explain things.

Those rules had been there for more than ten years and no one had thought of them. However, rules were rules after all. It would not be fun if someone caught them.

What was the problem?

Chief Kong thought about it.

There was no record of running a freelance surgery in the hospital. Zheng Ren had probably forgotten about this.

When he returned to the department, Chief Kong saw Su Yun lowering her head and doing something. He walked over and asked, “Su Yun, what are you busy with?”

“Chief Kong, what do you need?” Su Yun did not stand on ceremony. Although he was very respectful, he still asked directly.

“I’m looking at what you’re doing.”

“Mayo wants to invite the boss to perform the surgery. The Boss said that there are too many things to do and that he needs to wait. I’m just informing them. I’ll go over when I have time. There’s no rush on the other side anyway,” Su Yun said.

Director Kong was stunned.

“Mayo Clinic?”

“Yes,” Su Yun answered as if it was a matter of course.

What the f*ck was this now. Just now Deputy Director Yuan said that he wanted to control the tempo, but now, Boss Zheng had received Mayo’s invitation and was ready to run a freelance surgery.

He still wanted to control the tempo? How could he do that? How could he do that!

Chief Kong was stunned for a long time.

“Chief Kong, please take a seat. Look at you standing there. I’m embarrassed to sit,” Su Yun joked.

Chief Kong wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words.

“Prepare Boss Zheng and your personal information. When you go out for surgery, you have to inform the Medical Administration Division,” Chief Kong said. “You are not familiar with this matter. I’ll go and run.”

Su Yun’s hand suddenly froze in midair, but then he smiled and said, “Chief, I’ll go and run.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Prepare the information.”

“…” Su Yun was stunned, and then he smiled helplessly.

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