The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 520 (END) - A Complete Victory  

Chapter 520: A Complete Victory

After fighting one against many, Mo Zhu was already exhausted. Even with the help of Xing Meng, Huo Xuan, and the others, she was still outnumbered.

She looked up at her friends, who had been silently supporting her and helping her protect her. Mo Zhu gritted her teeth and took out the Seven Star Needles that she had prepared in advance before she left the house. She neatly raised her hand, raised her internal energy, and inserted the silver needle into her body as if she was trying to push it fully into her flesh.

As the last needle entered the acupuncture point steadily, in an instant, Mo Zhu felt as if her dantian was filled with endless internal energy. After taking a few pills to replenish her blood, Mo Zhu raised her hand and entered the battlefield again.

With her majestic internal energy, Mo Zhu quickly finished off more than ten mysterious black-robed men as if she had the help of God.

After the last black-robed person’s dantian was shattered by Mo Zhu, her internal energy was already exhausted. She could no longer hold on and she fell from the sky.

Seeing this, Huo Xuan’s heart ached as he took two steps forward to catch the girl. He said anxiously with a trembling voice, “Xiao Zhu, how do you feel! Nothing must happen to you!”

At this moment, Mo Zhu’s thin face was pale. She could not help but cough out a few mouthfuls of blood. She lay quietly in the man’s arms, unable to say a word.

Huo Xuan hugged Mo Zhu and shouted anxiously at Xu Huan and the others behind him, “Quick! Call the ambulance!”

Before Xu Huan and the others could react, Mo Zhu suddenly coughed twice and forced herself to take a breath. She said weakly in a low voice, “I’m fine. Go to the Cheng family first and deal with the Cheng family. Now that things have developed to this point, if they escape, I’m afraid there will be endless trouble…”

“Alright, alright. I’ll arrange for someone to go now. You have to hold on!”


After agreeing to Mo Zhu’s request, Huo Xuan immediately ordered Xu Huan and the others to rush to the Cheng family. Old Master Cheng never expected that the expert he had carefully trained would be subdued by Mo Zhu in such a short period of time. At this moment, he was still immersed in the dream of unifying Beijing.

It was only when he was escorted to the two of them by the Dark Forces that he roared in disbelief, “I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect that at my age, I would be schemed against by two little brats!”

He stared at Mo Zhu carefully and looked at the girl’s familiar face. He seemed to have thought of something and Old Master Cheng suddenly sneered as if he had come to a realization, “So that’s how it is. So it’s you! Girl, your grandmother is Zhang Fen, right?”

“Haha, back then, I thought that what I did was flawless, but I didn’t expect your grandmother to find out. In order to let her keep this matter to herself, I killed her son, chased her to a small village, and slaughtered more than ten surrounding villages…”

At this point, Old Master Cheng was already on the verge of going crazy. “That old woman doesn’t know what’s good for her and came to block my path. Now, her granddaughter is still overestimating her abilities and trying to stop me. Alright, I can lose today, but you can forget about leaving alive!”

Just as he finished speaking, Old Master Cheng turned one hand into a claw and attacked Mo Zhu. Just as he was about to touch the girl’s heart, Huo Xuan suddenly took two steps back with Mo Zhu in his arms. At this moment, Mo Qi and Xing Meng had also rushed over. The two of them had internal energy, so they immediately reacted extremely quickly and exchanged blows with Old Master Cheng.

After missing his attack, the situation was over. Old Master Cheng laughed crazily and raised his hand to kill himself in front of everyone.

Seeing that all the schemes had surfaced and the matter had been perfectly resolved, Mo Zhu suddenly spat out a large mouthful of blood and fainted without any warning.

Huo Xuan rushed to the hospital with Mo Zhu in shock. However, no one could do anything about the girl’s condition.

Until one day, a man who claimed to be a divine doctor found the small mansion with the address he had gotten from an email. After giving Mo Zhu a simple diagnosis and treatment, on a sunny morning, Huo Xuan turned over and wiped Mo Zhu as usual. Looking at the girl’s sleeping face, he smiled bitterly and said, “Xiao Zhu, the flowers in Beijing have bloomed for another season. Let’s go take a look when you wake up.”

“Alright…” Following this light word, unexpectedly, a slender and fair hand landed on Huo Xuan’s face.

Huo Xuan looked up and saw Mo Zhu staring at him with her dark eyes. The man said anxiously, “You’re awake! Xiao Zhu, I thought…”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she smiled and said, “I haven’t put on my wedding dress to be your bride. How can I bear to leave before you?”

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