The Strongest War God

Chapter 933 - Chapter 933: Pick It Up!

Chapter 933: Pick It Up!

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At this moment, in the living room of the villa.

When Laura Quinn heard Braydon Neal’s words resounding in the manor, she could not help but stand up hurriedly and say, “Geoffrey, Theodore, you should leave right now!”

“Laura, the Quinn family has already paid the price for our mistakes back then. The Quinn Corporation is currently struggling and is about to be forced into bankruptcy. Once it goes bankrupt, the entire Quinn family will be finished!”

Geoffrey Quinn’s eyes were pleading, begging Laura to help the Quinn family.

Theodore Quinn said hoarsely, “Laura, I have never asked you for anything. But now, I only ask that you help the Quinn family. Please be magnanimous and give the Quinn family a way out!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

A refined middle-aged man stood at the entrance of the villa’s courtyard. It was Liam Neal.

“Give the Quinn family a way out?” Liam said coldly. “Thirteen years ago, on that rainy night, did you give my second brother a way out? Not only did the Quinn family not help him, but you even hit him when he was down and killed him!

“How can your Quinn family compensate for this blood feud?”

Liam was holding a black spear. It was a spear.

The spear guarded the gate alone!

The Quinn family still dared to visit.

They were simply courting death!

Geoffrey and Theodore’s expressions changed.

In the next moment.

Kade Coltman arrived at the entrance of the villa with the royal guards.

“Fourth Master!” Kade cupped his fists and bowed respectfully.

“Did Braydon send you here?”

Liam let out a sigh and slowly looked at the royal guards.

“Yes!” Kade nodded slowly. “I’m here to take Geoffrey Quinn and Theodore Quinn away under the orders of the commander!”

Liam turned around and made way.

The royal guards entered the villa’s courtyard.

“Laura, you have to save the Quinn family!” Theodore immediately panicked.

“Take him away!”

Kade didn’t stand on ceremony when he entered the courtyard. He ordered the royal guards to take Geoffrey and Theodore away.

Immediately, a hint of pity flashed across Laura’s eyes.

After all, it had been thirteen years since the Neal family’s internal strife.

Thirteen years was enough for many people to let go of this hatred.

They would have forgotten about the past!

Geoffrey and Theodore were Laura’s elder brothers after all.

“I’ll go with you to see Braydon!” Laura sighed softly.

Kade and the royal guards did not dare to be disrespectful to Laura, so they let her follow them to the pavilion.

Kade cupped his fists outside and said, “Commander, they are here!”


Liam also came over.

Braydon walked out of the pavilion and said softly, “Mom, Fourth Uncle, why are you here?”

“Braydon, it’s been thirteen years since that incident. Your uncles know what they did wrong.”

Laura walked into the pavilion, undoubtedly pleading on behalf of the Quinn family.

“Braydon, the Quinn family made a huge mistake back then. Now, your second uncle and I are willing to make up for it!” Geoffrey interjected.

“Make up for it?”

The moment Braydon turned around, his eyes were cold and filled with killing intent. No one dared to look him in the eye.

“The Quinn family really wants to make it up to us.”

“How can the Quinn family make up for it? My second uncle died in your hands. If it wasn’t for my mother’s kindness, I would have killed your entire family today!”

Braydon’s words shocked everyone.

Geoffrey’s expression changed drastically. Cold sweat poured down his face as he said hoarsely, “Harry, who attacked Lowell Neal without permission back then, has already been killed by you. Now that your grandfather is old, he has been working hard the mediate the various businesses of the Quinn family for the past six months. He has done what he could and has fallen ill…”

At this point, Geoffrey pretended to be miserable and begged Braydon to give the Quinn family a way out.

Would Braydon be willing to give him a way out?

Although Braydon was a youth, he was a veteran soldier of the Northern Army and had experienced many bloody battles.

If Braydon’s heart would soften because of Geoffrey’s words, then he would not be King Braydon!

Braydon’s entire body was filled with killing intent.

Heather Sage put down the heavenly sword in her hand and restrained her cold temperament. She gently went forward and comforted them, “Uncle Geoffrey, Uncle Theodore, don’t worry too much. Grandpa Quinn will recover very soon.”

“Heather, you don’t understand. The old man has been ill for a long time. I’m afraid he doesn’t have much time left.”

Geoffrey’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness.

Heather comforted him. “Uncle Geoffrey, don’t worry. I’ll go home and tell

Grandma about the trouble that the Quinn Corporation is in. The Sage

Corporation will help you get through the difficulties. Right, Harold?”

“The seven great families of Preston are united. The Sage Corporation will naturally not stand by and watch when the Quinn family is in trouble.”

Harold Sage doted on his younger sister and could only helplessly give her his word.

But who gave Harold the confidence to support the Quinn family in front of Braydon!

Under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Braydon’s voice was like a tiger’s roar as he said coldly, “If the Sage family dares to help the Quinn family in the slightest, I’ll make the Sage family’s century-old foundation disappear overnight!”

His cold words revealed that Braydon was unable to let go of this hatred!

Back then, Lowell had died protecting the seven-year-old Braydon!

Braydon still remembered that rainy night!

Now, they wanted to Braydon forget this hatred and forgive the Quinn family.

What about his second uncle!

These people thought that since he was dead, they could forget about what happened?

No one spoke up for Lowell.

Was Braydon going to compromise?

If he compromised, he would not be the Northern King who ruled Hansworth alone.

Hatred was hatred, kindness was kindness!

The Quinn family had killed his second uncle!

His second uncle was kind enough to protect Braydon!

As long as Braydon lived, he would not let the Quinn family off.

The men of the Neal family had never died in vain!

Moreover, the Neal family did not produce any saints!

Only heroic men who were decisive in killing!

There was no shortage of saints in the world.

Braydon had no intention of becoming a saint.

Outside the pavilion, Harold was silent.

He knew very well that if it wasn’t for the fact that Braydon remembered Grandma Sage’s kindness in that rainy night, the Sage family would be no different from the other great families. They would all be ants in Braydon’s eyes.

Heather wrinkled her nose and said softly, “Little Braydon, are you scolding

“You don the heavenly sword and control the civil fate of the country; you are the noble princess of the capital. Since you are the noble princess of the capital, you should have the demeanor of a princess!”

Braydon raised his left hand and sucked the heavenly sword into his palm.

The heavenly sword appeared in front of Heather.

“Pick it up!” Braydon said calmly.

Heather’s delicate nose wrinkled slightly as she tilted her head, starting to get angry Braydon.

Braydon was expressionless as he spoke again, “Pick it up!”

This was her last chance!

If Heather refused to pick up the sword…

Braydon would destroy her status as the civil fate princess!

The matter of bearing the civil fate was related to the fate of the country.

This was not child’s play!

Usually, Braydon would treat many trivial matters as a joke.

There were only some things that could not be trifled with.

Heather slowly picked up the heavenly sword.

The moment she held the heavenly sword, her temperament gradually turned cold. Although she was dressed as a man, a trace of nobility and digpity appeared in her phoenix eyes..

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