The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 846: Points of Battle of Mortals

Chapter 846: Points of Battle of Mortals

On closer inspection, it turned out that Universe 6’s Hit was facing off against the sole survivor of Universe 4, Damon. Facing Hit’s Time-Skip, Damon’s intangible attack seemed to disappear into thin air.

With a loud sound, an invisible attack rushed over, and Hit reached out his arm, causing the intangible space to suddenly shatter.

“Go down!” Hit said coldly.

After being hit by Hit’s deadly attack, Damon curled up into a ball and was then picked up by Hit and thrown out of the arena.

With this, Universe 4 was also considered to be completely eliminated.

Just at this moment, a fierce energy beam arrived, and Hit turned his body to the side, narrowly dodging the attack.

Upon seeing the person who launched the attack, Hit’s blood-red pupils stared intensely, and his expression finally changed slightly, his muscles tensing up. In front of him were the three remaining contestants from Universe 8, who seemed to be siblings and looked almost identical.

“Planning to surround me?” Hit twisted his neck, holding his palms in a knife-like shape in front of his chest, cautiously guarding against the three contestants from Universe 8. He didn’t dare to be careless when facing their joint assault.

Smiling at Hit, Koons from Universe 8 laughed, “Sorry, for the sake of our universe, we can only have you leave the arena.”

“Let’s see who has to leave…” Hit said calmly.


“Hit, let me help you!”

Just as Hit and the three contestants from Universe 8 were about to start fighting, a green figure appeared between them. The ancient Namekian from Universe 6, Saonel, appeared and threw a light beam at Hit, instantly restoring his strength to his optimal state with his magical powers.

Feeling the endless energy in his body, Hit nodded at Saonel, “Thanks!”

“No need, I can only help up to this point.”

Saonel shook his head slightly and then left behind Hit and the others’ to look for his own opponent. The ancient Namekian, who had survived for countless years, had assimilated countless members of his own race and merged with the power of the divine dragon. Although his power was far inferior to Hit’s, his unique magic was hard to defend against.


Hit clenched his fist, not saying much.

Then he threw a punch.

Facing Hit’s invisible attack, Koons only felt a tremor in his mind before his expression turned dazed, and then a spray of blood splashed out.


The last minute of Battle of Mortals.

The tense atmosphere permeated the hearts of everyone, and their eyes were anxiously fixed on the final outcome. Suddenly, a blurry light flashed, and when Meifei recovered from her dazed state, she found herself back in the winding corridor. In the end, she still lost to Calfrey of Universe 1.

“I lost…” Meifei said in low spirits.

Looking around, Xiang, Caulifla, Kale, Xili and others were sitting nearby, but there was no sign of Majin Buu.

“Hey, where’s Buu?”

“He’s not here, so naturally he hasn’t been eliminated.” Xiaya looked at her and smiled.

“What’s going on?” Meifei was puzzled. She had seen Majin Buu being attacked by several people and turned to dust, so how could her father say that Majin Buu wasn’t eliminated?

“Hehe, you’ll find out if you look down.”

Xiaya chuckled. If Majin Buu wants to hide, there really aren’t many people who could find him. Even many of the Gods of Destruction think that Majin Buu has been eliminated.

Returning to the arena, Goku and Vegeta had teamed up to fight two veteran warriors from Universe 5. The four of them were evenly matched, and once the battle reached the climax, they began fighting fiercely, causing Goku and Vegeta to absorb the experiences from the fight and make new breakthroughs in the battle. However, in the end, they still fell short and lost. Even though they successfully knocked one person down, they were also severely weakened in the process and were defeated.

On the other side, Xiling performed exceptionally well, defeating the werewolf who knocked Kefla and Xiang off the arena.

Thus, the Battle of Mortals finally ended.

The 48-minute round felt like it lasted for several days.

Watching the stone pillar sink completely into the ground, Great Priest smiled and extended a hand to separate the contestants who were still battling. He then declared, “The first round of the ‘Tournament of Power’ – Battle of Mortals – has come to an end. We will now tally the scores for each universe. Please stop if you are still in the arena.”

As the Great Priest announced the end of the round, all the participating contestants separated and stood together with the people from their own universe.

On Xiling’s side, a cloud of smoke wafted out from her sleeve and coalesced into shape, making a crisp sound as Majin Buu floated out with a cry of “Ugh…”

“Since when did Buu hide in Mom’s sleeve?” Xili asked in surprise at seeing Majin Buu emerge from Xiling’s sleeve.

“Since the beginning. There are also traces of Buu on all of you,” Xiaya explained with a smile.

It turns out that from the start, Majin Buu had left a part of his body on each team member’s body, and even the members of Universe 10 didn’t know. After hearing Xiaya’s description, everyone looked at each other helplessly, with only Majin Buu proudly laughing.

At the end of the round, only Android 18; Xiling and Buu; and Hit was left in the arena for Universe 7, Universe 10 and Universe 6 respectively.

The final results (after deducting eliminated team members) are as follows:

Universe 1, there is 1 surviving contestant, defeated opponents are 15 and scored “6” points.

Universe 2, there are 0 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 7 and scored “-3” points.

Universe 3, there are 0 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 1 and scored “-9” points.

Universe 4, there are 0 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 5 and scored “-5” points.

Universe 5, there is 1 surviving contestant, defeated opponents are 11 and scored “2” points.

Universe 6, there is 1 surviving contestant, defeated opponents are 10 and scored “1” points.

Universe 7, there is 1 surviving contestant, defeated opponents are 17 and scored “8” points.

Universe 8, there is 1 surviving contestant, defeated opponents are 9 and scored “0” points.

Universe 9, there are 0 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 2 and scored “-8” points.

Universe 10, there are 2 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 13 and scored “5” points.

Universe 11, there are 0 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 11 and scored “1” points.

Universe 12, there are 2 surviving contestants, defeated opponents are 10 and scored “2” points.

From the scores, it seems that none of the universe scored more than 10 points, which is why the Gods of Destruction didn’t take the results of the Battle of Mortals too seriously, as its importance was too small. It’s a zero-sum game, with someone scoring points meaning someone else had to be eliminated, so all the points added together would inevitably be close to zero.

Of course, only a God of Destruction like Champa, who doesn’t have confidence in himself, would take the scores of the Battle of Mortals as a matter of life and death.

In terms of results, Universe 7 performed the best, defeating 17 opponents and scoring 8 points in the end, placing first.

Next were Universe 1, Universe 10, Universe 5, and Universe 12, with the originally top-ranked universes generally achieving relatively high scores, except for Universe 7 and Universe 10 who powerfully rushed into the rankings. This shows that the overall strength of a universe is not easily shaken.

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