The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 831: Two rounds of the competition

Chapter 831: Two rounds of the competition

“Hey, hey, how about this? If Universe 10 wins, how about letting Universe 10 choose a universe which can be exempted from getting erased? Are you alright with this decision?” Zeno thought for a while before he happily gave his suggestion.

How can they allow Universe 10 to choose who to give the immunity from being erased that originally belonged to them! Wouldn’t this just increase Universe 10’s authority?

Some gods wanted to object, but looking at the dignified Great Priest and the naive-looking Zeno-sama, they suddenly sighed. So be it then, if they interrupted Zeno-sama’s mood and made them angry, they would be at risk of being erased. Moreover, compared to the choice that only three universes can survive after Universe 10 wins, the current plan has at least one more universe.

Although they didn’t get what they wanted, at least it’s not the worst!

It’s just that with this, Universe 10’s authority would become too great.

Seeing that they no longer had any objections, Great Priest took out a scroll from the void, pulled it open and read out loud:

“Then, following Zeno-sama’s decision, Zeno’s large-scale martial arts competition ‘Tournament of Power’ will be held in ‘Null Realm’ at 8:4 o’clock on the 3,135,500,664th day of the royal calendar. The competition will be divided into two rounds.”

“In the first round, the mortals of the twelve universes will fight with each universe sending ten contestants, adopting the battle-royal mode, and then according to the point system, one point will be added for defeating a contestant of the rival universe, and one point will be deducted for one’s own member being defeated. The round will last 100 takks (48 minutes on Earth), and the points are counted after the round ends; In the second round, all Gods of Destruction of Multiverse will participate in the competition, and the rules are as above-mentioned, but the points here will be multiplied by ten times, so theoretically if you don’t perform well in the first round, or even get wiped out, you can recover in the second round.”

“After the tournament is over, the two rounds’ points will be added together, and 4 universes with the most points will be exempted from the fate of being erased.”

“In addition, in order to allow Zeno-sama to see clearly, it is forbidden to fly into the air, use weapons, take medicines, and kill the opponent during the competition… Falling outside the arena will result in losing the match.”

As the Great Priest read out the rules of the competition one by one, everyone began to ponder.

The competition is divided into two rounds. There are ten mortal contestants from each universe, that is to say, the total points are 120, excluding 10 points from their own universe. If the contestants of a universe perform good, they can theoretically receive a maximum of 110 points. But this does not guarantee that you will win in the end, because in the second round of the God of Destruction Competition, the points are ten times that of mortal competition. You only need to beat the other eleven God of Destruction to also get 110 points.

In other words, Mortal Competition and God of Destruction Competition have equal points, each accounting for 50% of the total points.

This kind of competition not only tests the quality of mortals in each universe, but also raises requirements on the strength of God of Destruction. Of course, this is also a test of wisdom. How to arrange team members will become very crucial.

However, there is a problem that has to be considered. In a universe with powerful overall strength, the high-end fighting force of mortals is generally not low. Similarly, how weak can their God of Destruction be? This reflects the Matthew effect of a strong expert always getting strong.

“I think everyone understands the rules of the competition. This is a 120-person battle royale. ‘Tournament of Power’ will take place after 39 hours. Please make your preparations, everyone!”

After a pause, Great Priest continued: “Oh, by the way, since it is a competition, there will definitely be rewards in addition to punishment. In accordance with Zeno-sama’s order, if you perform exceptionally well in the Mortal competition, you might be officially promoted to a god by Zeno-sama, comparable to the lofty status of God of Destruction and Supreme Kai.”

“As for the God of Destruction stage competition, the reward for the winner is super dragon balls…” Great Priest looked at Champa and said, “Therefore…Champa, please take out the super dragon balls that you’ve collected from Universe 6, and I will order someone to find the rest of them.”

Hearing the Great Priest calling his name, Champa couldn’t help trembling and nodded embarrassedly: “Ye.. Yes.”

“That bastard, Champa, is actually gathering the super dragon balls again.” Beerus cursed, but he didn’t dare to show it.

“Okay, this is the end of today’s announcement. Everyone, perform well and let Zeno-sama watch a wonderful tournament. It is not only to please Zeno-sama, but also to win a fighting chance for your own universe!”



All the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction bowed.

“Well, you all can leave.” Great Priest nodded and waved his hands, sending all the gods back to their respective universes.

Universe 10.

Following a brief feeling of dizziness, when Xiaya and Kusu opened their eyes, they had already appeared in the starry sky of Universe 10. After confirming their position, Xiaya used Instant Transmission and the next second returned to Universe 10’s Sacred World of the Kai with Kusu and Tapion.

“I didn’t expect the Great Priest to announce such an important thing.” Xiaya sighed and casually sat down on Supreme Kai’s chair.

Tapion’ eyebrows furrowed slightly as he sighed and said: “Zeno-sama is really unpredictable. It can be said that we are very lucky to be exempted from being erased this time.”

“Indeed, other universes will definitely be worried.”

Xiaya picked up the tea on the table and took a sip. The light black tea had a mild fragrance, but Xiaya didn’t like the taste, so he put down the teacup after taking a sip.

“‘Tournament of Power’ will be divided into two parts, but no matter which part, our Universe 10 can achieve good results.” Kusu, who has been smiling non-stop since the beginning, didn’t seem worried at all.

In fact, from Kusu’s point of view, they weren’t under any pressure at all in this tournament, not to mention that they are not in danger of being eliminated, and even if there was, with the current strength of Universe 10, they can handle it. After poaching Xiling and the others from Universe 7, Universe 10 isn’t lacking peak-level experts, not to mention Xiaya, who is at the fourth level of Divine Realm, so in the entire “Tournament of Power”, they will not be under any pressure.

Kusu also wants to take advantage of this to show a good performance and let those who look down on Universe 10 know that under the leadership of Xiaya-sama, Universe 10 has changed a lot.

Xiaya smiled, but he didn’t think as much as Kusu. He narrowed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they shone brightly.

“‘Tournament of Power’ can be used to test Xiling and others strength!”

At this moment, the crystal ball on Kusu’ scepter lit up, and Kusu smiled after she finished checking it: “It’s a message from Whis…”

Xiaya said with a smile: “Beerus should be feeling anxious. Let’s go to Universe 7 and have a look.”

After saying that, a bright light flickered, and Xiaya, Kusu and Tapion appeared in Universe 7.


Meanwhile, the same thing was happening in other universes.

Universe 11.

“Marcarita, quickly go and call Toppo and Jiren. It’s time for Jiren to inherit the position of God of Destruction!” He had just returned and hadn’t taken even a moment of rest before clown God of Destruction Belmod immediately ordered Marcarita.

Marcarita was standing beside Belmod, and when she heard that Belmod wanted Jiren to inherit the position of God of Destruction, she was surprised: “Belmod-sama wants Jiren to inherit the position of God of Destruction so early?”

Currently Jiren was going through God of Destruction’s trials in Creating God Star. It was originally supposed to take a hundred years, but now only five years have passed. Isn’t it a bit rushed?

“There is no other way, the points in God of Destruction competition is ten times that of the Mortal competition!”

Belmod shook his head.

In fact, Belmod was also feeling very helpless. If Jiren does not become God of Destruction, then in the second stage of the “Tournament of Power”, Universe 11 will undoubtedly be at a great disadvantage, because Belmod is not sure that he can defeat a lot of Gods of Destruction and achieve excellent results.

Moreover, according to his calculations, even if Jiren participated in the first round of the competition as a mortal, he would win at most a hundred or so points, and that’s only if all the contestants were defeated by Jiren, but the other universes, especially those ranked in the top four, are not to be trifled with, and the actual situation will certainly not go so smoothly.

At that time, if Jiren could score 20 or 30 points in a devastating battle, it would already be very good.

That’s why, rather than putting Jiren in the Mortal Competition where the points are not high, it is better to let him enter the God of Destruction competition. With Jiren’s current strength and God of Destruction’s abilities, defeating a few Gods of Destruction may not be very simple, but he could maybe obtain unexpected results.

“Belmod-sama, please wait a moment, I will go and find Jiren and Toppo.”

Marcarita agreed with Belmod’s plan.

This arrangement can maximize the fighting force of Universe 11. Besides, in addition to Jiren, their Universe 11 also has a second-level Divine Realm expert like Toppo, who is considered to be at the peak of the second level of Divine Realm, plus with the rest of the members of the “Pride Troopers”, there is no need to worry about not performing good.

The only thing that Marcarita was slightly worried about is what kind of contestants the top four universes will send.

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