The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 828: Zeno’s order

Chapter 828: Zeno’s order

“Dragon balls…” Mai looked at the seven dragon balls which has turned into stone with an absentminded expression.

Speaking of which, she and the Pilaf gang first met Goku and others because of the dragon balls. But after just a few decades, everything has changed. Since the appearance of Androids, the dragon balls on Earth have disappeared. After more than thirty years, she never thought that she would have a chance to see them again.

“Everyone can afford to wait for 4-5 months.” Trunks, who regained hope, had a bright smile on his face.

Nodding slightly to Trunks, Xiaya put away the crystal dragon balls for now and will bring them out after the adjustment period is over. Turning around, his eyes fell on Goku and others. The matter here has come to an end, so being from another timeline, it is not suitable for them to stay here.

“Kakarrot, get ready, I will send you back to your world first.”


They nodded and then Xiaya first sent Calote and Dal back, and then tens of minutes later, Xiaya reappeared and activated the space-time ability to send Goku and Vegeta back to their original timeline.

After that, he said to Trunks: “Wait here and take care of the remaining earthlings, I will come back in five months, and then resurrect those dead earthlings.”

“I’ve troubled you, teacher.” Trunks thanked him.

“It’s okay.” A smile appeared on his handsome face. Xiaya then waved his hand, and left Trunks’ world with Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa and Eve.

Looking at the desolate dilapidated alleys, where wind was blowing, raising a cloud of yellow dust and making a rustling sound, Trunks felt emotional in his heart. Turning around and looking at the surviving earthlings, Trunks was full of enthusiasm as he went with Mai to reassure them.


Trunks’ World, Zeno’s Palace.

A blue sky was present in the ancient palace with ancient pillars floating on both sides. The pillars were towering high above the clouds, submerged in the vast and boundless void.

In the hall, Great Priest quietly walked over, pushed open the gate of the palace, arrived in front of the throne and said with his hands behind his back: “Zeno-sama, the crisis in the mortal world has been resolved. I didn’t expect that a little Trainee Supreme Kai would create so much trouble. It seems that there are still loopholes in the operating laws of the universe, and it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the Time Ring.”

Linking the life of Supreme Kai and God of Destruction was originally a measure to restrict God of Destruction and prevent them from running amok, but it was unexpectedly turned into a loophole in the hands of someone with brains.

Of course, God of Destruction definitely still have to be restricted, but the life of Supreme Kai must be strengthened.


Zeno of Trunks World jumped down from the throne, his coin-like eyes showing a confused expression: “Hey, Great Priest, what should we do…”

“Let’s select a new batch of Supreme Kai and God of Destruction first. Select candidates from those universes with relatively high strength, and we can quickly gather a complete set of gods.” Great Priest had a plan ready and had long made preparations.

“Then replace those Gods of Destruction again!”

Hearing Great Priest’s words, Zeno immediately agreed to Great Priest’s opinion without even thinking about it.


Great Priest bowed gracefully, and then snapped his fingers. Twenty-four portraits immediately appeared above the main hall of the palace, twelve of which were of the Supreme Kai race, and the other twelve were all kinds of strange creatures. “Zeno-sama, these are the candidates for the new Supreme Kai and God of Destruction selected by my subordinates. If you have no objection, I will pass down your order.”

“Hmm, you can go!”

Nodding his head slightly, a smile appeared on Great Priest’s indifferent face, and then he bowed to Zeno and left for the mortal world.

Now, the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction in Trunks World have all been replaced. This parallel universe is gradually moving in a different direction from the Multiverse in other worlds.


2nd timeline, Xiaya’s World.

Time flies and five months passed in the blink of an eye. It is now almost seven years since the end of Majin Buu Saga, and two years have passed since the tournament was held between the three major universes.

The moment the crystal dragon balls recovered, Xiaya set off for Trunks’ World, and then used the power of Golden-Flame Shenron to revive all the people in Universe 7 who died because of Zamasu, but since the super dragon balls in that world comes under the jurisdiction of Dragon God Zalama, they couldn’t be restored.

After all this was done, the disaster in the Trunks’ World was officially over.


In the deep and mysterious universe, the only bright starlight that could be vaguely seen was too far away. Xiaya has stayed in this empty starry sky for a long time.

Not far from him, a deep and huge black hole was constantly devouring the surrounding space like a behemoth from primeval times. Xiaya was floating not far from the black hole. The powerful gravitational force was distorting the space, causing the light to deviate, but it failed to move Xiaya’s body.

Xiaya was sitting cross-legged, like an old monk in meditation and exuding strange fluctuations from all over his body.

His Ultra Instinct was gradually improving and from his chest, a mysterious fluctuation spread out in all directions.

The wonderful and deep feeling was very comfortable, and his mind seemed to fuse with the universe. Thump, thump, thump, the sound of the universe breathing could be heard.

During Xiaya’s training, his realm was constantly improving.


With the help of the gravitational force of the black hole, Xiaya was tempering his body. As he moved slightly, a sharp and clear sound that sounded like “crackling” of fried beans burst out immediately.

“Xiaya-sama, you keep getting stronger.” Kusu appeared not far from Xiaya, and said with admiration on her face. As Xiaya’s realm became more and more powerful, Kusu could feel that she was no longer Xiaya’s match.

Xiaya’s lips curled into an arc and asked, “Did you come over because of Planet Hongshan, or something happened in Universe 10?”

Kusu’s expression turned solemn and said: “No, Zeno-sama has ordered all Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais to come to Zeno’s Palace.”

Xiaya was stunned for a moment, not knowing what was going on, but he smiled and said, “Since it’s Zeno’s order, let’s go there together.”

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