The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 797: Frieza’s wild ambitions

Chapter 797: Frieza’s wild ambitions

“Wow, that guy named Hit is so powerful. How did he suddenly disappear and reappear just now?” Zangya frowned slightly and asked Android 21 beside her.

“I don’t know, I didn’t see it clearly.” Android 21 shook her head in confusion.

“That guy Hit didn’t disappear…” Beerus’ profound eyes stared below as an ominous premonition rose in his heart, “That Champa, where did he find such a powerful expert?”

“Beerus-sama, what’s going on?” Gohan asked.

Beerus said gloomily: “Just now, the moment Meifei attacked Hit, the time in the entire venue seemed to have stopped. Of course, it is impossible for mortals to use their power to stop our time. Time is relative, and Hit accelerated ​​his own time, resulting in a time-jump-like effect.”

“That technique is called ‘Time-Skip’!”

Whis had quietly appeared beside Beerus at some point and joined the conversation.

“Time-Skip is a technique to jump time. It can roughly skip time for tenth of a second in an instant. Although this time may seem very short, in an intense fight, it is enough to attack hundreds of times during this time.”

“This technique is too unfair…”

Hearing this, Gohan and the other’s eyes widened in astonishment.

They were all Super Saiyan 3 level experts. Of course, they know the value of this 0.1 second time. To put it bluntly, this is enough to affect the outcome of a fight. Immediately, they looked down with eyes full of worry, wondering if Goku could withstand Hit’s attack.


Don’t know whether the shout was from pain or excitement.

Following the loud shout, Meifei was once again sent flying like a kite with a broken string, but after landing, she again jumped up as if nothing happened and continued to attack Hit.

“That Meifei…”

Goku’s aura was in chaos after being attacked several times. He was surprised on seeing Meifei, who was surrounded by a green aura which was exuding a shocking power. Even a girl could keep fighting without giving up. How could he give up?

“Super Saiyan….Blue!!”

Unwilling to be outdone, Goku roared and suddenly erupted out with a blue aura, overwhelming his previous crimson aura. He began to float in the air, his powerful aura attracting everyone’s attention.

“Blue Super Saiyan God, Goku’s energy has increased by a lot.”

“Hehe, it’s just a change of color. It’s similar to the previous Saiyans. Hit, knock down both of them.” Champa stood up, and from out of nowhere took out a loudspeaker and shouted on it in a loud voice. Goku’s current strength is the same as Vegeta, which was nothing amazing in Champa’s eyes.


After transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, Goku’s movements and senses both suddenly became stronger. When fighting Hit, he could even block Hit’s attacks.

Bang, bang! !

Hit once again used Time-Skip to disappear, and when he reappeared, he was welcomed by a fist.

With a surprised look in his eyes, Hit disappeared again.

“Your movements have become more agile. It seems that Saiyan’s transformations are not just as simple as changing hair color and increasing strength.” Hit’s attitude was aloof, and he doesn’t speak very often. The words spoken by him were the most he had spoken.

“This is Super Saiyan Blue. It’s a form I developed with Super Saiyan God as foundation. Unfortunately, I’m still not very proficient in controlling this power, otherwise I could have used more powerful strength.” Goku calmly said in response, his eyes were always staring at Hit, while at the same time, he split a part of his energy to find out Meifei’s location.

This fight will ultimately decide the ranking of the three universes, and neither Goku nor Hit or Meifei will easily admit defeat.

In fact, if Goku could completely control the pressure caused by Super Saiyan Blue transformation, then it is not difficult to defeat Meifei or Hit.

Since Meifei has achieved the initial fusion of “Divine Realm” and “Demon God Realm”, but her realm is still only at first level of Divine Realm, she has not stepped into the second level yet; while Hit goes all out and uses his full-strength, then he is only at second level of Divine Realm. However, he has many ruthless skills that can kill people which are not suitable for use in Universe Tournament, so to a certain extent, Hit’s strength is limited.

Goku cannot completely control the power of Super Saiyan Blue, Meifei’s realm was not deep enough while rules were limiting the offensive techniques of Hit.

The three were actually at the same level.

“If this fight was a life and death fight, then Kakarrot and Meifei would have no chance.” Xiaya, who had been watching the fight, whispered.

“Do you think that neither Kakarrot or Meifei are Hit’s match?” Xiling asked in confusion as she raised her head, just to see a ray of light flashing in Xiaya’s eyes, which was the signs of Planet Metamor’s secret skill being used.

“Hit’s techniques are not just this, he should have many other techniques that he hasn’t used.” Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes and said calmly to Xiling.

A long time ago, Xiaya had come into contact with Hit, but at that time Xiaya didn’t have his current strength. Due to the huge disparity between their strengths at that time, Xiaya was not able to uncover the depths of Hit. Now Xiaya is not what he used to be. Using Planet Metamor’s secret skill again, he can see Hit’s essence.

Hit is an expert at the second level of Divine Realm, so his strength is definitely above Goku and Meifei, but the strength he was revealing at the moment was only around Super Saiyan Red, and relying on the unique skill called “Time-Skip”, he could contend against Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Meifei.

This does not make sense!

Xiaya understood the reason after a little thought. In fact, Hit has been showing mercy!

As an assassin, most of his techniques are used to take people’s lives, and killing people is not allowed in martial arts tournaments, so because of this restriction, it is not so strange that Hit cannot exert his full strength.

Whoosh, three figures flashed and disappeared.

In just a few seconds, blurry afterimages kept flashing around, and it was not even clear what was going on. The entire arena, which was hundreds of meters long and wide, was already covered with criss-crossed deep chasms. Crater of varying sizes appeared as if it had experienced the bombardment of countless artillery shells.

One after another sound waves hit the barrier, causing ripples to appear as if light was reflecting.

While everyone was watching the exciting fight below, in a corner that was overlooked, Frieza was moving on the ground, slowly crawling to a place where the view from the spectator’s stands was blocked.

Frieza got up from the ground, a crazy look bursting out from his blood-red eyes.

Raising his head, seven towering super dragon balls came into view. Frieza carefully concealed himself and slowly approached the super dragon balls.

“Hoho, you people just wait, when this king fulfills his wish, I will kill you all one by one, especially those hateful Saiyans and arrogant Gods of Destruction!!” Frieza was full of resentment towards Saiyans and Gods of Destruction. If it weren’t for them, how could a dignified Universe Emperor like him be in such dire straits? But it was also these people who let him know the existence of the super dragon balls.

Should he thank these people for giving him this opportunity?

Hehe, Frieza laughed greedily as if all the grievances he had suffered before had become somewhat worthwhile.

“Such magnificent dragon balls can surely fulfill my wishes.”

As he thought this, Frieza became excited, his blazing eyes staring at the super dragon balls as he slowly floated towards the void without making any noise.

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