The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 49: Send you on your way

Chapter 49: Send you on your way


An energy wave shot out from the weapon held by Jeeta and brushed past his face, hitting the hundreds of Feidaya people behind him, instantly killing them.

“We really do not know the whereabouts of ancient warriors!” The leader looked at the members who lost their lives without leaving behind any bones, his eyes full of grief.

Only that Alien didn’t believe his words.

Jeeta supported his arm which had the energy launcher, his golden lizard vertical pupil revealing traces of anger: “You bunch of stupid little dwarves, you even dare to lie and deceive Uncle Jeeta! Humph, are you saying that you do not know about ancient warriors? Then as you wish, all of you can go and die!

Saying this, he again aimed the energy launcher at the surviving Feidaya people, muzzle flashing with a bright red light.


Upon seeing this, the leader hurriedly shouted and wanted to explain it, but it was too late. A dark red flash spurted out from the muzzle and a huge ball of energy wave containing enormous destructive power flew towards them.

“We are finished!”

The Feidaya people hopelessly closed their eyes, the adult Feidaya people hugged the young children in their arms and covered their eyes with the hands.

Bang, a huge explosion could be heard. The earth continued to shake for a few seconds, but the expected pain didn’t arrive. The Feidaya people opened their eyes in surprise and saw a handsome boy with black hairs standing in front of them like a sturdy mountain.

That huge formidable energy ball was punched flying by the boy’s punch, however, no one noticed how the boy appeared before them.

“You, who are you?”

The suddenly appearing silhouette frightened Jeeta into jumping, especially, as the other person had actually used his fist to change the energy wave’s direction. Jeeta quickly raised his energy launcher and aimed at the other person, however, his body couldn’t help but take few steps back.

Depending on external weapons at a critical time? Xiaya sneered, his eyes flashing with disdain, and then turned his gaze towards those badly shaken Feidaya people.

They were a less than one meter tall, sub-human race with blue skin, had a soft tissue growing as short ears which looked like a round meatball, and on both sides of the head, small pointy black horns were protruding out by two or three centimeters.

As Xiaya cast his gaze upon them, the badly-shaken Feidaya people’s face showed a panicked look, their faces were timid and didn’t dare to look at him.

“He he, so timid!” Xiaya laughed freely, after suffering a huge calamity, these Feidaya people have become very sensitive like a frightened bird.

“Scram!” Seeing the boy ignoring him, the lizardman Jeeta angrily cursed, but his IQ was not too low. After he felt the danger, he didn’t dare to show his true emotions.

But, he very cleverly used the energy detector to stealthily detect the energy of the boy, this detection didn’t cause him to be alarmed as he found that the data displayed on the detector was only 540!

Jeeta’s eyes lit up, immediately a sense of superiority gushed forth, suddenly emboldening him with confidence.

“Wow Kaka, I thought it was some kind of expert, it turned out to be just a brat. It’s your bad luck to be caught by Uncle Jeeta today!

Jeeta said acting high and mighty.

He then stepped forward swaggeringly and approached Xiaya. He arrogantly looked down at the other with his two golden lizard eyes while pointing his energy launcher at Xiaya’s head, saying disdainfully: “If Uncle Jeeta fires, then you will surely die.”

“Then go ahead and try!”

Xiaya’s eyes flashed, and a faint smile appeared on his face. He suddenly teleported, disappearing from his original place. Then an indifferent voice came from behind Jeeta, the voice was cold without any traces of emotion as if King of Hell was passing judgment with dense murderous aura.

“What’s going on?”

Surprised, Jeeta quickly turned around, he found that the figure which had unknowingly disappeared from the front of his eyes, had appeared behind him.

Not good, Jeeta’s whole body turned cold, and the scales on his entire body suddenly became erect, immediately firing towards Xiaya from the muzzle of the energy launcher on his arm.

Bang! A dark-red energy ball shot out from the muzzle and hit Xiaya’s body with a muffled sound. The energy ball was like hitting a thick wall, immediately scattering a cloud of red smoke.

Seeing that the boy was hit, Jeeta’s tone once again turned arrogant: “Humph, courting death, this is the fate of the people who oppose Uncle Jeeta.”

But very quickly his expression froze. After the smoke disappeared, he saw a small figure appearing from within, without any injuries on his body.

“Cough Cough!”

Covering his mouth, Xiaya coughed twice and waved his hand to disperse the smoke in his surrounding. He then pointed at the Battle Armor on his body and said: “Hehe, this energy launcher doesn’t seem to have enough power ah! Look, it couldn’t even damage my Battle Armor! ”

Looking at the opponents Battle Armor where the energy launcher hit, Jeeta only saw a slightly burned black place. He couldn’t believe and loudly shouted: “How is it possible, my energy launcher have the destructive force of 2000 Battle Power, how could you be like as if nothing happened!”

“It’s simple, because my strength is far above you!” As his voice faded, Xiaya’s figure flashed like a gale, quickly appearing in front of Jeeta, and both of his hands lightly touched Jeeta’s chest.


A huge force came, Jeeta had still not recovered and his body swiftly shot out like an artillery shell, hitting a wall several tens of meters away, and immediately causing a big hole to appear on the wall. The broken pieces of scattered stones fell on the ground, burying him.


With a miserable cry, Jeeta covered the wounds on his body and awkwardly struggled out from the rubble. Looking up in horror, he saw a pair of black eyes looking at him as if looking at an ant.

A chill rushed through his brain from the soles of his feet, he suddenly felt that his throat was somewhat dry. He opened his mouth but he doesn’t know what to say.

I will be killed! Jeeta shouted in his heart, his body becoming completely out of control because of fear.

“You … you cannot kill me, I am Sir Zarbon’s subordinate, if you kill me, Sir Zarbon will not let you off,” Jeeta shouted, breaking down. He took out his background, hoping that the other party would let him off considering Sir Zarbon.


Hearing that Jeeta is actually Zarbon’s subordinate, Xiaya was slightly stunned. Could it be that the powerful evil Aura I perceived was Zarbon’s?

Recalling the description of Zarbon from the original, and combined with Aura that he perceived, the one who launched energy attack on Planet Feidaya is no doubt Zarbon. But why is Zarbon not accompanying Frieza together with Dodoria and has run over to this remote Planet Feidaya?

Was he ordered by Frieza? Xiaya couldn’t help but guess.

“Right, Sir, I have come to capture these Feidaya people on the orders of Sir Zarbon!”

Jeeta carefully watched the other’s expression. Seeing that the other seem to know Sir Zarbon’s name, he immediately as if finding a life-saving straw, hurriedly nodded and spoke out all the details.

After finished listening, Xiaya asked: “Why did Zarbon attack Planet Feidaya? Was it ordered by Frieza?”

When the Alien heard Xiaya directly speaking King Frieza’s name, he suddenly perspired with cold sweat and quiveringly said: “Yes … yes, King Frieza told us to find the traces of the legendary ancient warriors on Planet Feidaya… …”

“Legendary ancient warrior?”

After listening, Xiaya slightly nodded and couldn’t help but ponder.

Don’t know what is this ancient warrior thing, it shouldn’t be the same thing as legendary Super Saiyan’s.

He knew that in the original Dragon Ball World, the things revealed related to the protagonist were only the tip of the iceberg. The universe was a vast place, perhaps there were many secrets undiscovered in deeper territories.

“Sir…” Zeeta cautiously spoke, fearing that his loud voice may provoke the other’s displeasure.

“Oh, I forgot about you!” Xiaya recovered, and spoke with a hearty smile: “Well, it’s time to send you on your way!”

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