The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 45: Training on desolate planet

Chapter 45: Training on desolate planet

The matter of screening people has to be meticulous and strict. First of all, those people should be sensible enough to see the present situation and do not reveal the news of it when people still haven’t evacuated.

Second, as much as possible these people shouldn’t be the ones who are always watched by King Vegeta and others.

This would immediately eliminate the majority of the High-level Warriors and the Saiyan with especially good latent talent. Among one million Saiyan’s, only less than one percent were High-level Warriors, and each one is a very valuable resource.

The majority of Saiyans with excellent potential were already on the name-list of King Vegeta and Frieza, and are given special attention. In order to reduce the disturbance, these people cannot be evacuated.

Of course, Adri and others also cannot take all of them as that would instead significantly exhaust Saiyans potential. And the screening of personnel for Low-level and Mid-level Warriors has to be even more stringent. It will not work even if they feign death and then transferred.

Furthermore, there was the problem of Saiyan male-female ratio, which involves the proliferation of the race. Although Xiaya doesn’t care too much about it, Adri and others have taken this matter very seriously and have to consider.

In short, transferring two or three thousand people, in the end, would already be very good! Saiyan’s total population is less than one million, and the disappearance of several thousand members will surely attract the attention from King Vegeta, so Adri and others need to take extra care when they act.

“Well, for the time being, we will do it like this. Then next everyone indirectly contact the Saiyan’s who can be evacuated and take care not to reveal the news. Who knows when King Vegeta will start the rebellion and leave us with little time!”

Adri said with a sigh.

“Hope is better than no hope!”

Brook had a heavy face as if someone owes him a lot of money. At this time, his heart was like a powder keg, ready to explode at any moment.

Dignified Saiyan’s has to actually flee, which is simply humiliating to him.

It’s all because of Frieza!

“Frieza, we’ll surely make you pay one day.”

Ten days later, on a desolate planet.

Icy bone-piercing cold winds swirled up the sand and dust everywhere. The sky was covered in dense haze, appearing pale yellow.

At this time, a rumbling sound of the explosion came.

Then the earth trembled, and a cloud of red-orange mushroom cloud suddenly rose in the distant horizon. The mushroom cloud was very big and hot. Like a bright sun suddenly rising, it instantly brightly illuminated the surroundings tens of kilometers area.

Huhu, the shock waves produced by the energy swept out, and the first one to bear the brunt was the towering hill protruding out from the ground. The steel-like hard ground was forcibly penetrated by the cold winds which immediately collapsed because of the powerful shock waves. A large piece of rock collapsed down, and every piece of rock has few tons of weight.

In the dark cloudy horizon, two blurry figures were flying at fast speed. They were one small and one large figure, and continuously changing position while attacking each other, suddenly disappearing and appearing, moving from the sky to the ground and from the ground again to the sky.

Every time they fought, a heaven destroying earth exterminating explosion burst out.

Hualala, the shining dull blue flashes of energy permeated the air in the large expanse, drawing a bright and beautiful trajectory in the air.

“Ha ha ha, how enjoyable. It has been a long time that I haven’t felt so carefree while fighting.”

The Battle Armor on the body of the senior was completely damaged and blood was flowing out of the split wounds on his skin. Although he was scarred all over his body, no signs of pain could be seen on his face, instead, his spirits were high because of the carefree fight.

Another young figure, obviously in much better condition, but still cut a sorry figure.

“Uncle Adri, you are old but still vigorous ah! Hehe, fighting is really the best training!” Xiaya had a ruddy complexion, and the blood within his body was rapidly flowing as if seething with excitement.

“Ha ha ha, that’s natural. I, Adri am still quite young. But if you hadn’t reduced your Battle Power, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to take a few moves and would have lost.”

Adri heartily laughed, the drastic action causing a twitching pain to his wounds on the body, but he didn’t mind.

“Here!” Xiaya threw out a Senzu Bean.

Adri easily caught the Senzu Bean and threw it to his mouth, “Kaka” chewing and then swallowed. Instantly, a huge amount of Ki started to flow inside his body. The wounds on his body completely healed and his spirit was restored to its peak condition.

“This little bean is really magical. I don’t like to use it.”

Adri was feeling painful for actually squandering a precious Senzu Bean on such little wounds, he hates to use it ah!

Xiaya laughed and said: “Its effects will not be displayed when its used during training. Ah, Uncle Adri, how much has your Battle Power improved?”

Clenching his fist and feeling the abundant strength in his body, Adri laughed with satisfaction. He than said while curling his mouth: “Almost 8800, hehe, my Battle Power actually improved by more than two hundred in ten days. It would have been unimaginable in the past. ”

Xiaya smiled, indeed, before Saiyan would use the most stupid barbaric method to train and increase Battle Power, the effect obviously is not good.

Now combined with the training methods Xiaya taught, Adri’s previously accumulated inner strength suddenly erupted, which caused him to have such big improvements in short ten days. However, Xiaya knew that it is short-lived, after Adri runs out of the accumulated inner strength, his growth rate will again slow down.

“Unfortunately, the theory of ‘Ki’ you explained is too profound and I simply can not understand it.” Adri scratched his head feeling vexed, his habitual thinking had made him form a fixed pattern, which he is temporarily unable to change.

About “Ki”, it originally needs to begin learning from childhood, or else is very difficult to understand. ”

“Right!” Patting away the sand particles from the Battle Armor, Xiaya took out a big bag of Senzu Beans from the dimensional space, they were much more than the last time he had given to Adri.

“Take these Senzu Beans and share them with Uncle Brook and others when you have time.”

Adri took the bag and looked at it, there were probably more than hundred Senzu Beans inside, and asked feeling surprised: “So many Senzu Beans? I wonder how many Senzu Beans you have hidden…”

“Hey, not much, not much. Uncle Adri don’t tell Xiling, or she’ll certainly annoy me for more Senzu Beans.” Recalling Xiling’s insatiable desire for Senzu Beans, Xiaya felt that if she found out, then he will again lose a large amount of Senzu Beans from his hands.

“I don’t care, you explain it to her yourself.” Smilingly putting away the Senzu Beans, Adri naturally wouldn’t prevent the two little guys from fighting and is even glad to see their relationship become close.

“Uncle Adri, which civilization in the universe specializes in advanced technology and preferably can make large training rooms.”

“Well, that’s a big requirement to be able to make a large training room!” Adri thought for a moment.

“In the North Area, the most technically advanced organization is Space Police, but they have always disliked us Saiyan’s and we also have very little contact with them. And other high-tech planets are not affiliated with the Frieza Forces but to other hostile forces. It’s not easy to find ah!

After listening, Xiaya couldn’t help but frown. The Space Police organization’s advanced technology is high but they have always bragged about protecting the peace of Milky Way Galaxy, so its relations with Saiyan, who destroy the order of the North Area, was not good.

While other forces also know the importance of high-tech civilizations and had early on sent people to conquer them. Now, most of these high-tech planets belong to Frieza Forces and its rival forces, really hard to find ah!

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