The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 30: Jetonian

Chapter 30: Jetonian

Planet Vegeta located in the Southern domain of the North Area of Milky Way, formerly known as Planet Plant, and later renamed to Planet Tuffles, and then again renamed to Planet Vegeta after it was seized by Saiyan’s, was a dark red giant rocky planet.

Planet Vegeta was divided into several layers and the most prosperous one was undoubtedly the layer where Imperial City was.

Saiyan can be counted as a small race with all local Saiyan’s and the Saiyan’s going out for mission totaled to less than million.

Xiaya and his family lived in the famous bustling area of city district with many Saiyan’s living here.

For the next few days, Adri accompanied Xiaya and Xiling in strolling through the various parts of the city district, which he only remembered visiting in childhood and several years had passed when he last visited it.

Blue sea, Blue sky.

You can listen to the crashing sound of seawater.

The bright sunshine sprinkled on the body after passing through the dark red atmosphere making Xiaya feel scorching hot, while his feet stepped on colorful sand shells, making rustling sounds which gave him a smooth and prickling sensation, causing his weariness to temporarily be replaced with a rare comfortable feeling.

This is a remote beach located in the south of the city. Due to it being remote and isolated the flow of people here was not much and was surrounded by well preserved original natural scenery.

On this day, Xiaya went to the nearby Mission Administration Office to submit their Planet Selma’s mission.

It was a three-story tall hemispherical building, whose whole structure was supported by twelve white stone pillars like twelve strong man. In between every two stone pillar was a glass door, and these twelve doors successively surrounded the whole building in a circle, and through their white shiny glass, you could see the bustling scene inside.

Since there were not much Saiyan’s and there being several Mission Administration Office, Xiaya had arrived with only a small line ahead, and after a little, while their turn came.

“Knock Knock Knock!” The sound of knocking on the board was heard.

“No need to knock, I can see you!”

The Alien who was in charge of registration work impatiently stretched out its head, its green eyes resembling two gems were glimmering with a glaring halo.

It was a pterodactyl-looking long-mouthed Alien who had green eyeballs with no white in its eyes, and six slender arms as upper limbs. The arms were extremely flexible as if they had no bones. Its head did not turn around and continued to work behind the high-tech equipment, its movements like floating clouds and flowing water caused others to be dazzled and not appeared even a little bit messy.

The Alien at the Mission Management Office was from Planet Jeto who was sent from Frieza’s headquarter. Their expertise was in operating all kinds of high-tech equipment and they were from an advanced technological civilization.

But because of its terrible personality and vulgarly speaking, Saiyan’s on Planet Vegeta was not fond of them.

“Hello, I am here to submit mission report!”

“Name, mission number?”

The long-mouthed Jetonian made inquiry in a buzzing voice, the jarring sound was extremely offensive just like the sound made when a rooster’s neck was being choked.

The Jetonian’s attitude was not good, and its tone was very rigid as if despising them.

Xiaya frowned, but still truthfully said: “Executor, Xiaya, Xiling, mission number XL85661, Planet Selma Extermination Mission!”

Upon hearing Xiaya’s reply, its six arms quickly typed on the machine and soon Xiaya’s mission list appeared from the database.

Looking at the detailed mission information displayed on the screen, the Jetonian laughed mockingly: “Kekeke, its actually over-limit Extermination Mission. I couldn’t tell that you were this amazing. Zeze, actually able to survive and return after completing the mission! Oh well, Saiyan brat, your mission registration is complete, next someone will go and verify it.”

“Oh yeah, remember to pick up your new mission record after five days. If you missed it then you could only think yourself too be unlucky!” The Jetonian waved its tentacles and spoke in a high and mighty manner making others uncomfortable.

“This guy how can you talk like this!”

The Jetonian’s attitude turned Xiling angry, her face immediately sank and questioned icily while her eyes flashed with coldness, and a vigorous killing intent spread out from her heart.

The temperature in the entire hall plunged down by several degrees.

“Xiling, don’t make trouble!”

A warm little hand covered her head, causing her killing intent to recede. “Why?” Xiling looked at Xiaya in surprise, but seeing him shaking his head, she unwillingly restrained her anger.

“Hic, Damn Saiyan monkey.” The Jetonian had grim countenance while cursing inside his heart, but it didn’t dare let out the curses.

The Jetonian aliens in the Administration office naturally had much more confidence than those Aliens captured by Saiyan.

As behind them was the mighty King Frieza, who had sent them to Planet Vegeta for daily management. Compared to the self-opinionated Saiyan’s, they thought themselves to be King Frieza’s direct subordinates.

Such that in their heart, these Saiyan’s were only considered as leader’s of not yet transformed savage monkeys, and could at most serve as hired thugs, that’s all. In King Frieza’s heart, Saiyans place could nowhere be high like them.

Only, while confronting an angry Saiyan, that alien could only give in. After all, in front of an angry Saiyan, it’s little bit strength was basically insufficient. Even if it was killed, its death would have been in vain as King Frieza would likely not punish Saiyan’s for its sake.

“Let’s go, we’ll be back in five days!” Xiaya said and walked out of the Mission Administration Office.


Xiling coldly snorted and turned her head to hatefully glare at that Jetonian, then also went out.

Its back damp, the Jetonian alien was relieved after the imposing momentum shrouding its body disappeared and cursed: “Damn Saiyan monkey, sooner or later, King Frieza will take care of you. Snort, for the time being, I will put down this matter and in future will certainly collect both the principle and interest. ”

“Heng heng, just you wait!”

Remembering King Friez’s fearful invincible strength, the Jetonian felt a little bit pleased in its heart! As if could already see those uncivilized Saiyan’s dying tragically under King Frieza’s terrifying strength.

After getting out of the Administration Office, Xiaya was worry-free about the mission. Although these Jetonian were arrogant and despise Saiyan’s, they didn’t dare to blatantly not do the task arranged by Frieza; Administration Office staff will personally go and verify the completed mission!

Crystal clear sea water splashed on the beach, the sunlight sprinkled on the body was very warm making one extremely comfortable, but Xiaya’s good mood was however destroyed.

“Xiaya, why did you stop me just now, those Alien’s attitude was revolting, we should have killed them all!” Xiling clenched her fist feeling puzzled, just now if Xiaya hadn’t stopped her, she absolutely would have done just that.

There are many Aliens on Planet Vegeta, but she has never seen such annoying one.

Xiaya exhaled and said while changing his mood: “It is not necessary, after all, they are only weaklings!”

The Jetonians despise Saiyan’s for being uncivilized, and he too despises them for being weak! When Planet Vegeta is destroyed, they also shouldn’t be able to escape.

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