The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 21: Big Breakthrough

Chapter 21: Big Breakthrough

space cracks-> spatial cracks

“Mr. Popo, it’s my turn next!”

After arriving at the entrance of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Xiaya told Mr. Popo who was near the entrance, with a naive and innocent expression while prepared by taking out dozens of Senzu Beans from the space for use.

“Well, since Mr. Xiaya is ready, follow me inside. But there is one thing that needs to be explained in advance, Mr. Popo will only be responsible for giving pointers, the specific training you have to do by yourself.” When Xiaya arrived in front of the door, Mr. Popo suddenly reminded.

“Master leads to the door while the training is done by self, this I understand!” Xiaya said with an indifferent laugh.

The two people stepped past the door of Hyperbolic Time Chamber while speaking, and then the door closed with a “bang” sound, completely separating the two spaces.

Since his body had two major time and spatial ability, Xiaya was particularly sensitive to the changes in space-time. At the moment when the door of Hyperbolic Time Chamber closed, he incisively caught a trace of space-time aura.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber is called “Spirit” and Time room and not simply the “Time” room, so perhaps it is related to a person’s spirit.

The original creator of Hyperbolic Time Chamber may have referred to a person’s spiritual level to find the difference between the rate of flow of time and realism, and then combined the space-time energy to open the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Was the Kami in ancient times an expert in space-time field?

Xiaya inwardly pondered.

Of course, Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s space-time structure was not invulnerable. Although a person can only enter Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2 times throughout his life, it was only targeted at the vast majority of people. For those strong people who can slash through the space-time barrier, this kind of restriction doesn’t have any meaning.

In front of the strong people like Super Saiyan 3 or Majin Buu, the rules of Hyperbolic Time Chamber are useless because they are powerful enough to break the restriction on space.

They have enough strength to break it in ten thousand ways.

So does Super Saiyan 3 have a way to split open space?  Xiaya suddenly has a thought. He is confident toward his space-time’s extraordinary ability that as long as he can continuously research it then in the future will surely be able to develop a perfect space-time cage. At that time he could just use it to confine or seal his enemies which would be superb.

But it is still too early to think about it, Xiaya shook his head and threw away this idea.

As they both went in and crossed the long and narrow corridor, a white empty and vast space appeared before their eyes.

It was an enormous space which had a hot and dry temperature, low pressure, and ten times gravity.

Their location was a two-story palace hall, where fighters usually eat and sleep, but even such a seemingly majestic palace hall appears very insignificant in this empty space.

“In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the food is usually freshwater and dry flour, which is stored in the storage room inside.” Mr. Popo warned.

Listening to Mr. Popo talking about food, Xiaya suddenly remembered.

The hardest part of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is not the day-night temperature difference and the feeling of loneliness, but the torment of having no food. The only food in this Hyperbolic Time Chamber is fresh water and dry flour. As a Saiyan, how can I live without fish and meat?

“No wonder Son Goku could not endure the few months when he first entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and if it were not for Androids threatening Earth, he would not have reentered!”

Food is very important ah!

The original deity who constructed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber probably did not have any way to preserve food, so he had only prepared water and flour.

Is this the commonly known “dry food”?

The next day, Xiaya began to train under Mr. Popo’s directions.

At that time, two people were standing in the center of the big white square.

“I’ve learned from Xiling about your previous training method, though it’s rough it does have some effect. Korin should have already taught you before about maintaining rhythm in combat and reducing unnecessary movements, right?”

Xiaya nodded. “Immortal Korin thinks we have a good grasp of Ki control.”

“Then you should continue to follow the same for some time in here, before this I will talk about the essence-spirit of martial arts in detail.” Mr. Popo was without any expression as always, but Xiaya can feel his goodwill.

After slightly nodding, Mr. Popo began to explain his understanding of Ki and mental state just like a martial arts master.

Mr. Popo must be a great philosopher! This is the feeling Xiaya got in his heart after listening.

Mr. Popo’s pointers could be said to be very comprehensive. He was gradually resolving all of his body’s weaknesses. Since inside the Time room, there were temperature variations, thin air and ten times gravity from the outside world, so after putting on the weighted clothes, the impact was particularly huge on Xiaya.

Before he thought that his movements were perfect but at this moment he inevitably found flaws in them.

“Here, here, here, all this are superfluous, punches are not sharp enough, should moderate your use of Ki here … …”

“Your heart must be calm, and your person must be stable. When your body moves, use Ki along with it… …”

Mr. Popo observed Xiaya’s movements from the side, and provided pointers from time to time, while Xiaya took the hint and continued to adjust his movements, and achieved the ‘lifting heavy as light’ and ‘heart as stagnant water’ realm.

In fact, Xiaya could already be considered as an outstanding martial artist, only he had lacked guidance for the future use. But now that he has Mr. Popo to give pointers, he quickly absorbed them like nourishments and made up for his deficiencies.

Time flies.

Every day, Xiaya was growing and soon a year has passed in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Xiaya was still wearing the dark orange weighted clothes. He stood straight while floating in the sky, his two arms interlocked in front of his chest, and head down with a thoughtful look while dripping with bean-sized beads of sweat from his forehead.

His surrounding was permeated with a transparent Aura, and like a mirage was distorting the entire space.


Suddenly white qi waves erupted, the cold and severe wind swirled the surrounding floating dust, spreading out a momentum which swirled the tornado in spirals.

Deep and dark red spatial cracks suddenly appeared and stretched out in all directions, each and every crack appeared like a bloodthirsty serpent, unscrupulously spitting out its tongue, and bloody dark red which could terrify people.

Not far away, Mr. Popo looked at everything with a stupefied expression. Seeing the appearing spatial cracks, his two calm pupils couldn’t help but flash with a trace of shock.

Experiencing the entirely new strength flowing unbridled in his heart and mind, Xiaya sighed with relief and restrained his aura with satisfaction.

As he retracted his aura, the deep cracks in his surrounding also disappeared, and space gradually healed under the self-restoration, very quickly recovering to its original state.

The quiet and vast space recovered its original calm atmosphere after Xiaya retracted his imposing manner. The scene a moment ago was just like a mirage, which appeared and disappeared very quickly, not leaving any obvious traces in the time room.

No special attention was given when Hyperbolic Time Chamber was first built a long time ago. Except for providing a double-story palace for a person to live inside, there was not a soul in sight and everywhere was only a vast expanse of white, causing the living conditions to be very poor. Although it can not be compared with the extreme environment in the universe, it was nevertheless a good place for training.

Especially at a crucial moment, it is a good place which can provide extra time for training. In the center of the spacious, hot and dry square, Xiaya stood motionless with his eyes closed, adapting to his new strength while easily and naturally breathing in and out. Like a soon sprouting bud, it would only need a little sunlight and rain to grow strong and sturdy.

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