The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 621: Unchangeable Plot

Chapter 621: Unchangeable Plot

Hearing Luffy’s worried tone, Robin took a deep breath, calmed her heart down, and said directly.

“His name is Naito.”

“On this sea, countless people regard him as a god-like existence.”

It was two very simple sentences, but Robin couldn’t help but saying them with a trembled voice.

When Luffy heard these words, he tilted his head, feeling puzzled, but Nami by his side suddenly was stunned and couldn’t help but tremble.

“Naito?! Yuu Naito?!”

Even Luffy’s brain was a rubber. So it was normal to see him have such a reaction when he heard Naito’s name, but Nami, even though she never left the East Blue before, she still heard of the name Naito!

The God, Yuu Naito!

The man who changed the world with his own power!

More than a year ago, the former world government was overthrown, leading to disagreements between more than 200 countries, 100 of which established a new world government, some went independent, and the others joined the revolutionary army.

A huge wave swept the entire world, not to mention the East Blue; every corner of this world was affected.

Except for people like Luffy, who is completely disinterested in the news, everyone, including the likes of Zoro, heard about the legends of Naito.

Hearing Robin’s words at this time, everyone was shocked.

“Nami was there anything special about that name just now?!”

Luffy saw how everyone’s expression changed drastically, but he didn’t know why, so he tilted his head to look at Nami and asked strangely.

Hearing Luffy’s words, Nami didn’t turn her head to look at him. Her eyes were fixed on Naito’s body, while cold sweat kept overflowing from her forehead with evident shock in her eyes.

This guy turned out to be…

“How to put it, There are people who claim to be gods by self-titling themselves, but Naito is recognized by the entire world as a true god!”

Nami took a deep breath, then said after bearly suppressing the shock in her heart.

“Is that so…?”

Luffy nodded in understanding, then suddenly said, “That means this guy is very powerful.”


Hearing Luffy’s words, Nami’s face instantly darkened.

Nami was still looking at Naito’s body in disbelief. She still felt a little weird in her heart to encounter a legendary existence in such a place.

But when Luffy came up with such a sentence, Nami couldn’t help but slap his head while uncovering her pointy teeth, “Don’t start talking nonsense if you don’t know him!!”

Regardless of whether the person in front of her is the legendary Naito or not, Nami was sure about one thing only, is that no one should ever offend him. Luffy is so careless and speaks unscrupulously, so of course, Nami got a little mad.

Naito stood there and didn’t move, but from the corner of his eyes, Luffy, Nami, and the others were all scrutinized.

There are not many differences from what he remembers.

Naito suddenly laughed, a little bit dumbfounded. He originally thought that he had destroyed the world government and changed the entire plot. And this would cause the Straw Hat Pirates to never be formed.

Unexpectedly, everything remained the same, Robin still joined the straw hat pirates, and they still came to Skypiea.

He just didn’t expect to pump into them so coincidentally.

After chuckling secretly, Naito’s gaze fell to the far distance.

It seems that the Raigo that Enel used to destroy The Angel Island left a big black hole in the clouds that was still spreading.

It seems that the clouds cannot fill this huge hole in a short time.

“Skypiea is also a beautiful place… It’s a shame to disappear like this.” Looking at the huge hole in the distance, Naito murmured to himself with his hands on his back.

On the first day when he came to Skypiea, he also went to stroll around the island. Of course, when Naito deliberately conceals his aura, even the Enel here won’t notice his existence.

“Yeah, it would be nice if I came here earlier. It’s really a pity that it’s like this now.”

Ain stood next to Naito, showing pity. At first, she hadn’t noticed Angel Island has disappeared. After Enel was killed by Kuina, she noticed. And a look of hatred appeared on her face.

Enel is such a cruel man. It’s really a shame.

Naito quietly looked at the empty cloud, where Angel Island was located before. And after a while, he suddenly waved his hand and took a step forward.

Naito didn’t move before, and Nami, Robin, and the others didn’t move either. They were all staring at Naito, but the latter suddenly moved, which made everyone nervous, not knowing what he was going to do.

Only Luffy was still standing there with a stupid face.


Almost as soon as Naito’s footsteps fell, his figure flickered and disappeared out of thin air.

“He disappeared?!”

Zoro, who had been staring at Naito, suddenly widened his eyes, feeling puzzled how Naito managed to disappear out of his sight!

In other words, just this way, if Naito decided to attack him, he might not even be able to react at all!

Zoro, who had some doubts about whether the legends about Naito are true or false, suddenly his heart shuddered.


Luffy was stunned when Naito disappeared and couldn’t help blink vigorously, wondering if he was dazzled.

The sudden disappearance of Naito shocked everyone while Nami and Robin kept looking for Naito around.

“Over there!”

Nami was the first to discover his location, but she couldn’t help but feel shocked because Naito was so far away now, at the edge of the hole left by the destruction of Angel Island.

How did he manage to cross such a long distance!

It’s almost like teleportation.

“What is he going to do?”

After discovering where Naito was, the people present couldn’t help but have such a question in their hearts.


Skypiea ten thousand meters, the white sea.

After Enel used Raigo to destroy Angel Island with a single move, what happened next made everyone feel dizzy.

First, Enel made a second Raigo to destroy Shandorian, and then Kuina appeared and cut the Raigo with a single strike.

Then, it was Kuina rushing to the sky, and from their point of view, underestimating the God Enel. However, she finished him with a single blow.

Almost all the people in Skypiea were left dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until Enel fell after a long time that someone finally recovered.

“Enel… is he dead?!”

“Who is that girl? Is she a messenger sent by the real God to save us?”

Many people fell to their knees in desperation and prayed when the second Raigo was about to hit them. Unexpectedly, a person actually appeared, blocking the Raigo and defeating Enel.

Coupled with the horror of the power that Kuina showed, which was almost unhuman, many people suddenly started to regard her as a messenger, an angel sent by the gods.

The death of Enel was naturally a happy event, but the Angel Island where they lived has been completely destroyed by Enel.

For a time, no one knew whether they should be happy or sad.

At this time, many people were looking in the direction of the island, where the black hole was still spreading.

“Our Angel Island…”

“Has it disappeared completely?”

Many people shook their heads, sighing in their hearts.

But almost at the same moment, a person who was looking in the island’s direction suddenly widened his eyes, as if he had seen something almost unthinkable.

Immediately afterward, the expression on the faces of other people looking in the direction of the island changed.

The first, the second, the third…

Soon, everyone’s eyes were looking in the island’s direction, and everyone’s expressions were almost exactly the same.

At this moment, not only the people of Skypiea but also Zoro, Usopp, Nami, Robin, and even Luffy were shocked.

“This… This is…”

“Is this a dream?”

“Is this… the power of God?!”

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