The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 804: Number One Fan

Chapter 804: Number One Fan

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“How dare you!”

The two got so used to having their way, they began shouting at Zhuo Fan’s complaint. “Who are you to disturb the sixth prince…”


Their tirade was cut short by an explosion. They exploded in a mist of blood while Zhuo Fan lowered his punch, lamenting.

[Where am I supposed to go from here? The sketch is a bust…]

The people in the restaurant paled, with some even slumping on the floor.

[Just one punch from an 8th layer Radiant Stage expert and two peak Profound Heaven cultivators were dead without even a corpse left behind. They died before even knowing what was coming.] 

[This guy is brutal, not holding back at all. Those two were the prince’s men…]

The fear in everyone only grew as they looked at Zhuo Fan, shivering in their spots.

“Hua Laer, Hua Lasha, are you done? The prince is about to arrive.”

An aged voice sounded from a man with a white beard. Seeing the blood around, he shouted, “What’s with all this blood? Haven’t I told you brats not to kill? How can you feast when there’s blood around? Cleaning it up is such a pain too…”

The people glanced at the old guy but remained silent.

[He must think the blood comes from us. If only he knew they were his own two men…]

The old man walked inside as he shouted, “Hua Laer, Hua Lasha, get out here right no-, ugh…”

The old man bore a weird look, “Why are there so many people around? Sixth prince is about to arrive!”

The others gave him a pitiful look, then waited for Zhuo Fan to make his move.

[What’s a prince against an 8th layer Radiant Stage cultivator?]

[If we take a single step without his permission, we might just end up like those two.]

Zhuo Fan was frowning and pondering what to do. The sketch lost its value and he was now stuck. He was so distracted, he did not notice the eerie mood in the restaurant.

“Uhm, sir…”

The old man wasn’t as impulsive as the late two. Noticing where all eyes were looking, he grew stiff as he sized Zhuo Fan up. 

[Oh crap, an 8th layer Radiant Stage expert.] 

He was only in the 4th layer and the prince’s household had no such expert either. That was the reason behind his bow and address.

Zhuo Fan was still vexed with his problem to pay him any mind. The old man turned to the waiter, “Who is this sir?” 

The waiter shook his head.

The old man looked around and got the same answer from the rest.

Sighing, the old man asked, “Where are the two tough men that came in?”

“You’re stepping on them.” The waiter pointed at the blood.

The old man shook and looked at all the red on the floor, then at the stumped Zhuo Fan in realization. 

[The two’s brash attitudes must’ve irked this man and they ended up like this.]

This was bad. Messing with such a strong expert was anything but good. 

[I have to settle it now. But he shows complete disregard to me, who is four layers beneath him.] 

[Since there’s nothing I can do, I’ll get help!]

The old man tiptoed two steps back, then ran like hell.

The people were stunned. 

[And you call yourself a man in sixth prince’s service? Mere thugs that scare the weak ones and flee from anyone strong.]

Only Zhuo Fan was still lost in his thoughts, not registering this event…


Four powerful energies came into the restaurant moments later and forced the guests to falter back.

Four elders enter, with one of them being the same guy from before. But the leader was a blond man with sharp eyes and far stronger.

The people in the restaurant knew then and there that this guy was a true expert.

Many who met his eyes felt dizzy and in shock.

[With these four so powerful, are they planning to take on the Tianyu expert? That will mean a brutal battle!]

[Won’t that end with us as collateral?]

The people were restless now, praying to anyone out there not to get dragged into this mess.

It was beyond their expectations when they saw the blond elder bowing before Zhuo Fan, “I am High Venerable Jin Buhuan of the sixth prince from Quanrong Empire. I ask that you overlook the rude attitude of my men.”

“Get lost!”

Seeing as the strongest, Jin Buhuan, was only one layer lower than him, Zhuo Fan couldn’t care less.

Stunned, Jin Buhuan felt awkward, then his mood sank. He might be slightly weaker, but to get no respect at all?

He had more men as well. If a fight broke out, it might even go in their favor.

The white bearded old man knew this and shouted, “Sir, we respect you as fellow Radiant Stage cultivators and don’t wish to fight. We are even willing to overlook killing our men, but even with your 8th layer Radiant Stage cultivation, among the best in Quanrong, it still won’t be enough against numbers. Getting on the imperial family’s bad side is ill advised. I urge you to rethink and let’s work this out as friends.”

Jin Buhuan smiled and nodded at his appraoch.

[Neither humble nor confrontational, with words said with respect and reason. That should do it.]

Too bad they weren’t dealing with your average Radiant Stage expert. Even a rotten bastard would listen, but not Zhuo Fan, who was loftier than the loftiest freak…

“All bark and no bite.”

Zhuo Fan mocked, “You old coots yap for so long because your teeth must be dulled, ha-ha-ha…”

Jin Buhuan’s face twitched and grew red. He clenched his fists in rage. 

[Damn punk, we’re clearly being nice and you spit on our faces?]

Zhuo Fan smirked at them.

He was annoyed the sketch was a bust and needed a good punching bag to feel better. It just so happened a few poor devils came right at his door.

Jin Buhuan glared, “Sir, I don’t care who or how strong you are, but you’re over the line. I will not take this lying down!”

Jin Buhuan exploded with power and bloodthirst as he charged at Zhuo Fan. The other three elders were right behind him.

The oppressive power shook the entire restaurant. 

The people were pushed back under such pressure, while Zhuo Fan just smiled.

He was looking at four clowns doing their act.

Zhuo Fan mocking gaze enraged Jin Buhuan. He shouted and was about to strike. “Stop!”


Halting all of a sudden, Jin Buhuan looked back and bowed.

Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow and saw a fashionable youth walking over.

[He must be their lord, that sixth prince.]

Ignoring the elders, the prince looked at Zhuo Fan in shock. His steps were shaky, his lips trembling, “You’re…” 

“Yes, I’m the one that killed your two dogs. Now four more dogs came to bite me, so you should be coming in only after this is done. There’s no need for any blustering either, being more than familiar with this play. Wait till I kill them. If you still want to die, I don’t mind sending you off as well.”

Zhuo Fan waved him off like he was a beggar.

The elders were furious and wanted to rip Zhuo Fan to pieces.

But the youth was dancing in joy, “Y-you’re Zhuo Fan! How are you still alive? I’m your biggest fan!”

“Uhm, huh?” Zhuo Fan was perplexed, to say the least…

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