The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 769: Bridal Room

Chapter 769: Bridal Room

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Wedding night, a time of bliss.

After a loud evening, Zhuo Fan in a glamorous red robe and high footwear, entered the lavishly decorated bridal room before closing the door.  

He saw on the edge of the bridal bed, a marvelous figure, waiting for him to take off her red veil. 

Grinning, Zhuo Fan was filled with joy as he slowly came forward and lifted the veil to see a beauty incredible to this world, of delicate features and even more mesmerizing than before.

Even Zhuo Fan was struck speechless, forgetting to take off the veil completely.

“What are you staring at?” Chu Qingcheng cast a faint gaze on his lost expression. She blushed and rolled her eyes at him.

Waking up with a start, Zhuo Fan beamed, taking off the veil and holding her hands as he got drunk on her beauty. “Ha-ha-ha, I’m only appreciating my wife’s unique features. Oh, there’s no one in this whole wide world that can compare. I must’ve saved the world in some past life to deserve you.” 

“Zip it, what kind of demon saves the world? Destroying its peace is more like it.” Chu Qingcheng teased, despite the happiness she felt.

Scratching his head, Zhuo Fan nodded, “True, how can I save the world? I bet that since I ruined the world at some point, Heaven gave me you to tie me down and not sin again. Ha-ha-ha, even Heaven is scared of me, honey trapping me.”

“What honey trap? When did I entice you?”

“Why, you didn’t want to seduce me?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow with a mischievous smile.

Chu Qingcheng glared, but turned her head away. Despite it all, her mouth formed a smile.

Zhuo Fan snickered, “He-he-he, since you won’t tempt me, then I’ll have to play rough.”

Zhuo Fan sprung on her, pinning Chu Qingcheng to the bed. With a flick, he had the candles snuffed out, plunging the bridal room into darkness.

“Ah, how could you!” Chu Qingcheng cried out.

Zhuo Fan grinned, “Why can’t I? You can’t beat me anyway.”

“You… brute.”

“That’s me, a brute. I thought you knew that from day one.” Zhuo Fan showed an evil grin, “But now you’re this brute’s wife, getting pushed around every day. It’s too late for regrets now, ha-ha-ha…” 

Suddenly Chu Qingcheng whimpered from the flood of emotions. Zhuo Fan said nothing as well, only letting the odd bang and crash resound in the room. 

Outside the bridal room, Kui Lang saw the lights were out and showed a pleased smile, “He-he-he, Steward Zhuo is a beast even when it comes to his wedding night; my role model!”

“A rotten one more like it!” Han Qianying glared at him, then smiled.

Kui Lang scratched his head and looked at her, “Darling, it’s been so many years. Should we…”


Kui Gang came over and broke their mood, “The party is over, the elders and venerables have left. Ugh, that was damn tiring.”

“Then go to bed. Your mom and I are going right now!” Kui Lang rushed to say.

But Kui Gang stuck out his chest and said, “How can I? We’ve just been reunited and I must do my duty as a good son. No matter what, I want to spend the night with mom for all the years I missed.”

“What a good child.” Han Qianying rubbed his head.

Kui Lang glared and gnashed his teeth, “Get lost! You’ll have plenty of time to make up for it. Tonight is mine!”

“Uh, dad is also doing his duty?” Kui Gang’s face twitched.

Kui Lang was stumped. 

[This kid is a demonic cultivator after all. What is it taking so long for him to grow up? Didn’t he hear that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Moreover, I haven’t seen your mom in two decades.]

“Damn brat, I told you to go! Don’t talk back or I’ll…”

“Fine, fine, do your duty. I won’t disturb you.” Kui Gang jerked back and then he bowed to Han Qianying, “Mother, I’ll greet you tomorrow.”

Kui Gang then left puzzled and cursing inside.

[How can a husband do his duty to his wife? Won’t a man get tired? Doing my duty to my mother and then my wife… Am I fated for a life of misery?]

Kui Gang shuddered and sighed.

Han Qianying could not help but giggle at his clueless look and then glared at Kui Lang, “Why are you so mean to a child?”

“He-he-he, it’s not my fault the kid is oblivious. Tonight you come with me alone.” Kui Lang smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

Han Qianying blushed and she left as she held his hand…

While this side was filled with happy couples, there was one corner that looked desolate.

Shui Ruohua, Yun Shuang, Yongning and many other girls watched the lights go out in the bridal room with sadness in their hearts.

“Shuang’er, do you think Zhuo Fan will want us now that he has sister Qingcheng?” Yongning asked.

Pondering for a bit, Shuang’er shook her head, “I don’t know what he’s thinking. But what does it matter? And hasn’t sister Qingcheng said it? As long as he’s fine, everything is meaningless.”

“Yeah, sister Qingcheng is so committed, she finally got to enter this cruel man’s heart. Maybe we should do the same…” Yongning mused.

Luo Yunhai shook his head, “Princess Yongning, with your trickster heart, you’ll never win brother Zhuo over.”

“What trickster? Luo Yunhai, don’t spout nonsense. My heart is pure!”

“Yes, yes, princess is of pure heart, but just like my sister, you still have a desire to possess him.” Luo Yunhai sighed as he gave a long look at the room, “But sister Qingcheng has no such desire with brother Zhuo. I believe this was the reason he accepted her in the end.”

Shuddering, the girls looked at each other before looking down. Compared to Chu Qingcheng, they were each selfish to some degree, wanting Zhuo Fan for themselves.

Zhuo Fan was a demonic expert so he was cunning and sensitive to other’s desires. He could read them like a book and it was because of this he did not accept any of them, even though he knew their feelings for him were true…

[How will my sister take it?]

Luo Yunhai sighed and held his head.

In the morning, a ray of sunlight peeked through the window and into the lavish bridal room. Zhuo Fan opened his sleepy eyes. He moved his left hand only to find his side empty. 

Startled, Zhuo Fan looked over to see the fairy no longer there. Looking ahead, he finally caught Chu Qingcheng dressing.

Her fair body looked incredibly beautiful through Zhuo Fan’s hazy eyes.

Seeing Zhuo Fan awake, Chu Qingcheng smiled, “The ever cautious Steward Zhuo slept like a log. Aren’t you afraid of an ambush?”

“That’s what a night with you does to me.”

Zhuo Fan chuckled and lay back on the bed. He stared at the plain ceiling and smiled, “A woman is a hero’s downfall. That’s an apt description. Qingcheng, taking you in my arms to sleep, I was brought back to the broken house in Drifting Flowers City, of the tranquility I felt, and I didn’t feel like going back to the tumultuous and chaotic world again.” 

Chu Qingcheng shook and smiled, “At that time, we were only playing, while now, I am really your wife.”

“That must be why my heart is at peace.”

Getting up, Zhuo Fan came behind Chu Qingcheng and hugged her, “Qingcheng, did you know? Ever since those couple of days in Drifting Flowers City, I’ve always been yearning for it and feared it. Because I found that with you, my ambition to strive forward is being worn down. That’s why I rejected you. But in the end, you still grabbed hold of me and there’s nothing that I want to do more than stay with you forever.”

Zhuo Fan rested his head in Chu Qingcheng’s beautiful hair, whispering sweet nothings. Chu Qingcheng felt ticklish, but her heart was bouncing in joy, “I don’t want to hold you back. All I want is to let you achieve your wish.”

“There’s no point now. All I want is for us to grow old together. Nothing else matters.”

He stuffed his head in her hair and, for the first time, let go of his pride, “Qingcheng, Elder Yuan was right. It’s hard to overcome love. It seems I am trapped and it’s all your fault. You must take responsibility for me…”

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