The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 617: Demonic

Chapter 617: Demonic

“Ah~, no~…”

In a deep cave, a shriek bounced off the solid bedrock. Shui Ruohua and the newly captured prey opened their eyes to witness a most blushing scene.

They saw a blushing man with red hair and a creepy smile, the same youth they met two weeks back.

As well as a most familiar woman, howling under that vile spawn of a human being.

“Junior sister!”

Shui Ruohua cried, “You bastard, let her go!”

She felt powerless to come to her rescue, finding her cultivation sapped.

The redhead snickered, “Hi-hi-hi, lassie, are you that excited? Don’t worry, your number will come up soon.”

“Rotten piece of filth!” Shui Ruohua’s eyes were red at the agony her dear junior sister was subjected to.

Chu Qingcheng and Dan’er woke up as well to see the same revolting image.

While of the Demon Scheming Sect’s gang, only the women snorted something, as the rest were quite eager learners of this ritual the beasts used every now and then.

Fiend Yang was drooling, “Hey, pilgrim, we don’t know them, just bumped into each other. Do what you want with the girls, but let us go.”

“He-he-he, I saw you trying to help them. Don’t think your act will fool anyone.” The redhead mocked.

Fiend Yang sighed, “Our leader is an old friend of that woman so he wanted to help. We’re different.”

“Who cares? You’re in my cave, so that makes you my prey, at my whim, he-he-he…” The redhead cackled as he put more effort into his actions, making the miss under him cry one last time before slumping.

She dried up under the naked eye, becoming a husk in seconds.

[Sucking yin?!]

Fiend Yang eased up. [Since the guy trains in such an art, we guys should be safe, ha-ha-ha…]


The redhead, however, stood up and flicked for a youth to fall into his hand. He then absorbed the red lights emanating from the kid, his essence.

The youth ended up dried up like the lass.

[Uh, now it’s yang?]

Fiend Yang’s face twitched, looking at the redhead with pitiful eyes, “Dude, are you a man or woman? Can’t you just pick one? Let some of us have a shot at life at least. “

“Hi-hi-hi, I’m taking both yin and yang. Don’t you worry, I’ll be tending to pluck an Ethereal Stage expert’s yang soon. It must be a treat for sure, ha-ha-ha…”

Fiend Yang’s face sank and looked at his fellow comrades sporting the same bitter face. [Here I am a mighty Ethereal Stage expert finding my end at the hands of a kid, by having my yang taken no less. Oh, the shame!]

[Curse you, Zhuo Fan! You said you’d save us! Where the hell are you?]

Every victim here echoed his thoughts, as they gave their lives all so Zhuo Fan would come up with a solution.

Ignoring the old guys, the redhead pulled his pants with a happy grin and turned to the ladies present, Yue’er in particular, “Hi-hi-hi, girlie, my, how ripe you are. Want to chat with yours truly?”

The redhead went to break both her arms and legs.

Except for a creak, nothing gave and the guy looked baffled, “Hey, are you sure you’re a woman? How are you so hard? Come on, break already…”

The redhead snarled, “W-what the hell is your body made of?”

Yue’er mocked, “Sorry, but master gave us all Zombie Pills that harden our bodies. So stop wasting your breath.”

“There’s actually such a bastard master out there? I get punishing one’s disciples, but to do it all so I can’t enjoy you?”

The redhead was outraged, “Who here is your damn master? Come out and cure her! “

“Stop yelling, he’s not here.” Kui Lang sighed, “Dude, let us move around a bit or we’ll soon be too stiff to even talk. We’ll just turn to stone and die.”

Glossing over the plea, the redhead frowned and exclaimed, “It’s that punk! Just how is he your master when you have higher cultivation?”

“That’s how he has us under control.” Kui Gang lamented, coming up with an excuse.

The redhead nodded, slapping his chest, “Not to worry, the punk is stuck in my array. In a couple of days, I’ll get the cure from his corpse, and then the fun will start, hi-hi-hi…”

His lusty grin fell on Yue’er and Bai Lian before leaving.

The two glared in reply, then eased a breath. [The Zombie Pill truly is a blessing in disguise.]

Contrary to popular belief, not all demonic cultivator women were like Hu Mei’er, not caring about her reputation and dignity.

The redhead went to Mystical Heaven Sect’s side, patting Shui Ruohua’s soft cheeks, then Dan’er and the other women, “How smooth, how soft. Now that’s what I call a woman, not a rock. Now break!”

“Stop, you fiend! Don’t touch them! It was I that insulted you. Take it out on me if you must!” Someone shouted.

The girls turned around in glee, “Young master!”

However, the sight of him left them stunned. Xuan Shaoyu’s hair was a mess, his eyes red, his face pale, and it bore a crazed look. His mind drifted off somewhat, his gaze nasty.

“Bastard, what did you do to young master?” Shui Ruohua cursed.

The redhead snickered, “Nothing, just let him enjoy the show, lucky bastard. Yet look what that did to him. His poor heart couldn’t take it. How is it my fault?”

“There’s no way our refined young master would…” Shui Ruohua’s face was red from anger.

The redhead shook his head, “Refined? He-he-he, you righteous pompous cultivators just love slapping each other with fancy words all for appearance’s sake. I only said he looks refined normally while when crazy he’s anything but human, quite the demon like me in fact. Did you know this same nice young master of yours had a taste of your junior sister’s yin?”


Shui Ruohua and the girls watched Xuan Shaoyu with questioning gazes. All he could do was hang his head in shame.

[He went demonic, just as filthy as this demon…]

“Shut up, demonic vermin! Young master will never fall for your schemes. He’d never make such a mistake!” An elder shouted.

Shui Ruohua and the others cried, “Elder Yun, you’re alright!”

There were three elders at Xuan Shaoyu’s side, two in the 4th layer of the Ethereal Stage, and the other in the 5th. They all looked calm with their eyes closed.

Elder Yun was the leader, reprimanding despite not looking.

The redhead walked over with a smile, “Old coot, I had tried so many times to tempt you old guys, yet only he fell each time. With all of us having a demon inside, sooner or later it will come out. Since Mystical Heaven Sect’s young master is now a demonic cultivator, would that make Mystical Heaven Sect a future demonic sect? Ha-ha-ha…”

“Preposterous! Young master is still too young and naive. While he may make mistakes, there is no way he will walk the same path to hell as you demons! He will not shame Mystical Heaven Sect!” Elder Yun cussed.

The redhead shrugged, “It’s all the same since Mystical Heaven Sect’s tiniest stain will make it a laughing stock to the other sects. A righteous cultivator learning how to pluck yin, his sects’ sisters in fact. Tell me if that ain’t funny, ha-ha-ha… “

The elder’s beards shook in rage while Xuan Shaoyu just hung his head. Shui Ruohua looked at this young kid in pity and sighed…

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