The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1169: Spirit King

Chapter 1169: Spirit King

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All shuddered at the fear they felt from the familiar voice. They turned their stiff heads at the crater, with some showing despair while others exhilaration.

[The empire lives on!]


Purple lightning reemerged, with the entire sky turning purple, without a single trace of darkness. Even the air itself became electrified, as purple lightning snaked everywhere.

Zhuo Fan was surrounded by purple glows in seconds, coming from everywhere.

“What’s going on here?”

Danqing Shen’s heart jumped in his throat, looking at the flickering lightning just a foot from his soaked head, “This isn’t world power, so why is the entire world coming under the old monster’s control?”


A purple lighting strike flared next to him and flung him two dozen meters away. His face red as he coughed blood.

The rest found the hard way how the lightning could strike at any time and fear gripped their hearts.

[What the hell is going on? We clearly aren’t in the old monster’s domain, but why would it appear around us? A Genesis Stage expert should not be able to exert control to this extent. It feels like the world is at his whims and we’re its prisoners to kill at the slightest discontent.]

[This is terrifying!]

Zither Sword King and Ling Yuntian glanced at the purple lightning around with sweat all over. Baili Jingwei laughed and cupped his hands, “Patriarch is unstoppable. With the Patriarch around, the empire shall never fall, ha-ha-ha…” 

“The Patriarch is unstoppable!”

“The Patriarch is unstoppable!”

The soldiers shouted like fanatics, throwing fists in the air. The rest were looking bleak, like they entered hell.

They knew Baili Yutian was strong, but now strength did not cut it as apt description of that monster. It went beyond the realm of human comprehension.

As the lightning danced around them, ready to send them to an early grave at any given moment. Their previous joy at victory became a crushing despair.

They were mice trapped in the old man’s cage, for him to toy with as he wished. He had stopped being a man, turning into a living god.

Who could possibly take on a god?

They turned to Zhuo Fan in the sky, holding a shred of forlorn hope. Only a demon could fight a god, its antithesis. 

[Only Zhuo Fan, a demon, has the strength to do it?] 

Hope flickered in the depths of their gazes as they turned to the man in the sky…

With a crumbling sound and the lightning flaring, Invincible Sword’s tough body floated out of the crater. Lightning covered him, like a thunder god. His armor was gone, there was blood on his mouth, but his eyes were sharp and his aura explosive.

Baili Jingwei’s side laughed, “The Patriarch is unstoppable…”

“Zhuo Fan, these mortals are clueless, but not you.”

Ignoring the fanatic joy below, Baili Yutian stared at Zhuo Fan with a grin.

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Above Genesis is the Spirit King Stage, wielding the power of the air around us. A Genesis Stage expert only controls the power above to give him a boost in battle. A Spirit King is like a border official, able to control the entire space. Every corner is suffused with your power, for you to do anything you want with it. That’s a Spirit King!”

“Yes, I knew you’re not like these mortals and know far more than we do.”

Baili Yutian laughed, “Zhuo Fan, the day you told me there’s something above Genesis Stage, I was skeptical. Even as I saw you fight the sea demon, doubt remained. Only when I advanced and felt all the power you spoke I realized you never lied to me. Mortality through spirituality, imperial, saintly and sovereignty, it’s all real. Devil Mountain is real! That’s why I can’t wait to see everything for myself. Mere days after I broke through, I felt my body light, like there’s something pulling at me to leave.”

[What’s keeping you then?]

Ling Yuntian and the rest sighed, quipping in their minds. Zhuo Fan paused in thought. 

[Going above Genesis you can no longer stay in the mortal domain. That’s why there’s no one above mortal stages in the mortal domain, they all left. But left where, exactly? Why haven’t I heard of any of them before?]

Zhuo Fan pondered and Baili Yutian grinned, “As it stands, I should just let go and see the new world. But I remembered our promised fight. I didn’t know of your fate, but I still waited. Also, Jingwei told me the empire is about to change. I had a refiner make me an 11th grade spiritual armor to restrain my cultivation before I’d be forced to leave.

“But to think providence brought you to me. I could fight to my heart’s content and finish it once and for all with you, ha-ha-ha…”

“Why didn’t you go all out just now?”

Zhuo Fan taunted, “Did you think Genesis Stage was enough to deal with me, perhaps?”

Baili Yutian nodded, “Zhuo Fan, you know about the Spirit King Stage and thus must know about its power. Fighting as I am would be like taking it out on you while taking out all the fun from the fight. But I never imagined you’d go beyond this level after a hundred years. That sword would’ve crippled the past me. A shame the 11th grade spiritual armor broke and my power is let loose. In two hours I’ll be forced to leave…” 

Baili Yutian glanced at the wide sky.

Outside of the ever present lightning, there was a shimmering light growing as it fell, like a tunnel for him to ascend and leave this world behind.

“I wanted to have a blast fighting you some more. What a shame I’m running out of time and you out of power. As a fellow warrior, I shall send you off myself, out of respect!”

Baili Yutian eased a breath and raised a hand. The air grew heavy and the lightning around Zhuo Fan focused on him, “I’ll be honored to fulfill your final wish.”


Zhuo Fan slashed his demonic sword, sending golden flames around to obliterate the lightning, “You’re too kind, Invincible Sword, but that should be my line. I’ll be sure to take your head before the call pulls you away. Allow me to fulfill any of your last wishes.” 

“Ha-ha-ha, Zhuo Fan, you’re really something. Do you really think you have a chance?” Baili Yutian mocked, “Your sword is strong, but can no longer hurt me for everything around us is under my control. There’s no hope for you. That’s why I didn’t want to fight you as a Spirit King Stage cultivator, it’s boring.”


A scarlet sword wave flew at Baili Yutian’s neck in reply, unleashed by Zhuo Fan with all his power.

The Invincible Sword wasn’t as hard-pressed, merely extending two fingers to cross them.

Under the frightened eyes of many, the air warped and Zhuo Fan’s attack got deviated by a meter from Baili Yutian, letting it explode somewhere behind. 

Baili Yutian stood there with a tranquil expression, “This is my world and you can no longer touch me.”

Danqing Shen’s side lamented, hanging their heads and feeling disgruntled.

[Why? Why is it that a man appeared that can take the Invincible Sword down, but the monster had to advance as well?]

[Now everyone will die, all plans wasted.] 

All their efforts had been in vain.

[The Invincible Sword really is invincible.]

Baili Jingwei’s side had a victorious smile and stuck out their chests. None noticed that Zhuo Fan wore a sinister smile as well.

He sometimes touched his covered eyes with a calm expression.

[I should go all-out as well, ha-ha-ha…]

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