The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1167: Soaring Power

Chapter 1167: Soaring Power

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Piercing buzzing came from all directions, followed by thunderous boom of lightning as countless thunder blades shot for Zhuo Fan’s black domain and tore it apart. Zhuo Fan’s darkness lost half its ground in the sky from the onslaught, while the empire’s soldiers suffered heavy casualties as well, dying by the dozens. 

Baili Jingwei didn’t care, the only thing mattering to him was the Patriarch taking the lead.

Genesis Stage focused on control of world power. Zhuo Fan’s control was now slipping and that meant he was at a disadvantage. 

[The Patriarch is gaining the upper hand.] 

Danqing Shen’s group frowned with worry.

[In a Genesis Stage battle, losing the sky is like being disarmed.]

Zhuo Fan didn’t look affected. Hovering with pride among the darkness with a sinister grin. The demonic sword in his hand oozing darkness had its strip of blue shining a deep and cold glow.


Making a radiant arc through the sky, the heavens shook as an unnatural power came from the darkness. The thunder blades still assaulted it, only this time they stalled, before sinking like rocks. The relentless attack slowed down to a trickle and then to a halt, letting the darkness swallow them.

“What’s going on?”

Baili Jingwei watched as the lightning sky was invaded by the darkness and didn’t understand, “The Patriarch’s strike was like a meteor shower, leaving his opponent worse for wear. None could defend even against a tenth of the strikes. Why then did the blades stop?”

Many others were just as puzzled. Only the wounded Ouyang Lingtian propped himself and looked with a chuckle, “Zhuo Fan is a true genius, my understanding of the Heaven Sealing Sword over the last thousand years pales compared to his short century of study.”

“Heaven Sealing Sword?”

Baili Yutian squinted at Zhuo Fan, finding it true, then mocked, “Great, I wanted to learn each of the five divine sword arts, but I’ve never seen anyone in the world mastering the other four and fight me with it. Now you used the Heaven Sealing Sword Art, blocking my Star Severing Swords. You opened my eyes. A shame you lost more than half of your control and have fallen in disadvantage in terms of world energy. Would you be able to seal my next attack? Ha-ha-ha…” 

The Invincible Sword hacked with his divine sword, sending a deadly aura of power. At the same time, the thunder in the sky focused on the Sundering Sword, shining as bright as the sun.

The Invincible Sword roared and struck, “Zhuo Fan, this strike can cleave heaven. Will you be able to seal such an indomitable slash?”


Following the crack of lightning, a purple sword wave flew at Zhuo Fan. Except for some darkness and the stopped thunder blades, everything broke apart to nothing. The disintegrating power marched at Zhuo Fan, wanting to erase him from this world.

“Heaven Sealing Sword Art only knows to seal. The stronger the skill the easier it is to overwhelm it. Baili Yutian has now used a strike to sever the heavens, using absolute power to break the seal. It’ll need a power many times stronger for the gentle Heaven Sealing Sword Art to seal something like that!” 

Danqing Shen gasped, “And Zhuo Fan is nowhere above the old man’s. With the sky mostly lost as well, he’s at a disadvantage. He has no way of retaliating against the old monster’s Sundering Sword Art!”

Baili Jingwei snickered at the words. 

[Now the punk will die.]

Zhuo Fan showed no fear against the incoming deadly blow, swinging the demonic sword in the air, the blue line on it shining softly.


The dark sky moved, focusing on the sword, surging with power. The thick black energy brought thousands of sealed thunder blades onto the demonic sword, bolstering its power.

Danqing Shen’s eyes shook in amazement, “I totally forgot! He doesn’t just use Heaven Sealing Sword Art but Vaulting Sword Art as well. He might have little world energy he could use but the old monster’s sword he sealed is now at his disposal. Vaulting Sword Art harmonizes yin and yang, a mixed art. Using other’s power, Zhuo Fan can match the old monster. But Vaulting Sword Art is also a gentle skill and might not be enough to defeat the brutal Sundering Sword Art…”

“Soaring into the heavens with the sword!”

Shangguan Feixiong propped his body and looked up while smiling, “Brother Ouyang, did you ever think the four strongest swords arts would come together in one man? Ha-ha-ha, I for one didn’t even after meeting the little freak. For a man of such perception to be in the world that could comprehend four of the strongest sword arts. Especially Soaring Sword Art, looking as if it was made for him. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever conceive that the Soaring Sword Art could unleash such power in the hands of a man.”

Ouyang Lingtian nodded, looking in Shangguan Feixiong’s blazing gaze, and chuckled with hope as he returned his attention to the fight.

[The Soaring Sword Art was made for the kid. There might not be another man that can use it to such an extent…]


The Invincible Sword’s purple sword wave destroyed all in its path, unstoppable.

Zhuo Fan gave it a cold look, grinning and then his Qilin shone scarlet. What was even more strange was how the demonic sword’s red line was also glowing, matching Zhuo Fan’s right arm.

[Soaring Sword, Breaking Heaven!]

The purple sword wave was upon him, burning most of his black domain, but Zhuo Fan never lost his cool. His grip tightened and he slashed the sword glowing a blinding red.


A red wave shot, clashing with the purple one.


Seconds after the deadlock, the purple lightning sword wave crumbled.


Everyone else was gobsmacked. 

[The Patriarch’s strongest strike got defeated just like that? How?]

The Invincible Sword was also shaken up, confident his Sundering Sword Art had reached its peak, that the other’s Soaring Sword Art would never…

Before he could make sense of everything, the red wave passed through the thunder clouds and took all his vision.

It startled him that Zhuo Fan’s sword didn’t just break his, but struck back as well.

[No, this can’t be! He can’t break my blow and attack as well…]

Baili Yutian was unable to take it in, but reality came crashing regardless. The deadly wave made Baili Yutian gnash his teeth and slash.

[Defending comes first.]


But even defending went beyond his predictions.

The red wave pushed back the Sundering Sword even while he used all he had. It, along with the sword, pressed into his chest armor and kept pushing him back.

Beyond shocked, he squeezed everything from his body into his arms and made the red wave slip beside the Sundering Sword and into the sky. 


The thunderstorm above sported an extra-large hole, with purple lightning flickering at the edges, unable to mend it. It was like it had some kind of power that broke Baili Yutian’s connection with the world.

Everyone was rooted in shock, even Baili Yutian.

Glancing at the far Zhuo Fan and the red glowing arm coupled with the demonic sword and for the first time, the best in the lands felt fear towards a human. His grip on his sword tightened in reflex…

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