The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1159: Hundred Year Plan

Chapter 1159: Hundred Year Plan

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The violent lightning above grew more explosive as it burst with fury. The thunder blade wanted nothing more than to exact its judgment and destroy everything.

The black palm had something else in mind though, blocking and shielding the area by stopping its descent.

Zhuo Fan was quite casual, floating over on the scaffold.

None made a move, for not even Baili Jingwei and the Sword Kings could come out of their shock at seeing this deadly enemy. The guards stayed put, for they were just like the common people, gapping at the heavenly punishment being blocked for the first time.

Zhuo Fan was like a god coming down on this world, letting him reach the scaffold with no hindrance, approaching the kneeling victims. 

None made a sound, making every word echo.

“Stinking brat, when have I ever taught you to compromise against a tough enemy?” 

Luo Yunhai was waiting for his end, but flinched at the familiar words. He then opened his eyes to see in the blazing sun the same face he knew all those years, tearing up at the reunion.

Alliance Leader Luo, the second best man in western lands, ended up acting like a child, “Big brother Zhuo…”


“Steward Zhuo!”

The others snapped their attention and cried out in joy. The pillar of the Luo clan had been gone for more than a century, but now he was finally back, the first steward Zhuo Fan.

Luo Yunchang’s eyes reddened, glaring at him in anger and even more joy as tears fell.

The Luo clan’s happiness made the other convicts open their eyes with a start. 

“He’s not dead?”

Ling Yuntian and many more were staring blankly. Murong Xue eased a breath. 

[At least he kept his word and came before I ended up in a grave for nothing.]

Wu Randong opened his eyes and grinned, “Palace Lord, you’re here at last.”

“He’s the Dark Demon Lord of Devil Palace?” The Devil Palace disciple started, then looked at the blocked thunder blade above, moved.

“Yes, he’s our Palace Lord!”

“Palace Lord, you came to save us!”

“Greetings, Palace Lord!”

The rest started shouting and knocking their heads in relief and happiness.

Others were stumped. 

[Zhuo Fan’s the Palace Lord, the Dark Demon Lord who controls the world’s underground?]

As the convicts grew rowdy on the scaffold, the rest blinked in confusion. The Grand Marshal of the four lands ended up being the leader of the strongest shadow group a hundred years later?

The people pointed Zhuo Fan out whispering about him. Who could this man be to stop the heavenly punishment and earn such adoration from the convicts?

All eyes were on him as Zhuo Fan took the stage with a riveting entrance. Everyone forgot this was supposed to be an execution of the Sword Star Empire’s criminals. The thunder blade was still hanging overhead. 

Baili Jingwei’s face twitched, raising his head to clap.

The clamor dimmed just from that. The people turned to him, waking up to the reality that this was the imperial capital’s heart. The emperor and Prime Minister were present and could not be ignored.

The convicts quietened, turning grave. Zhuo Fan had come, but saving them was another matter, especially with the ten Sword Kings around.

It was too early to rejoice…

Baili Jingwei smiled, “Sir Zhuo, it’s truly been too long. I thought you were dead and have mourned you for years. But to think you’d come out again, bringing me such joy. We can now compete again, ha-ha-ha…”

“Hold up, we’ll go down memory lane later. Let me just deal with this buzzing thing overhead first. It doesn’t sit right to have a sword on my neck, it makes me jumpy, ha-ha-ha…”

Zhuo Fan snickered, raising his right arm and making a fist. 


The black hand clenched as well and the thunder blade exploded into pretty, harmless lights. The shockwave washed over the square, making the array masters recoil and spit blood, horrified. The imperial capital’s residents gasped as it passed, looking at Zhuo Fan in fear.

Their god’s heavenly punishment was broken just like that?

The Sword Kings’ hearts shuddered, turning grave. None of them could do that.

[His power is on a different level…]

Zhuo Fan brushed his arms of imaginary dust, smirking at Baili Jingwei, “Now then, Prime Minister, where were we?”

Baili Jingwei’s face fell, but put on a smile, “Ha-ha-ha, Sir Zhuo is mighty in sword and the pen, I just cannot compare. But there are times that not even a great talent such as you can make a difference!” 

“What makes you so sure?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Sir Zhuo had been in seclusion these days and I moved with speed to secure the four lands.” Baili Jingwei laughed with pride, “With a new world order in place, no matter how tough you are, you have no assets, without support and can’t do anything to change that. While I can move the entire world into rooting you out, the same tactic you used before. Coming alone into the heart of the empire only got you trapped, he-he-he…”

Ling Yuntian sighed.

[They had the four lands as support before and could hold off the central area’s armies. But with the lands fallen, there’s no resistance left. Who can face an entire world by themselves?] 

Baili Yutian only faced the soldiers of two lands and was close to breathing his last. Now Zhuo Fan, alone, would…

All shook their heads in despair, not optimistic of Zhuo Fan’s chances. Only a few Luo clansmen held their calm.

Zhuo Fan had a quirky smile, “Prime Minister, you’re right about one thing. Alone, I don’t have the strength to fight the might of the current empire, without men or support. Only, what makes you think I’m alone?”


Baili Jingwei’s heart sank, then became frantic, “I’ve removed Devil Palace from the central area and you think your forces in the other lands can stop the central area? Ha-ha-ha, is this a bluff? You’d have tried that already if you could instead of waiting until now. I don’t believe you suddenly have the strength to fight the empire when a hundred years couldn’t help and your men are weakened.” 

Zhuo Fan cocked an eyebrow, “Some things you just have to believe, maybe it’s true.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Baili Jingwei tensed, his eyes fixed on him.

Zhuo Fan grinned wildly, “If the Prime Minister really wants to know, why not try understanding the hundred year plan? You’ll see then.”

“Advise me, then, Sir Zhuo!”

Baili Jingwei nodded. He would’ve scoffed at anyone else’ request, since none could compare to his brilliant scheming genius.

Only Zhuo Fan, his archenemy, was worth the attention after matching him every step of the way. They were like perfect chess partners. It’d be great to have a close friend to share his exquisite planning. His old enemy made for such a close friend.

“Then, Sir Zhuo, it all began with the world war a hundred years ago. The empire had fallen in its harshest times, in turmoil, but I have never taken my eyes off the other lands…” 

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