The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Lin Yun continued forth with Li Wuyou and stopped after they were far from Xin Wuhen and Lu Hexuan. He wasn’t afraid of those two, but he wanted Li Wuyou to receive treatment for his injuries as soon as possible. If he was all by himself, he could fight and kill as he wished.

“You are…?” Li Wuyou held onto his chest and looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun felt like a rock with the mask concealing his aura, and no one would know his cultivation unless he attacked. But there was no need for Lin Yun to conceal his identity with Li Wuyou. He smiled and removed the mask.

“BIG BROTHER! Haha! I know that it’ll be you!” Li Wuyou laughed when he saw the familiar face. Then again, who would be willing to offend Xin Wuhen and Lu Hexuan aside from Lin Yun in the Alliance-Union Battle?

“Are you alright?” Lin Yun smiled. “You’re pretty bold to even dare to snatch the Imperial Sword Herb.”

“It’s fine. My physique might not be comparable to you, but I can still take a beating. I was worried that you might not be able to take the herb with the bounty on you, so I wanted to help you get one. But I never expected to encounter those two bastards,” replied Li Wuyou.

Li Wuyou only knew what kind of people Lin Yun offended after coming to the Burial Sword Peak. Lin Yun had practically offended everyone in the top ten, and Lin Yun’s strength would fall behind if he didn’t have the Imperial Sword Herb. Then wouldn’t Lin Yun die if he heads to the Sword Tomb?

If Lin Yun dies, who knows how sad Xin Yan would be. This was the reason why Li Wuyou decided to take a gamble.

Lin Yun was stunned briefly before he smiled warmly, “Start refining it then. I was the first to obtain the Imperial Sword Herb.”

“Are you serious?” Li Wuyou was shocked.

Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra to unleash his sword intent and cultivation in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Then, the Iris Sword Seal took form on the back of Lin Yun’s hand and he flicked his finger. It was a flash, and only after a brief moment later could the explosion be heard.

Li Wuyou was startled, and he smiled, “It looks like I was worried for nothing.”

“Start refining it then. I’ll stand guard for you,” said Lin Yun with his aura calming down.

“Hehe, I’ll refine it then. After that, we brothers will kill our way towards the Sword Tomb and give the Gentlemen Union a big surprise.” Li Wuyou’s eyes flashed with joy.

As time passed, Li Wuyou refined the Imperial Sword Herb while Lin Yun practised the Seven Profound Steps and Dragon-Tiger Fist. After Lin Yun executed the five forms of the Dragon-Tiger Fist, he then started with the seals. His punches would draw huge roars that emitted the dominance of a king.

With another roar, Lin Yun slowly raised his right hand to combine his sword intent, origin energy, and dracophant energy together. He was soon covered in a demonic mist as he executed the fifth form of the Dragon-Tiger Fist—Dragon Painting. When he threw his punch forth, the mist burst forth that took the form of a dragon. When it clashed with a towering tree a few hundred meters away, the tree snapped.

Lin Yun calmed his energies down with a satisfied expression. The Dragon-Tiger Fist’s power had risen greatly with the improvement in his cultivation and cultivation technique. The Dragon Painting had also reached complete mastery since he could fuse his sword intent, origin energy, and dracophant energy together at will.

That was only a simple attack without using any of the seals, and Lin Yun wondered how powerful it would become if he used the seals. Right at this moment, Lin Yun could hear a phoenix cry and turned his head around. He saw Li Wuyou suddenly opening his eyes with a flicker of light through his pupils.

“Perfect,” smiled Lin Yun. He knew that Li Wuyou had already refined the Imperial Sword Herb, and Li Wuyou’s cultivation also reached the pinnacle third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“I seem to hear a phoenix cry earlier,” smiled Lin Yun.

“That’s not a phoenix cry, but a vermillion bird’s cry. My Martial Soul is the Vermillion Constellation, and I can manifest the Vermillion Eyes in the Astral Star Art’s first stage. And this is also where I finally step into the threshold,” explained Li Wuyou.

But his words left Lin Yun curious. The Vermillion Eyes? Lin Yun had no thoughts on going deeper into it. He only suddenly thought that he hadn’t received any benefits from the Aurora Dragon Martial Soul. It looks like he had to spend some time looking into it in the future.

“How do you feel right now?” Lin Yun asked.

“The Imperial Sword Herb fits my cultivation technique perfectly. If Xin Wuhen dares to look down on me again, I’ll give him a big surprise,” chuckled Li Wuyou.

“Let’s go.” The two already had enough stars to enter the Sword Tomb, and they immediately headed over without wasting any time. Along the way, many people recognized Lin Yun and immediately avoided him. News had already spread out that he killed Xiao Feng over the Imperial Sword Herb. And now, everyone in the Alliance-Union Battle knew about Zhong Yunxiao.

This darkhorse that came out of nowhere stole the limelight from the top ten and was the first to obtain the Imperial Sword Herb. Furthermore, there were rumours that he was decisive when it came to killing, and a madman when it came to cultivating in the outer sect. This added more fear in others towards him. However, they were curious about how he got together with Li Wuyou.

“Big Brother, you’ve hidden your identity really well. No one recognizes you,” smiled Li Wuyou.

“That’s because they think that I won’t dare to show myself, not to mention that I’ve never executed the Dragon-Tiger Fist. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Having my identity revealed or not no longer matters to me,” replied Lin Yun. There was no need for him to hide his identity since he had already obtained the Imperial Sword Herb, and Lin Yun knew that his identity would be revealed in the second round.

So what if no one could recognize him? After all, Lin Yun had no intention of wearing the mask for his lifetime. He was now curious who dared to come at him in the Sword Tomb.

As they gradually approached the Sword Tomb, the atmosphere began to get colder and eerier. They could feel a faint pressure coming from the Sword Tomb, and those without sufficient cultivation would be under great pressure. The Sword Tomb was ultimately the rest place for the dead, and it was normal for the atmosphere to seem eerie.

“We’re arriving.” Li Wuyou’s eyes flickered. When he looked into the distance, he could see the Sword Tomb gradually appearing in his eyes. There were lots of people up ahead, and the Sword Tomb only had four paths available. The two of them were at the northern gate, and they could see more cultivators as they got closer to the entrance.

“Why aren’t they moving?” Lin Yun and Li Wuyou both frowned. They could sense something amiss with the atmosphere.

“Someone’s here! It’s Zhong Yunxiao!”

“It’s really Zong Yunxiao!”

When the crowd gathered at the northern gate saw Lin Yun’s arrival, they had a trace of anticipation in their eyes. It was completely different to how they were trying to avoid him previously.

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