The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 295

Chapter 295

“Time to refine the Imperial Sword Herb.” Lin Yun crossed his legs and plucked a leave before refining it with the Swordcloud Core. The Imperial Sword Herb and Swordcloud Core were all rare treasures, and refining them together would have a miraculous effect.

Lin Yun focused on circulating the Iris Sword Sutra to refine the Imperial Sword Herb and Swordcloud Core. When the two energies flowed into his bodies, they felt like two ferocious dragons wreaking havoc in his body.

The energies caused a huge wave within his body. Lin Yun could feel his internal organs shaking, with the violet energy filling his body. It felt as if there was a surge of energy trying to find an exit to his body, and he was having a tough time bearing it.

It was a whole lot more terrifying compared to when he absorbed the Swordcloud Core back then. In the end, Lin Yun had to release 30% of the medicinal effects or there was no way he could bear it. After all, herb and core not only contained spiritual energy, but also sword intent. It was also because Lin Yun had practiced the Dracophant Battle Physique that he only needed to release 30% of the medicinal effects.

If other people were refining them, they would have to release at least 50% of the medicinal effects. But even so, everyone was fighting over it. But just when Lin Yun was going to release the medicinal effects, the Iris Flower in his Dantian suddenly trembled and swallowed the excess energy in an instant.

The Iris Flower buzzed in excitement, with a comfortable sensation coursing throughout his body. The Iris Flower was picky when it came to eating, but the spiritual energy and sword intent produced from the herb and core definitely fits its taste. It was like a kid looking at its favorite toy.

It turns out that the Iris Sword Sutra’s fondness for the Imperial Sword Herb far exceeded Lin Yun’s expectations. All Lin Yun had to do was to refine the energies within his body. He didn’t have to be concerned if his body could contain the energies. This made Lin Yun rejoice as he focused on circulating the Iris Sword Sutra.

Half an hour later, a sword buzz echoed out from Lin Yun’s body. He opened his eyes and clenched his fist, allowing his origin energy to pour into his hand. “I’m only one step away…”

With one Imperial Sword Herb’s leaf and a Swordcloud Core, Lin Yun soon reached the completion of the seventh stage. After all, cultivation techniques from the Golden Age were known to be tough, and just a tiny bit of improvement would exhaust an astronomical sum of resources.

However, Lin Yun smacked his lips in dissatisfaction. He had already reached the bottleneck, and he thought that he could make a breakthrough. But he never expected that he only improved from pinnacle to completion. What he wanted was making a breakthrough into the eighth stage with the Iris Sword Sutra.

Even if Lin Yun bumps into opponents in the pinnacle fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, he wouldn’t be in a disadvantageous position from the origin energy produced by the Iris Sword Sutra. But his origin energy wouldn’t last long if he bumps into opponents in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, and his flaws would gradually be revealed if he couldn’t defeat his opponent within a hundred moves.

There was no question that those who could reach the top three on the Mortal Ranking were elites of the outer sects, especially Chu Haoyu. That person was like a viper, which Lin Yun couldn’t see through.

His identity would be exposed in the second round, and there was a possibility that he would be targeted by everyone on the top ten rankings. So Lin Yun needed the strength to ensure his survival. Furthermore, he wasn’t just aiming to survive the Alliance-Union Battle, but to shine brightly and obtain the first.

This meant that he needed the Iris Sword Sutra to reach the eighth stage and his cultivation in the fifth stage. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have 50% odds of winning. He couldn’t afford any failure.

Looking at the Imperial Sword Herb, Lin Yun squinted his eyes with madness flashing in the depth of his eyes. He took out the four remaining Swordcloud Cores and gnashed his teeth. He closed his eyes and started refining the Imperial Sword Herb along with four Swordcloud Cores together. “So what if it’s an ancient cultivation technique? I refuse to believe that I can’t break the bottleneck by refining four Swordcloud Cores and the Imperial Sword Herb!”

As Ling Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, surges of origin energy exploded within his body. The energies rumbled within his body, and the Iris Flower let out a buzz along with a dominance that it had never shown. It didn’t want to admit defeat.

Lin Yun’s body suddenly started trembling as he forcibly refined the energies within his body. This caused a huge gale in the forest. There seemed to be countless swords buzzing in the forest, with Lin Yun refining the Imperial Sword Herb and Swordcloud Cores at the center. If there was an outsider here, they would surely be shocked by Lin Yun’s action. After all, no one could refine four Swordcloud Cores without emitting any energy.

Time gradually passed and the sky turned dark before he knew it. No demonic beasts dared to approach and they were trembling in fear when they heard the gale roaring. At the same time, the sword intent emitted from Lin Yun continued to grow stronger. However, the sword sutra still showed no signs of making a breakthrough.

That wasn’t enough? Then let’s take it even further! Seeming to sense Lin Yun’s unwillingness, his heart throbbed and he circulated the Dracophant Battle Physique. The dracophant energy coursed through his body to tame the boundless sword intent and spiritual energy.

Lin Yun soon found his origin energy started to boil. It felt like an erupting volcano with pure origin energy coursing through his veins. It soon turned into two separate flows of energy. One pure sword intent that contains the dominance of a sovereign, while the other flow was like a violent dragon that converged in his Dantian.

Lin Yun’s body trembled violently when they clashed. The Iris Flower in his Dantian suddenly broke into pieces and the origin energy poured towards his internal organs. At the same time, a crystalized Iris Flower was born. It had forty-eight petals, which meant that the Iris Sword Sutra had reached the eighth stage.

But that wasn’t all. When the crystallized Iris Flower was formed, Lin Yun’s origin energy instantly formed into a new profound vein, which brought his cultivation to the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. He had achieved a rise in both his cultivation and cultivation technique.

When the fifth profound vein was formed, Lin Yun could sense the origin energy within his body surging rapidly, reaching an unprecedented density. Sensing the origin energy filling his meridians, Lin Yun became emotional. He opened his eyes with his eyes flickering with dense sword intent. His eyes glowed like a lighthouse in the sea within the darkness.

Now that his Iris Sword Sutra underwent a transformation, he should be able to make a full circulation, right? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. In the past, the Iris Sword Sutra was already so powerful when he could only make half a circulation. He had been curious what it would be like when he could make a full circulation.

The crystallized Iris Flower looked more majestic than before, and Lin Yun could sense the astronomical spiritual energy consumed when he moved the flower. While he felt an unprecedented obstruction when he tried to circulate the flower, a terrifying surge of aura also started to spread out from his body.

A boundless sword intent soon enveloped a thousand meters in radius. When the Iris Flower made a full circulation, an Iris Flower suddenly appeared beneath his foot. With his hair fluttering in the sky, Lin Yun suddenly slammed his palm on the ground.

A terrifying power surged from his palm, which instantly destroyed all the trees within a thousand meters of the radius. When Lin Yun opened his eyes to look around, his lips twitched. He was startled by this scene.

A brief moment later, he smiled. He muttered to himself, “I now have something I can finally call a trump card now. Let’s consider this by secret technique.”

He would fully exhaust his origin energy if he executed it. This also meant that he wouldn’t have any path of retreat. But at times, he needed to unleash the youth in his blood.

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