The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Who’s Zhong Yunxiao? All the elders and leaders of the various alliance-unions were dumbfounded. They had never heard of this name. It was a bet with 5,000 second-grade spiritual jades, excluding the various alliance-unions. But in the end, the winner wasn’t Chu Haoyu, Ye Xiu, Jiang Feng, or even Lin Yun. It was someone that no one had heard before, which gave all the elders a slap to their faces.

“Who’s Zhong Yunxiao?”

“I’ve never heard of him.”

“Can it be that he’s one of those who disregards ranking? I’ve heard that all of them were cultivating madmen. They’re either outside the sect training themselves or cultivating in the Myriad Sword Diagram. All of them are extremely powerful.”

“That’s a possibility. After all, there are tens of thousands of outer disciples, and no one can guarantee that there aren’t any experts among them.”

“But the outcome is surprising. It’s simply unimaginable.” Everyone was trying to find out more about Zhong Yunxiao.

Bai Ting, who was confident in Chu Haoyu, had an unsightly face. He looked at the elder who came to report, and he asked, “Are you sure that you’ve not made a mistake? The Imperial Sword Herb’s pressure is so horrifying, and how could someone possibly take it before Chu Haoyu?”

The elder who was questioned began to tremble with fear. He was under great pressure from Bai Ting’s rage, and he replied, “It’s indeed someone by the name of Zhong Yunxiao. I’ve looked into him, and he’s together with Lin Qiushan. They even seem to have a close relationship.”

“Go down and maintain the Alliance-Union Battle’s order. Haha, this is getting more interesting now.” Luo Feng smiled with his eyes narrowed. He was also shocked that the one who obtained the first Imperial Sword Herb was a person that no one had heard of. But that was also a piece of good news to him. Anyone was good as long as it wasn’t Chu Haoyu. At the very least, Bai Ting wouldn’t be able to smile anymore.

“What are we going to do with the bet now. Strictly speaking, all of us lost.”

“Since there’s no winner, then it’s not counted then.”

“That’s right. Since there’s no winner, then we naturally have to take back the bets.”

Some elders wanted to take back the bet, but Luo Feng suddenly laughed, “Who said that there isn’t any winner? Since the first Imperial Sword Herb was taken by Zhong Yunxiao, then the 5,000 second-grade spiritual jades naturally goes to Zhong Yunxiao.”

“Outrageous!” Bai Ting sneered, “Zhong Yunxiao? Who knows where he came from. Don’t forget that this is only the first round of the Alliance-Union Battle, and it’s uncertain if he can survive the second round. Give him? Are you giving it to a dead person? Old geezer, you must be muddle-headed!”

“That’s right. Who knows where this Zhong Yunxiao came from. He’s just someone who won the first round by luck.”

“This is only the first round. Why should we give it to him?”

“Haha. Elder Luo, you must be going insane because Lin Yun hasn’t shown himself, right?”

“That’s right. Lin Yun didn’t win the bet. If he won the bet, we will naturally give the second-grade spiritual jades to you. But Zhong Yunxiao? He might be in the limelight right now, but who knows about the second round.” The Elders were naturally unwilling to give the second-grade spiritual jades to Zhong Yunxiao. After all, it wasn’t a small sum. And with Bai Ting taking the lead, they naturally got bolder.

“Old geezer, your face is pretty thick. We’ll wait and see then,” replied Luo Feng.

Bai Ting looked at Luo Feng before he raged, “Then we’ll wait and see then. Do you think I’ll be afraid of you? There’s nothing this Zhong Yunxiao could do in the Alliance-Union Battle, and that goes the same for Lin Yun. After Chu Haoyu and everyone refine the Imperial Sword Herb, they will pull a bigger gap with Lin Yun in their strength.

The Imperial Sword Herb can combine with the Swordcloud Core perfectly to increase cultivation and comprehension. Now that the Imperial Sword Herb was over, the remaining battle was the key. Bai Ting was unhappy because he had embarrassed himself by expressing his confidence in Chu Haoyu earlier. He smiled, “Old geezer, the first round doesn’t matter. I’ll still be the ultimate winner as long as Lin Yun dies in the Burial Sword Peak.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. I’m afraid that your face won’t last long from the slaps,” smiled Luo Feng.

“Let’s wait and see then. What can he possibly do after offending everyone in the top ten? Without the Imperial Sword Herb, on what basis is he going to compete? It’s still a question if he can even make it into the second round!” All the other elders were having a heated debate.

On the other hand, the leaders or the various alliance-unions were more composed.

“Where did this Zhong Yunxiao come from?” Wang Yan’s face was ugly, and no one in the surroundings dared to utter a word. He was initially confident about winning with Chi Haoyu around.

On the other hand, Xin Yan was looking at the Burial Sword Peak meaningfully. Meanwhile, Mo Chen was feeling a heartache. Since the elders weren’t willing to refund the bet, that means that their money went down the drain since the banker won.

Mo Chen was feeling heartache for Xin Yan’s spiritual jades. When he saw that Xin Yan wasn’t speaking, he spoke out in a soft voice, “Senior Sister, don’t take it too hard.”

“Mo Cheng, don’t you find the name ‘Zhong Yunxiao’ odd?” Xin Yan asked with a smile.

“Zhong Yunxiao? Why does the name sound so weird? Just that I don’t think I’ve heard that name before.” Mo Cheng scratched his head.

“Is that so?” Xin Yan smiled and she fell into deep thoughts.

Everyone was discussing among themselves on the observation platform.

Back in the Burial Sword Peak, everyone was left shocked without a word. No one had expected that Zhong Yunxiao would take the Imperial Sword Herb so easily. Even Gu Yunfei, Xiao Feng, and the others were shocked.

They were still imagining that they could have a chance if Lin Yun was heavily injured, and they could wash away their humiliation. After all, how could they endure being humiliated under the eyes of so many people? Especially how Lin Yun threatened them so blatantly.

But all their imaginations shattered at this moment. Not only did Lin Yun obtain the Imperial Sword Herb, but his cultivation also surged with every step. He had already broken through the bottleneck, and he could form the fifth profound vein anytime he wanted.

Just where did Zhong Yunxiao come from? Gu Yunfei laid on the ground unwillingly and hammered his fist on the ground.

“Big Sister, Zhong Yunxiao took it!” Lin Yan exclaimed after a brief joy. Compared to everyone’s shock, her face was blushing red with excitement. Lin Qiushan had maintained her composure, and she only squeezed out a smile when she saw Lin Yan walking over.

Gu Beixuan and Chen Ling exchanged a glance before they both smiled bitterly. Compared to Lin Yan, the three of them were shocked by this scene. They were expecting Lin Yun to be covered with injuries from the sword gale, but not only did Lin Yun suffer no injuries, his cultivation even increased. So who dared to stop him under this circumstance?

Lin Yun didn’t need their help at all. And since that was the case, would Lin Yun still share the Imperial Sword herb with them? After all, who would share something so precious if they had a choice not to?

Lin Yan pulled Lin Liushan by the sleeve, and she smiled, “Big Sister, look! Zhong Yunxiao is coming over!”

However, Lin Yan noticed that Lin Qiushan didn’t move. Not only her, but even Gu Beixuan and Chen Ling didn’t move. Finally, Lin Yan felt something amiss, and she asked with her brows frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“What do you know? Can’t you see the current situation? Zhong Yunxiao can go if he wants, and no one can stop him. If we go up right now, he might think that we’re trying to get a share of the Imperial Sword Herb,” smiled Chen Ling bitterly. Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan also maintained their silence.

“No way. Big Brother Zhong will naturally share it. He’s not that kind of person,” said Lin Yan.

The three smiled bitterly and shook their heads. People could give their lives for the Imperial Sword Herb, and how could Lin Yan possibly know about the benefits in it?

Lin Yun came before the party with the Seven Profound Steps, and he spoke out, “Come and leave with me. I’ll share the Imperial Sword Herb with everyone once it’s more convenient.”

He was a straightforward person, and he didn’t like to beat around the bush. His words made Lin Qiushan, Gu Beixuan, and Chen Ling stunned. They even wondered if they heard it wrongly. On the other hand, Lin Yun was confused when he saw their faces.

“See? I told you that Big Brother Zhong will naturally share the Imperial Sword Herb, and you guys still didn’t believe me!” Lin Yan smiled brightly.

Lin Yun also smiled. He wasn’t surprised that they would have that consideration in their positions. But he had a pleasant time along the way, and he wouldn’t go back on his promise since he had given it.

Chen Ling probed, “Brother Zhong, are you really going to share the Imperial Sword Herb with us?”

“I won’t force you to take it if you’re unwilling,” smiled Lin Yun.

“I want! Who wouldn’t want such a treasure!” Chen Ling rejoiced.

Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan also exchanged a glance before they looked at Lin Yun with revere.

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