The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 290

Chapter 290

The tricolored auspicious sign was spectacular, and it could be clearly seen from the observation platform. All the disciples and elders on the platform also held their breath because they knew that the battle was starting. The contest for the Imperial Sword herb was starting, and the answers would be revealed in a few hours at best.

“It’s finally starting. Normally when there weren’t any disciples, the demonic beasts could fight over it ferociously, and the brutality is something that you can’t imagine.”

“Compared to a demonic beast’s physique, a cultivator’s physique is much weaker. I wonder if they’ll be able to resist the sword intent coming from the Imperial Sword Herb.”

“Yeah. You’ll be covered in wounds if you’re not careful.”

“I wonder who will stand out.” Discussions could be heard with everyone looking curious.

“Isn’t that obvious? Chu Haoyu will naturally take the first. After all, he’s ranked on the first, and who could compete with him?”

Bai Ting smiled. He looked confident as he threw a provocative glance at Luo Feng. “Elder Luo Feng, 1,000 second-grade spiritual jades isn’t a small sum. You can give up in time right now.”

“That’s right. Why bother being stubborn about it. Luck might be factored in, but it still depends on strength.”

“Chu Haoyu has the strongest odds. Even if it’s not him, I’ll either be Ye Xiu or Jiang Feng. The fight over the Imperial Sword Herb will be a brutal one, and you can’t use any tricks for that.”

“Elder Luo Feng, why place your hope on someone who won’t show up?” The elders with a good relationship with Bai Ting all spoke out with a smile.

“You guys seem rather confident. Since you guys are so confident why don’t we have a bet,” replied Luo Feng with a composed smile.

Seeing that Luo Feng showed no signs of taking a step back, the elders all became furious.

“So be it! I’ll place 500 second-grade spiritual hades on Chu Haoyu getting the first Imperial Sword Herb!”

“Hehe, it’s naturally great that Elder Luo Feng wants to give us spiritual jades for free. I’ll place my bet on Ye Xiu! 800 second-grade spiritual jades!”

“I’ll place my bet on Jiang Feng! He’s ranked on the third after all.”

When all the elders placed their bets, Bai Ting sneered, “Old geezer, I’ll see if you can smile later. We now have about 5,000 second-grade spiritual jades in the bet.”

A bomb suddenly exploded on the stage. The bet had reached an astronomical sum which startled all the disciples. Lin Yun experienced life and death and only obtained 1,200 second-grade spiritual jades, but the bet between elders reached 5,000!

They were, after all, elders, and they weren’t someone that the disciples could be compared to. When everyone from the Locket Mountain heard about the bet between elders, they were startled. Mo Cheng smiled, “And here I thought Senior Sister Xin Yan was going insane with 5,000 first-grade spiritual jades. It turns out that we’re not even close to the bet by elders.”

“It looks like Elder Luo Feng shares the same view as me. He’s also confident in junior brother,” smiled Xin Yan.

Everyone smiled bitterly and they didn’t know how to carry on the conversation. After all, Lin Yun hadn’t even shown up, and they had no idea where Xin Yan got her confidence from. On the other hand, Wang Yan and everyone from the Gentlemen Union looked at the Burial Sword Peak with confidence.

“Senior Brother Wang, Xin Yan still doesn’t seem to have given up. Does the Locket Mountain really think that Lin Yun will show up?”

“They’re a bunch of fools. They have no idea what Senior Brother Wang did to force Lin Yun into hiding.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing him going after the Imperial Sword Herb. After all, the bounty is meaningless if all he does is hiding,” sneered Wang Yan.

The bet between Luo Feng and Bai Ting brought the atmosphere on the observation platform to a whole new level. Everyone was guessing who could obtain the first Imperial Sword Herb. Without a doubt, Chu Haoyu had the highest popularity, and 70% of the spiritual jades were on him, with Ye Xiu and Jiang Feng taking the second.

As for Lin Yun? No one doubted his strength, and he definitely had the strength to compete for it. But since he had offended everyone on the top ten in the rankings, it was determined that he wouldn’t show himself in the first round. After all, everyone would siege him if he dares to show himself.

Many people sighed. That was the consequence of Lin Yun being too high-profiled. If he didn’t forcibly take the four A-ranked missions, he wouldn’t have to hide like a turtle right now, not to mention that he had also offended everyone on the top ten in the ranking.

Aside from Xin Yan and Luo Feng, no one was confident in Lin Yun. The atmosphere in the observation stage also rose to a whole new level

Lin Qiushan and everyone from the party was looking at the island with excitement. The sword intent emitting out from the island and the descending auspicious signs actually caused the entire island to tremble. Suddenly, cracks started spreading out from the island like a cobweb.

At the same time, a jade-white herb broke out from the surface of the earth along with a huge tremor. Everyone could feel their blood boiling from the sword buzz. It was a small herb, but it wasn’t small at all. It was half a meter in height, emitting a domineering sword intent in the form of ripples.

“That’s the Imperial Sword Herb?” Lin Yun looked at the Imperial Sword Herb with fire blazing in his eyes. Not only him, but all the disciples in the surroundings were looking at the imperial Sword Herb. The herb didn’t seem like a mortal object with how it looked.

With just a glance at the herb, it caused the sword intent in everyone’s body to spiral out of control. Other cultivators wouldn’t react so intensely. But cultivators who had comprehended sword intent felt an irresistible thirst for the Imperial Sword Herb.

Everyone seemed to have a rapport as none of them made their move. On the other hand, Lin Yun looked calm beneath his mask. He knew that the island didn’t seem as calm as it looked, and the surging sword intent wasn’t that simple. Even those elites like Gu Yunfei didn’t make his move rashly.

A series of beastial roars sounded out. A few sixth stage demonic beasts charged over, and those who were unlucky enough to stand in their way were knocked away. The demonic beasts were charging towards the island, and when they landed on the island, a powerful gale covered the demonic beasts in injuries.

But even so, the demonic beasts still persevered in trying to approach the Imperial Sword Herb. The sudden appearance of so many demonic beasts caused the leaders of the various alliance-unions to have a change in their expressions. No matter what, the demonic beasts had a strong advantage in their physique.

“Everyone, you guys have seen how powerful these demonic beasts are, and there’s no way any of us can take them alone. The Imperial Sword Herb will only fall in their hands if we fight among ourselves. Rather than that, why don’t we join hands to get rid of them first?” Gu Yunfei suddenly smiled just when everyone was shocked by the scene before them.

He was powerful, but he was ultimately alone. He didn’t have any advantage in terms of numbers, not to mention that these demonic beasts were troublesome even for him.

“I have no opinion. No matter what, we can’t let these bunch of beasts obtain the Imperial Sword Herb,” said Nie Tian.

“Hehe, Brother Wei and I have no opinion since Brother Nie have already said so.” Xiao Feng and Wei Songhan exchanged a glance. It sounds like a good idea for them to get rid of the demonic beasts before going after the Imperial Sword Herb. Anyhow, they didn’t fear even if they had to face Gu Yunfei with the two of them.

“I have no opinion too,” said Han Feng. The surrounding alliance-unions all agreed to the suggestion, except for Lin Qiushan’s party.

“Brother Zhong, what do you think?” Lin Qiushan asked.

Lin Yun revealed a smile beneath the mask. This Gu Yunfei seems to be intending on weakening everyone using the demonic beasts. Did he really think that the Imperial Sword Herb was his? He replied, “It’s fine. Just agree with him for now. These demonic beasts are indeed, in the way.”

“The Will-o'-Wisp Alliance also agrees to it,” yelled Lin Qiushan.

“Then let’s get started,” said Gu Yunfei. He sneered in his heart and drew a greatsword from his back and charged at the island, towards the demonic beasts. The black sword gleam bolted down and struck a sixth stage demonic beast, splitting it into two.

“This sword technique seems a little ferocious.” Lin Yun focused his gaze and found Gu Yunfei’s sword technique similar to the Dragon-Tiger Fist. It had a ferocious style. It could probably immobilize anyone in the same cultivation upon being hit. Gu Yunfei’s attack had also sounded the beginning of the battle on the island.

“Let’s get started as well. But be careful. The sword gale in the island is terrifying,” said Lin Qiushan. Her eyes flickered, and she knew they would be blamed if they didn’t get started soon.

“Brother Zhong, we’ll create an opportunity for you to snatch the Imperial Sword Herb with the Seven Profound Steps,” whispered Gu Beixuan.

“We’ll go with that plan.” Lin Yun was calm. He knew that everyone would scheme against each other in the messy fight, and no one would be foolishly fighting the demonic beasts. The game was just beginning.

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