The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2394 - Last Round

Chapter 2394 - Last Round

Lin Yun’s words made the faces of everyone from Qilin Mountain dark. It was long spread that the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son wanted to take Lin Yun as his servant. Everyone knew that the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was trying to humiliate Lin Yun after being humiliated by Yue Weiwei.

They didn’t expect that Lin Yun would slap his face so ruthlessly now when he didn’t say anything before. He didn’t use his sword and only used his flute to suppress everyone, including the Qilin Mountain’s swordsman.

Everyone looked at Lin Yun with shock as he only used one song to defeat the Qilin Mountain’s swordsman along with the other geniuses on the stage, and he had always been the one suppressing others

The face of the Qilin Mountain’s swordsman was ugly as he looked at Lin Yun. He said, “You did win, but I’m not from the Qilin Sword Immortal’s lineage. So why are you trying to humiliate my Qilin Mountain?”

“I’m not humiliating you, and I sincerely wanted to experience the strength of Qilin Mountain’s swordsman. After all, your divine son said that the Qilin Mountain is known for their sword, so I’m curious about how strong you guys are. I’m baffled if they will be so easily defeated like you,” Lin Yun smiled.

The blue-clothed swordsman threw out another mouthful of blood upon hearing that.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face was dark when he heard that. Qilin Mountain had humiliated themselves greatly, regardless of this fight’s outcome.

Ultimately, Lin Yun and Di Feng were the only ones left. Di Feng was forced to reveal his true form as the Heavenly Moonhowl Wolf.

The upcoming battles were intense, with geniuses shining brightly, such as the swordsman Ji Zhangkong, whom Lin Yun met yesterday. No one could take three attacks from him. He didn’t even summon his constellation and relied on his sword so his opponent couldn’t retaliate.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son, Dugu Jue, Ao Jiang, Long Qie, and the other geniuses also shone brightly as they became the top ten candidates for this Heavenly Barren Banquet.

Aside from that, Ye Wushuang, Bai Ye, Li Ding, and others also shone brightly at the banquet. They didn’t come from the Heavenly Barren Realm but were invited to join. There was naturally nothing to say about Bai Ye and Li Ding, since they were disciples of Heaven’s Gate, and they could compete with holy sons in terms of talent.

Ye Wushuang was famous and was known to be the fastest amongst those of the younger generation, and no one could defeat him, even if he ran into a powerful opponent.

When it was noon, the top thirty were announced. They received the opportunity to leave their names on the Heavenly Barren Monument. Regardless of whether they would be taken in as a disciple by the ancestral deity, this was a massive harvest for them. Among the thirty, Lin Yun, Ji Zixi, Yue Weiwei, and Lin Jiangxian had the lowest cultivation.

Ji Zixi and Yue Weiwei possessed the bloodline of divine beasts and were at the pinnacle of the eighth-stage Saint Lord. If they used their secret techniques, they could even reach the ninth-stage Saint Lord shortly. Lin Yun was at the eighth-stage Saint Lord, while Lin Jiangxian was at the pinnacle of the seventh-stage Saint Lord.

It was weird talking about it because only more people were optimistic about Lin Jiangxian, who had the lowest cultivation amongst the four. Many people noticed she could come this far with her cultivation as a seventh-stage Saint Lord.

The Heavenly Divine Sword was famous in the three thousand realms, and one could unleash the true power of this sword technique upon reaching a particular stage. Many people speculated that Lin Jiangxian had reached that level, grasping an Eternal Dao!

On the throne, Luo Tianxi said, “Congratulations on reaching the top thirty. Honestly speaking, it’s the honor of Heaven’s Gate since you guys are fully worthy of becoming my master’s disciples based on your talents. But the slots are limited, and we have to pick the elites of the elite, so please don’t take it to heart.”

None of the people who could reach the top thirty were weak, and everyone wore a smile upon hearing that as the Emperor had given them face.

“All of you can rest for two hours before the fight resumes. The last ten will have an opportunity to meet my master. Aside from the top three, who my master will accept, you guys must do your best to display yourselves. You can also catch my master’s attention that way,” Luo Tianxi said.

Everyone’s eyes lit up, and they became excited. The fight's outcome might be important, but one’s potential was also important when the ancestral deity picks his disciple. Even if defeated, they might be chosen if they displayed sufficient potential.

Luo Tianxi left when he was done. They only had two hours to rest, so Lin Yun’s group didn’t leave. The other geniuses also stayed here with no intention of leaving the Heavenly Saint Courtyard.

The spectators were excited because the top three and champion would soon be determined. Over on Lin Yun’s side, Ji Zixi looked nervous.

“There’s no need to worry when you’ve come this far,” Yue Weiwei smiled. “The Emperor already said that there’s a chance you can be picked by the ancestral deity even if you lost, not to mention that you’re the youngest here.”

Ji Zixi had already reached her limit by coming this far.

“Don’t worry about it. I will fulfill my promise to the Divine Phoenix Holy Master and ensure that you become the ancestral deity’s disciple to repay the Divine Phoenix Mountain’s help for the Kunlun Realm for the past ten thousand years,” Lin Yun said. Since the champion could ask for a request from the ancestral deity, this was what he planned to do.

“Big Brother Lin, I know that the journey here wasn’t easy, and I will repay you,” Ji Zixi looked at Lin Yun seriously.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you. I’ll come find you once I have reforged the Heavenly Path,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Yeah.” Ji Zixi nodded. As they spoke, many people came over in their direction.

“Flower Burial, are you interested in joining other sects? Our sect still lacks a holy son.”

“Your music isn't bad, and you can even achieve the Divine Dragon Tune in the future,” a middle-aged woman came to express her goodwill.

“Our sect has a deity running out of lifespan and requires an heir. You can receive the best resources if you come!”

The Heavenly Saint Courtyard was filled with people and many forces from three thousand realms and even some immortal holy lands’ Emperor Elders were here.

Some people might be eliminated, but they were still geniuses. Not only were the other sects competing for them, but Heaven’s Gate as well. After all, only five people would be accepted by the ancestral deity at best, and they naturally had to compete for geniuses to join them.

This was the case with Lin Yun, since many ancient clans came forth to invite him, wanting him to marry into their clans. Amongst the Heavenly Saint Courtyard’s spectators, there were many ladies from prestigious clans.

No matter what the outside world thinks, Lin Yun possessed an outstanding appearance, and it was natural that he was attractive to those ladies. They were frank, and they didn’t mind that Lin Yun had Yue Weiwei with him.

“Are the three thousand realms that straightforward?” Lin Yun smiled helplessly and refused them under Yue Weiwei’s ‘friendly’ gaze.

“Big Brother Lin is really popular, and you can even join some immortal holy lands as their holy son,” Xiong Tiannan said enviously.

On the other hand, Lin Jiangxian was calm, and said, “That’s because they feel that it will be hard for Lin Yun to be chosen by the ancestral deity when compared to the other eight.”

“What?” Xiong Tiannan finally realized what was going on now.

“You only realized it now?” Lin Yun smiled.

Xiong Tiannan scratched his head awkwardly. Two hours swiftly passed and Luo Tianxi returned.

Just when the crucial round of the Heavenly Barren Banquet was about to take place, Luo Tianxi nodded at Profound Sky Venerable.

Profound Sky Venerable landed on the Blue Dragon Divine Cauldron and looked at everyone. He said, “You guys will pick your opponents for the last round. The victor can continue challenging others, and you can’t challenge anymore if you lose, thus being eliminated. There’s no need to be concerned about the outcome because the Heavenly Seal Emperor already said that you can also be chosen by the ancestral deity as long as you display enough potential.”

When he said that, everyone’s gazes fell on Lin Yun and Ji Zixi. There was nothing to say about Lin Yun since he had become a public enemy, with many people wanting to teach him a lesson. As for Ji Zixi, she was the weakest here and only relied on her phoenix bloodline to come this far. But the phoenix bloodline wasn’t invincible, and it was the safest option to challenge her. Even so, the surroundings were silent since no one was in a hurry to choose.

“Big Brother Lin, I want to fight!” Ji Zixi looked at Lin Yun firmly.

“Okay,” Lin Yun smiled. He knew Ji Zixi’s temper. She might seem weak, but she had a strong heart. Everyone thought that she was the weakest and youngest and relied on her bloodline to come this far. But she was a phoenix, and she had her pride.

Lin Yun was also curious about how far Ji Zixi could go by relying on herself.

Back in the Heavenly Barren Realm, he often sensed that Ji Zixi had endless energy that gave him an unfathomable feeling. Thinking about how the Divine Phoenix Holy Master taught him and how Ji Zixi was his daughter, there was no way that she was weak.

Hearing Lin Yun’s reply, Ji Zixi smiled brightly with all her uneasiness gone. She soared to the sky and landed on the Heavenly Barren Divine Stage. She looked innocent, and she instantly became the center of attention when she appeared.

No one expected Ji Zixi to stand out first and even thought that she would be the last.

“Ji Zixi? Let me face you, then!” The moment Ji Zixi landed on the stage, someone already rushed over with laughter.

Everyone’s eyes also lit up when they saw Ji Zixi on the stage, but someone was ahead just when they wanted to make a move.

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